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felves to lamentations, cover their faces are distinguished by the blind person b with duft, tear their garments, and con- means of certaio pins placed in the heads duct to the very edge of the tomb, the these pegs, which it is unneceffary here to child they have been clasping in their numcrate. Between the rows of holes fo arms, and whom they are to follow these pegs are rows of fmaller holes adapre probably a few moments after; for the

to receive the benc ends of small wires Orientals, more pious than we are, never

which perform the part of lines, placed ci abandon their infected relations. They

ther horizontally or perpendicularly, as i beftow their cares on them to the last

necessary for any arithmetical operation

The box is formed into proper divisions fo moment, though morally certain that this hoding the pegs and wires, and is doubler act of tendernels will colt them their lives. a molt wteful apparatus for those whom i There cries of despair, these funeral pro- was intended coafat; for there can be no ceffions, fpread universal confternation, doubt, but that any blind perton, with a lit and the French tremble in the bosom oftle attention, by means of this ample appa their fanctuaries; and who could, with rarus, may perform every arithinetical ope out grief and horror, behold humanity racion that could be performed by him if be groaning under so severe a scourge? bad the use of fight. They do not all perish who are attacked

Account of an entertainment given at Har. with it ; several are cured; but I have

fleur, in the year 1920, to Francis I been assured, that the plague carries off

Extracted from the Register of that city, sometimes at Grand Cairo 300,000 inhabitants. Can you conceive it possible

Livre. Soys. that the example of the French, who To fifteen dozen and a half of . come out of their houses after the conta bread, at two fous the dozen I II gion is at an end, safe and healthy, fur- Pheasants, ducks, plovers, rabnishes the Turks with not the smallest bits, capons, and other birds idea of making use of similar precautions and fowls .

- 7 15 Can you imagine, that in the valt extent Two sheep, at fixteen fous each ; : 12 of the Ottoman Empire there is not a Four legs of mutton, at two fingle port for performing quarantine? sous lix deniers a-piece 0 10 Does such a nation deserve to occupy the Şix pies at three sous each ;o 18 country of the ancient Greeks, and the Eight pounds of lard for lard Egyptians, their masters? It has destroy ing, at two fous each ed the arts, liberty, and commerce. It Fifty-seven gallons of wine, at leaves the wretches it has reduced to two fous fix deniers the pot 14 S Navery to perish for want of government. A puncheon of Orleans claret 8 o It perpetuates amongst them the most de. A dozen of glasses with feet 0 9 structive of calamities ; , and converts kingdoms, celebrated inands, and flou.

Total 35 16 rifhing cities, into deserts.

More to the providore

8 0

To our Lord the King's lac. NUMERICAL BOARD for the BLIND.


60 THomas Grenville, a bliod man, has

I lately prefented to the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Such were the luxuries of the people Commerce, the descriprion of an apparatus of France in these frugal times : but the for enabling blind persons to perform opera contrast will appear astonishing, when we tions in arithmetic with ease and celerity. It can aver it as a fact, that Beaujon, the is an improvement of Saunderson's Nunierical

great Farmer-General, has one hundred Board. The board is perforated full of boles,

weight of freih beef put into a macerator inexact lines, horizontally and perpendicular

every morning, by the intense heat of ly. The lincs, confidered horizontally, denote units, tens, hundreds, thousands, &c.

which the flesh and bones are diffolved reckoning from right to left as usual; and

to a jelly, which is taken and prefied be. the perpendicular lines permit the figures to

tween iron plates, the juice of which be placed below each other, as is usual in ce serves for that day's gravy, and the resim very account. Pegs are made to fit these duum being reduced to a dry caput more holes, on the head of each of which pegs is tuum, is thrown out unfit for the nourish. pinted the figure (number) it represents, soment of any animal. How many poor as that, to a person who has the use of fight, would this wanton profufion of luxury the account can be seen at once. The figures rescue from the misery of budger!

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