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A PREFATOR'Y LETTER. or alternal Responses ; of which there remains nothing more amongst 14, than that at the Preparation to the Holy Communion, when the Minister asks the People, whether they truly repent of their Sins ? Whether they have Faith in God's Mercy thro? Chrift? And whether they resolve to lead a new life? They should answer at each Question, Yes: And at the Conclusion of the Absolution, Amen; which yet a great many among us don't speak our

Srbly, The Rute by, which a devout and edifying Service may be compou fed, Threefoldo 1. The Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testamente in which there are many excellent Models of Hymns and Prayers, and other Parts of Worship, which we ought to iinitate. 2. Sound and fan&tified Reaa Ton, which (fince she Soripture has not prescribed every Particular, but comprehended a great many Things under that general Ruleg Let all Things be done decently, and in order, 1. Cor. XIV. 40) may, by considering the Nature of God and Many and by the Alistance of that Light the holy Scripture gives us, Pafily judge what will be most for God's Honour, and Mens Edification. 3. The Example of the Primitive Church, which being order'd by the Apostles and Apoftolical Men, ough to be of great Weight with ns. According to this threefold Rule, the Church of Neufchatel has now for these 2 Years past, order'd and performd their Divine Service after a very lovely and edifying Manner; which likewise gave those of Ge. neva a Defire of doing the same ; which, whether it is as yet effected, I am not informed..!!2.12

These, Gracious Sir, are my humble Thoughts concerning a Liturgy: The All feeing God is Witness, that they proceed neither from a Defire of Change, nor any other carnal Motive, but from Conviction of their Truth, and a fingere Desire to glorifie God, and edifie his Church. I wait Your Excellency o Orders; at Tour Leisure, whether according to the plan bere laid, down, I shall tako upon my felf this Work; and fill then, défer my Thoughts. on the other part concerning Church Government. God fillo Your Excellency with his Grace, and make You a Blessing to his Church. Amen..., Berlin, I jt::.

:.:. Signed.

: June 25;77.--t .ļi i . 1710. E qui.! !



À TABLE of Lessons proper far. Festivals. .


The First Week. !!: Di c as The FIRST LESSON. The SECOND LESSON. M onday Morning, Ifa. XL. 1,-11. St. Luke I. 1,---25.. I I Monday Even. Ifa. XI. 1, 10, 12. St. Luke I. 26,---56. Tuesday Evening, Ifa. XLIX. 1923. St. Luke I. 578---80.. Wednesday Evening, Malach. III. ,' St. Mat. XI. Thursday Morning, Malach. IV.. St. Mat. III. 19 Thursday Evening, Ifa. XLII. 1,---12.' St. Luke III. 1,---20. ro Friday Évering, isa. LII. ;:

St. John l. 1,_18. : Saturday Morning, Heb. II.

St. John I. 19, 51." ... Note : In the Times of Festivals, the Prayers of the Ordinary Service

for Saturday Evening, are not performed because there is a Preparation Sermon, ,,.

....: The Second Heek... ;; ..

. ., .: The Second Week: ''?.

iiii . Christmas-Eve, Ilå. LXII. '

St. Mat. I. ,!, Christmas-Day, Heb. I.

St. Luke II. .1--20. . The Day after Eritmas-Day, Isa. IX. ' St. Luke II.: 21, 39.

Upon the other Days are to be read the Prophecies that relate to the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ ; viz. Gen. III. Oen. IV. 10. Mich. V: 2 Ifa. VII. 14. Isa. IX. 5. Dan. IX. 247-27. Hag. II. 9. Mal: IV. 1, 2, 5, 6. All these Prophecies are to be read at once, and the People are to be made to observe, that they speak of the Time, of the Place, and the Circumstances, on the Birth of Jesus Christ, and there must be added, 1 Pet. I. 10, 11, 12, 13. . Afts XIII. 16,-41. ..,

St. Matthero II. i Epift. St. Joh. 1.

St. Luke II. 40,-52.' 14. LXI.

St. Luke IV. 16,-32: .. Titus H. 11,-15. and III: 3, 7. 1 Corinth. XI. 20,—32.

The Evening of the last Day of the Year. Psal. XXXIX. 5,--14.

St. Mat. XXIV. 42–51. New-Year's-Day in the Evening, (for in the Morning there is always

a Sermon.) 1 Thef. V. 1,–II.

St. Matthema XXV. 1, 39. At EASTER.

The First Week.. Monday Morning, Exod. XII, I,-28. St. joba XL 47, cc. ở XH.



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LXIII. 1,-9.

Outuche Cruci fuch the Four

AT A BL E of LESSO N.S. The FIRST LÆSSON. The Second LESSON. Monday Evening, Exod. XII. 29, -51. St. John XII. 12,-50. Tuesday Evening, Exod. XIII. 1,-16. St. John XIII. Wednesday Evening,' Ifa. LIII.

St. John XIV. Thursday Morning, Isai LIV.

St: John XV. Thursday Evening, isa. LV... :: St. John XVI. Friday Evening, Gen. XXII., 1-19. St. John XVII. :'. '. . Saturday, Morn. 1 St.Pet. III. 18,422. St. Matthew. XXI. 1-17.

IV. 1,-8.

- The Holy Week.. Monday Morning, Phil. II. 53–12. During all this Week, is to be Monday Evening, Ifa. L. S 10. read The History of the Paf- . Tuesday Evening, Ia. LXII. 11, 12, and rover, drawn out of the Four

Evangelists, in such manner Wednesday Evening, Dan. IX. 20,--27. that the Crucifixion may fall Thursday Morning, Heb. IX.

out upon Holy Friday, and the Thursday Evening, 1 Cor. XI. 20,--32. Burial of our Saviour upon: Holy Friday, Heb. X. 1,25

Saturday: Saturday Morning, Rom. VI. 1,-14!

