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Brunswick, D. of, enters Hol- Commerce, Chamber of. See Weft-Florida claims 478. Re
land with che Peulli in army Edinburgh

form of Scors boroughs ib.
and rakes Utrecht. &c. 462. Commercial competition. · Sce Oa restoring Ld Newburgh's
See United Provinces

estale 480 Newfound and
Brydone, Mr, his account of a Commiffioners of accounts, trade 592. Treaty with the
remarkable thunder-storm in their account of the national Landgrave of Heflc 593 On
Scotland 313

debe 96. See Commons the poor laws 596 Oide
Buchan, Ld, his address to Commons, House of: On the Dance 597 643 645. Cum-
learned correspondents 112. address 2. 522. Broth sub- mitice of supply 593. 640.
His discourse to the Society je&s in India petition for re- 644 Augmeoiauon of che
of Antiquaries 628

peal of Mr Pili's India bill aimy 041
Burials at Edinburgh 52. 104. 70. Shop-cax 70 273 New Compari, variation of, cond-
156. 208 260 3:2 364 416.

South Wales criminal judicio dered 384
408 520 572. 624

cure bill 70. Commercial Condorcet, M. de, eulo y of
- whimGcal 154 ii.

treaty 70. 72. 115, 116.172 M D'Alembert by is 7
Euroing well at Barrahcoon 472 269. bill 7• Convection with Franc- s.530
Buras. See Books Poetry 72. 11S. 112 Navy fupply Corn laws, meeting of dele-
Calculation, a boy's remarka70 Pending treaties in Mo gates on 48
ble talears for 114 ·

Hastings 72. r's 223. 307 Cornwallis, E. arrives at Cala
Caledonian huot 47

425.480 593 640 Call of culla 149 Suspends certain
Calveston, account of a dif- the Hule 72 Sheriff of Ren- of he Company's fervants

feniiog congregation at 201 frewshire 115.291 Pecision Sós. See East Indie.
Cards, on ihe invention of 488 from the chamber of com- Criminal laws new code of 41
Cataleona, extrads from a merce 115. Duty on French Criminals, new ceremony af
tour in 581 Description of wioes 121. Oa vinegar, executing 409
Barcelon: 633

brandies, and oil of olives ib, Crown of Scotland, act of
Cavallo's observations on the Trith manufactures 122. On parliament discharging Sir J.

variation of the needle 384 Elodia peritions 10s. On Balfour on production of the
Chabert, M. de, his improve the address on commercial Original deed of corail of is
ments of time keepers iso trealy 166 Address 109
Chalmers. See Books

Antwer ib. Processes in ec. Cubheer Burr. See Banian irce
Chambers, E. original descrip- clebastical courts 168 Con- Cunningham. See Books
of France by 214

folidation of the customs, &c Cure for, weakness of memo.
Chancellor, Ld, on Scors fic 168. 192. 220. 222 Bonds sy 20. A droplyos. Agne

titious votes 321 378. and cockets 191. Benga pe 164
Charles II Character of 335 tition 16 Case of Capi. Bio- Customhouse-fces. See Eng-
Chastellur's travcis in America die ib. On addrefies 17a. land

Duries on brandy and rom Czar of Muscový, character
Chefs. See Philidore

217. India corespondence of 186
Chesterfield, E. his writings 218. American trade bill ib. D'Alembert, M. eulogy of
compared with those of Dr Jodia judicature bill 219. Sir 157
Johnson 451

J. Skioner's peolion ib. Her. Dalrymple. See Books
Child melted by the sun, a ring bounty 120 Duries on Debi, nacional, commision-

Spanith and Portugal wincs ers accounts for reduction of
Cinnamon, wild. See Welt ib Telt and corporation acts The 96

221 Duties on French laces D'Eon, Mad. See St George
Circuit-trials a 50. 368

223. and vimber 223 Na- Denmark: Report of the com-
Clyde, great take of herrings 'tional debt ib. Prince of miflaries fent co inquire into
in sis

Wales 271.273. 326 Ways the revolt of the peafsnis ia
Coals carried coalwise, obfer. and means 271 Sir Elijih Norway 297 .
vations on duties for 527 Impey a74 644 645 Farm. Diamond, Sir P. Pyndar's 44%
Cold, inquiry into the mei hods ing the post-horte (ax 331 Dispensary, Edinburgh, state
of preventingibe fatal effects Magning ihe navy 333. Ad- of 195. Hai veian oration
of, upoo the human body ditional duty on fpirit-li- delivered at 203

cences ih. Drawback to wine Haddington, Atate of 567
Coleman. See Books

merchants ib. E. Florida Diving.bell. Se Spalding
Coin, gold, Randard of the claims 334 478. Lord Elcho Donop, Col, affi ding account
present corrent 464

334. India budge! 376. Fo- of his death in the attack of
Coins, ancient, found, at E- reign geneva and French glafs Red Bank 357

dinburgh 358. At Crieff 360 377. Spirit-licences ib. Im- Dreams, darger of the belief
Coinage, new, of Glver 36 peachment of Mr Haliings of 60g. Abingular'one, and
Comet predicted 424

378. 425. Port office abuses corresponding event cor
Commerce. Sce Books, Cbal. 427. Commiffioners of ac. Droit D'Aubine. Sec France
mers. Playfair

counts 477. Foreltalling ib. Dropsy, fingulas cuit for a


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