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That arc to be read in the

Church of GENEVA


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Tfo Prayers for Monday Evening.

ET our Help be in the Name of God, who has made Heave* and Earth. Amen. . , .,


TheExhr.'VKTE are here assembled to admire the Greatness of God, to cetathn to y y lebrate his Benefits, to hear his Word, and to ask of Him all mpetfh. ^fe Favours of which we stand in need ; let- us be attentive-to this holy Work, let us bring with us all the Respect and Devotion that it deserves; and to the End that our Service may be acceptable to God, let us begin it by an humble Confession of our Sins, having our Hearts penetrated with a sincere Repentance, and dying:


P R A Y E R S for M 01? D A Y E V EM* I K G. to\

LORD God, who hast made the World, and who governest it by TheCmfesthy Providence • , who art the absolute Master of Men, and who-^* '* wilt be'one Day their Judge: We have sinned, we have committed Iniquity, we have done that which is displeasing in thy Sight. Brit O God, we repeat - sincerely of our Faults, we are covered with Shame at the Remembrance of them, and we make a serious Resolution to amend our selves. Vouchsafe then to have Pity on ns, O bountiful God, and Father of Mercies, for the Love of Jesns Christ thine only Son our Lord". And in pardoning our past Sins, give us Grace to fall no more into them, but to follow thy Will during all the rest of our Lives*

O GOD, whose Name is Magnificent, and whose Glory infinitely The Adasurpasses all our Thoughts and Expressions, we prostrate our selves r"f""* at the Feet ;of thy Throne, to pay our Homage and Adoration to thy Iafiflite Majesty. We acknowledge Thee, O God, for the Author and Master of all Things, for the Living and True God, for the Only God that there is in the World. Thou art the first and the last. Thy Arm is mighty, thy Hand is strong: Thy Right-hand rs lifted up oa high 5 Justice and Righteousness are the Foundation of thy Throne, Mercy and Truth go before thy Face. The Heavens were made by thy Word, and all the Host of Heaven by the Breath of thy Mouth. Thy Hand has founded the Earth, with all that is therein. Thy Providence governs all: AU Things are naked before Thee • , Thy E-yes behold, and thy Eye-lids search out the Hearts of the Sons :of Men. Thou dost whatsoever pleascth Thee, both in the Heavens and upon the Earth, and nothing can withstand thy Will. Who is like unto Thee, O our Great God ? And what are all the Men of the World, even the Greatest and the most to be feared among Men, but pitiful Creatures, miserable Worms of the Earth,. Vanity it self, less than nothing before Thee? King of Glory, the Heavens^ and the Earth resound with thy Praises.. Thousands and Thousands of Angels serve Thee \ Ten Thousand Millions minister besore Thee. The Saints whom Thou hast glorified, praise Thee, and celebrate Thee by their Hymns. We join, O God, our Adorations to those of these Heavenly Spirits: We celebrate Thee, we give Thee Glory, Thou who art sate upon the Throne, by whom all Things subsists, and who livest for ever and ever.

LORD, whose Goodness k Infinite, and" to whom we owe all the Thegood Things we possess• , we praise Thee, we blefi Thee, we give TbMtfg^. Thee Thanks for ass the Blessings both Temporal and Spiritual, which '«"■£■:Thou hast bestowed upon- us. Without Thee we fliould be nothing, «r what is much worse, we should be most miserable r Thy Hand hasdrawn us out of, nothings, and thy Providence docs preserve us r Thou:


IQ4 ,-P R A Y E R %for M.O NlS AY E V tta'l Wg.

nourishest us with thy Fruits •, Thou watchest for us when we sleeps Thou supportest us in our Weaknesses -, Thou healelt us of our Sicknesses •, and Thou providest liberally for all our Wants. But we praise Thee above all, O God, for the inestimable Favours which Thou hast imparted to us in. thy Gospel y for having given us thy Son to perform the Work of our Redemption •, for having given us the Grace to know him, and to believe in Him.•, for having vouchsafed to adopt Vjs for thy Children, and for having reserved for us thy heavenly Inheritance: For all these Things we offer to Thee the Sacrifice of our Praises, and we pay Thee our Vows in thy House, and before thy People. . . :s.: •:..'., *. -i M'

- - • .-sa ...\. ;: •; ..-:. ':

The cense SOVEREIGN LORD, on whom we depend, and who hast all #8*si7 °^ ^m(^S °f Right over us\ who art our Creator, our Preserver, our Re7■G■d" deemer, and our Father \ we devote our selves intirely to Thee •, we ofser unto Thee our Bodies, and our Souls, all that is in us, and all that depends upon us, to be employed in thy Service: And as it is Thou who hast given us Life,.we. desire not to live but for thy'Hcmonr.Thy Fear shall be before; our Eyes, thy Law shall be impriated in our Souls, and we will have no greater Pleasure than to perform thy WillWe have sworn, and we will observe it, to keep the Commandmeats of thy Justice. '-•>•- ,'. <v;

A Prayer B U T, O God, as we are weak, and that without Thee we can d> far asking nothing, vouchsafe to help us to perform these our Duties. ;Give us a "l!P 'f new Spirit, and a new Hearts and put thy Spirit into us, to make us walk in thy Ways, and keep thy Commandments. And as Thou makest use of the Ministry of thy Word for that purpose, give us Grace to hear it with Attention when it shall be read to us, to understand well the Meaning of it, and then to put it into Practice: AU which we beg of Thee in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom with Thee, Heavenly Father, and with the Holy Ghost, be Honour, Praise, and Glory, both now and for ever. Ameen.