. ! Easter Week.. Monday Morning, Col. III. 1 y 17... St. Luke XXIV. 1,-47.. Monday: Evening, 1 Cor. XV. 1,-34. St. John XX. Tuesday Evening, 1 Cor. XV. 35–58. St. John XXI.

On Ascension. Ascension Eve; 2 Kings II. I-14 ; ! St: John XIV. 1. 20: Ascension-Day in the Even. Eph. IV. 7, 16. The Hift. of the Ascension, taken

out of the Gospels and the Alts.. The Day after Ascension, Heb. X. 113136. St. John VI. 163–32..


The First Week.
Wednesday Even. Ezek. XXXVI. 22, 28. St. John- III1.- 214.
Thursday Morning, Heb. VIII.

St. John l. 19,439!
Thursday Evening, Ifa. LXI. ' s St. Luke IV. 16,-320.
Friday Evening, Ifa. LV. . . . St. John VII. 33,-43.,
Saturday Morning, Joet II. 21, 6C. St. John XIV. in 17..

The Second Week.. Monday Morning, Afts II.

St. John XIV. 18-31.. Monday Evening, Aits X. .

St: John XV.. Tuesday Evening, Afts XI. 1,-13. St John XVI. 1,415.. Wednesday Evening, i Cor. XII. . St: John XVI. 16,-332 Thursday Morning, 1 Cor. XIIJ.. St: John. XVII, Thursday,

The First L'Esson. The Second Lesson

Thursday Evening, 1 Cor. XI. 20, St. Jobr. XVIII.
Friday Evening, Rom. VIII.

St. John XIX. .
Saturday Morning, Gal. V. 16,–26. St. Martbewo, XII. 227-45-

; : Trinity Week. . Monday Morning, Heb. II..

: St. Murtheto XXV. 14-30. Monday Evening, Eph. IV. 1 16.- St. Mattheto XIII. 26-52. At the SEPTEMBER FESTIVAL S.

The First Week. Friday Evening, Ifa. LV.

SE. Fohri VI. 25,–40. . Saturday Morning, Prov. IX. 1,-11. St. John VI. 41,-65. “..

.: The Second Week.“ Monday Morning, Rom. V..

St. Matthew V. 1,--20. Monday Evening, Col. I. "1 : :St. Matthew V: 21-48.:1 Tuesday Evening, i St. Peter l.

St. Mattheto VI. .. . Wednesday Evening, i St. Peter II. : - St. Matthew VH! - vid'! Thursday Morning, i Cor. X. 1922.9 St. Luke XIV. 15,- 24. Thursday Evening, i Cor. XI: 20,--32." St. Mattheto XXV. 1,-13. Friday Evening, 1 Epist. St.John III. -7 St. John. XIX. ::: Saturday Morning, Gal. V. 13,- 26. . .: St. Marthem XXII. 17-14. The Eve of a Falt, Tsa. LVIII. ;-- St. Matthew VICT, -18...I The Day after a Fast, Heb. III. 7, 19. St. Luke XII, 1,-19.

and IV. 1,-ll. oci srbi hi'! It must be observed, that in the Church of Neufchâtel, at állthe Festival Times the Communion is given upon the Friday of the Second Week, besides the preceding and following Sunday, except at Christmas, when the Friday Communion is put off to Christmas-Day, if that falls out upon a Working-Day : Which is the Reason why we read almost always upon the Thursday Evening, I Cor. XL žo, 31. V .

As to the Ordinary Lessons, it was not thought proper to give a Table of them, because it would have been too long, and of no great Use: It inay suffice therefore to observe, . ;;

1. That the Old and New Testament are read alternately: For Exam, ple, Gen. I. Mul. I. Gen. II. Mat. II, c. 2. ¡That when the Chapters are long, they are divided. 3. That certain Chapters are omitted : As for Example, such as conlilt only of Numbring; cc. as also such as contain certain Pasages that are somewhat offensive to Modesty. 4. As there are parallel Chapters in Kings and Chronicles, where the fame Histories arc repeated, the Leffons are taken sometimes out of one, and sometimes out of the other Š. That the Old and New Testament are begun toge: ther, and that the Historical Books of the Old Testament end with the Rea velatiuris; and then they begin again with Füb and the Nem-Testament, and end at Malachi. Thus they read the New Testament Twice, while the old is read Once. And the whole Bible is read out in about Three Years.


Coinmunio which is the

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UR Hep is in the Name of the Lord, who hath made
Heaven and Earth. Amen.

My Brethren, T ET every one of you present himself before the Lord, to make an I humble Confellion to Him of his Sins, saying after me in your Hearts:

T ORD God Eternal, and Almighty Father, we confess and ac

knowledge before Thy Holy Majesty, that we are poor Sinners, conceiv'd and born in Sin, and in Corruption ; inclin'd to Evil, inca. pable by our Selves of any Good; and that we transgress thy Holy Commandments in divers manners; whereby we draw upon our selves, through thy just Judgment, Ruin and Destruction. Nevertheless, o Lord, we are exceeding sorrowful for having offended Thee, and we condemn Our selves and our Offences with a true Repentance, beseeching Thee that thy Grace may alist us in our Misery: Have Mercy upon us therefore, o most gracious God and merciful Father, in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord : Forgive us our Offences, and grant and increase in us daily, the Graces of thy Holy Spirit, to the End that we most heartily acknowledging our wickedness, may


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