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of doty. We continued making all faft Saturday, Jan, 6. betwixt ten and e. and safe till next morning; we made the leven forenoon, a shock of an earthquake weft coaft of Iceland, bearing S. E. di- was felt in the parishes of Campfie and Atant 13 leagues, in lat. 66. 20. long. 34. Strathblane, about ten miles north of W. We lo continued, till on the roth Glasgow. At Woodhead in Campfie, a of December we got tackles to our rud. burn, on which there is a mill, became der below; and on the 13th of the fame dry in several places, for a short space. month made the but of the Lewis. On At Lettrick Green, in the parish of the 14th, Capt. Allan, fix Englishmen, Strathwane, a gentleman who was in the and one Swede, went on thore for pro- fields, and who had resided many years vifions, being in the greatest distress for in Jamaica, beard a rushing noise pre. want of them; and, on landing, the cede the shock, which he thought came boat was ftaved. In the morning of the in a dire&tion from the south-caft. He Esth, the thip was driven off to fea, and likewise observed the hedges to be agicould not fetch the place where Capt. Al. tated, as if a sudden gult of wind had lan had landed with the boat, but was affected them, though it was then flill. compelled to anchor that pight off Tol At Nethertown, in the same parish, the ftohead; and, on the ryth, about two Thock was more sensibly felt; and the in the morning, the ship was unfortu. people were so alarmed as to run out to nately wrecked in the Broad Bay, near the fields, their houses shook so. Many Stornoway. The crew loft every thing. other people felt the shock; and in dif. Three Swedes were drowned, and one ferent houses, doors that had been lock. died. The chief part of her cargo was ed were thrown open; china dishes and whalebone and blubber, which, with bottles jingled, by striking against one der materials, were mostly saved. another. The horfes in a plough that Extract of a letter from the Collector of the was at work ftood still with fear. The Cuftoms ar Kirkwall, to the Hon. Board

fhock was likewise felt in the parishes of Customs at Edinburgh, dared, Kirkwall,

dased. Kichewall of New Kilpatrick, Killearn, and Fintray, Dec. 30. 1786.

Thursday night, Jan. II. The New * Upon the 22d current, the ship Ge. Aflembly Rooms, New Town, Edinbeimer, Rath von Gabler, of altena, burgh, were opened with a very bril. from Greenland, was run ashore, in a

liant ball given by the noblemen and genthick shower, upon the rocks near the

tlemen of the Caledonian Hunt. The old church of Stromneis, where she ap company, which conlisted of about three pears to have received considerable da.

hundred and forty, included all the peomage ; but providentially got off, and

ple of fashion in town. The dresses of: is now upon the ground in the harbour

the Ladies were in the highest style of of Stromaels.

taste and elegance. The gowns were The ship bas only 40 casks of blubber,

chiefly of different coloured fattins, cowith her fishing materials on board, molt

vered with crape, and ornamented with of which muft be landed before her bot

flowers; the prevailing cap was the turtom can be got at to be inspected, when

ban, decorated with feathers, and some they shall be taken into joint keeping.

few with pearls and diamonds. Several This thip has brought home part of the

of the ladies wore pink-coloured Spanish bats, crews of the Sally of London, and the

which had a very pretty appearance. Whalefither of Hull, both lost in the ice,

The dress of the gentlemen was neat and And this thip, with two others, foreign elegant, but no way remarkable. trips, (one of which, we hear, is loft

Owing to the supper-room not being Dear Stornoway) did not get clear of the finished, and the tables being laid in the ice till the ad current. The people have great room, the company danced in the been in the atmoft diftress for want of tea-room, which being too imall for their provifions. and lived long upon the accommodation, there was dancing allo whale blubber, having eat 20 calks of it. in the card rooms, and this circumstance The Captain and nineteen of the Danes no doubt prevented that regularity and have died; and when they came in here, propriety wbich otherwise would have tafive of these were lying dead upon the ken place. There were no minuets dandeck, and one has died since they came

ced. Lord Elibank and Lady Haddo bere, The greatest property in the thip

(who was elegantly dressed suitable to belongs to the King of Denmark,”.

the uniform of the Hunt) began the ball.


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