This Prayer being read, the Peofte sing me or two Staves of a Psalm •, then a Chapter of the Holy Scripture is to be read, after which the Minister fays that which fallows.:

Brethren, • ".'' .. . •

The Se- TT ET us present our selves again before the Face of God, and let cond j. ns continue to ask os' Him all those Favours of which we stand Pra*cr- in need.

To te en- O All-gracious God, who hast given us thy Word for our InstruMedtt ction, grant that the Things which we have now heard, may be To frsa!it J grafted in- our. Hearts, as never to be. blotted out; and that they, P It A Y E R Sfor M O K -D A Y IJ V EN I N G. >foj[

may produce the Fruits of a good and holy Life, for the Glory of thy great Name, aud for the Advancement of our Salvation. .

L O R'D God, who art the Author and Preserver of Governments, F)r,;,;, "the Father'and the Defender of thy Faithful; we beseech Thee to sratcmd

take'this'State and this Church under thy Protection. Remove from «**»*• • us air the Dangers wherewith we may "be threatned. Grant that •Peace, Truth and Justice may always.flourish among us, and suffer us

not, through our Hardness of Heart and Ingratitude, to force Thee

'to remove from us the -Candlestick of thy Word.

O GO D, who art the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, we offer Ttr the up unto Thee our mott "humble Prayers for the Lords and Magistrates M*g'whom Thou hast appointed over us. Bless their Persons, guide them-/'"■*'• in the.Exercise of their Functions, and grant that thay may use their "Authority to the Advancement of thy Glory, and to the Good of thy Church.

'SOVEREIGN Pastor of our Souls, we pray Thee for all the Pa- For the stors whom thou hast established in thy Church, and above all, for those Mnistm. whom Thou hast given to us. Let them be enriched with the Gifts of thy Spirit : ,Letthy Light enlighten them: Let thy Word senctlfie them: Let them be animated with Zeal for thy Glory, so that they may promote thy Kingdom by their Doctrine, and by their" Example^ and that in saving others, they may also save themselves.

*F AT H E R of Mercies, who has formed to thy self a Church Fir tie among Men, that may gtorifie Thee upon Earth, and which Thou "htl*

. wiltst glorifle everlastingly in thy Heaven: We recommend to Thy chKrcbBounty the whole "Church, together wish all the Faithful that are Members of it. Preserve the Flocks that are in being: Gather together those that are dispersed: Comfort and strengthen those that are under Oppression and Sufferings. Let all those who make Profession.

•of thy Gospel, advance more and more in the Knowledge ot thy Truth: Let'them serve Thee in "Purity: Let them live after a holy Manner, and let Peace and Concord always reign among them; to . ~the End that they with one Heart and one Mouth, may altogether glorifie Thee our God, who art the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

-O CrOD, who hast commanded us to pray to-Thee for all Men, For »u and who wouldest not that any mould, perift, but that all mould MunkM. repent j look down With anJEye^ of Compassion upon all the Kations of the Earth: Disperse the Ignorance ot the Heathens: Take away the Veil which is upon the Heart of the ■Jews. Convert the Maho

. metans, and all other Infidels. And grant that those among the Christians that are engaged in Error, may return from their Wandrings, and may learn to serve Thee according to the Purity of thy Gospel.


Vof6 Prayers for TuEVdvy MOrNrNG.

. . I

fw rfc O G O D of Comfort and Patience, have Pity on 'all'Persons Wio• ji$Med. arc at this time in Affliction, in Poverty, rn Sickness, or in any other Misery whatsoever. We pray Thee particularly for those sick Persons that are Members of this Church, and for all others that have defired to partake of our Prayers: ;Deliver them from their Sufferings, if Thou thinkcst fit, 'both for thy Glory -and for their Salvation. But above all, teach them' to make a good Use thereof, by weaning themselves from the World, and turning themselves to Thee, to the end that after having suffered a little while according to thy Will, they may obtain the Effect of thy Promises, that blessed and eternal Life which Thou hast promised''to Thy faithful People. '.! ..'",* .'-* ; "'

ForPn. O Almighty God,>ho hast preserved ns during.{hisT:feay/.^alfch strvmtitn' over us the w hole'-Night, and Keep us from all those' Acc.idents'to in the whkh we are exposed in this World, to the end that the Rest whfch Night. we shall enjoy, may put us into a Condition to glorifie Thee, and

that we may jpne Day arrive to the Eternal Rest whichThou hast

appointed for us.

O All-wise, AH-bountiful, and Almighty God,'Who KnoWfest what

ThtCm-\ is necessary for us better than we cut selves, and who dost more for

tlufm. usthan we defire or think, hear the Prayers of thy Servants, par

'don the Defects of them, and supply'what is wanting by shy Mercy,

.• in. granting all that Thou knowest to be neceflary-for us, both for the

; Bqdy and, the Soul, both for the present Life'Wd'that to come.

This we beg of Thcf in the' Kame of thy,Son; Jesus Christ^ur Lord,.

and we offer up to Thee that Prater which He has'taught Tis.

Our Father, &c .

Aster the Lord's-Prayer, j«fid the Belief/ the Teopp fag Twer Staves of a Psalm', and [then the 'Minifiedgives the BUffing.

P R AY E R S for T u E S D. A Y

M O K N IN G. .. .'

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