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Bor. Mr. political character ib. Remooftrances of pare a renonstrance $12. E-
of 23

liament thereon 616. 617. peror's answer ib. Orders
Fracture, curious cafe of a and the King's answers 616. referred to in the answer in.
compound 365

Spirited memorial of the de-
France. Chambers's descrip. Francis I. account of an en puries 513. Insurrection at
tion of 21€

tertainment given him at Brullels ib
France : Convention with Harfleur 60

Gilpin. See Books, Land-
England s. King Tummon. Franklin, Dr, on the savages scape
fessa affembly de Notables of North America 486 Glasgow, mcering of the wean
m2. Persons holding certavo Fraserburgh, &c. oblervations vers about their wages 358.
places must refide in Paris respecting 527

Riots at 405. Col. Keiict
in M. de Calonge's letie, Freeholders of Aberdeendhire and Hon. Maj. Powlert pre-
to the American ambalador on the union of their univer. fented with the freedom of
92. A new electrical ma- kries 309

the city 514. Hanging stair
chine ib. Kipe's speech to Fullarion, Col. See Books of the Toatine tavern talls
the Notables usa Proceed. Gallantry, on the pernicious ib. Sunday schools at 618.
ings of the assembly las effects of 182

Sre Scotland
The Emperor of Cochin Garrick, Mr, original Jetter Glutrony, panegyric on 481
china's son prefented to the of the late 436

Good kings, Mercier's stíluce
King 196.. Ministers dir. Geneva Scots, found equal in tions on se
graced and new ones ap. quality to foreign 309 Goode, Mrs. See Bourman
Dointed ib. Their pecula. Germanrown, Chaltellux's ac. Gordon, Ld George, profer
tions roy. King's fpeech to count of the baule of 13 cuted for a libel again the
the Norables it. Abolition Germany: Emperor, &c. cur. French ambasador 46. Le-
of the Droit d'Aubiac 245.' tails the Pope's powers 40. ter from to the Abp of York
Edia for raising fix millions

150. and aniwer iss. Ace
Bivres on life-anovities 209. Tafectious disorder among count of his trial 277. E-
Afrembly of Norables dif- the horned cattle at Stol. Scapes to Holland, but or-
Colved ib. Comieffe de la pen ib. Elector of Saxony dered to quit that county
Morte escapes from the Ba- establishes a new mode of 357. and recurns 10 Eng.
file ib. improvemcat on insurance against fire 41. land ib. Apprehended in
Jiobroboules ib. Prize-que. Emperor reduces interest of the character of a lew, and
tions by the royal académy public funds ib. Establishes committed to Newgate 618
of sciences at Orleans 300. new courts of judicature in Gormanston, Ld, carried off
Arrel refpecting the entiy of Hungary ib. Repeals edics 268. See Irish Parliament
English merchaodife 352. inimical to the corn-trade ib. Grain, prices of, 52. 104 150.
Tariff of the duties to be Exicot, population, and rc. 208 260. 312. 364 416 468.
paid 252. New method of venue of Hanover, Bremen, 520. 572. 624.
illuminacio liebe - houses &c. 144. Landgrave of Heffe Grampus caught in Clyde sis
asa. Kine holds a bed of Callel teizes on Schambourg Great Britain, prefent value
joftice, and commands the ib. Edict prohibiting the of the manufactures of 193
edicts for the territorial and importation of hardware, Greenlandman, Danish, run
stamp tax to be registered &c. into the Austrian domi- afhore ac Stromnet 47
406. Parliament of Paris nions, unless for private uie Greenland Thips, number and
proteft againlt the stamp-taa, 196. Bishop of Namur's fuccelo ot sió
and are banilhed to Troyes temporalities seized, and an Hanover, its extent, popula.
ib. Economical retrench. abbey suppressed ib. Diet rion, and revenue ind
ments ib. What anicles at Dresden país an act for Hartwell Indiaman, account
subject to Atamp-dviy ib. consolidating taxes on home of her lofs 407
Rious ac Paris soo. King's manufactures 244. The Au- Haltings Gov, impeached hy
aniwer to the court of aids lic council illue the Empe- the House of Commons 378.
requifiion to convoke the cor's refolution respectiog 475. Surrendeis hiintelf.
ftates-geoeral ib. Resolves the seizure of the Prince of and is taken into culindý
of the parliament of Paris at Schambourg's eltates 245. by the Uther of the Biack
Troyes 561. and of Rennes, Heflian troops withdrawn, Rod 426. Admitted to bail
jo Bricaony, &c. ib. an ar. and tranquillity restored 16. 427. Presents bis defence
rce of the privy council an Berlia gazette account of the to the House of Lords 592.
aulling the relolves of the above affair ib. Edid of See Commons. Lords
parliament of Paris ib. the Emperor to his Brabag. Hawke See Hunting
King moers his parliamcat tioc subjects 351. Tumule Hay when Ipoils wich rain,
at Paris, and allows free at Antwerp 352. States of advaprages of (alliag 457
dom of debate 619. D. of the Austrian low countries Health, me hod of preserving
Oricans banished, and two rcfolve to send deputies 10 on board the Weasel on the
other members imprisoned the Emperor 405. Prescat coat of Africa 399

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