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PR'A-YrUS^ TUSSD'AY M 0 S. tt I tfG* ^ X07?':t

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Aty Brtthreri,

WE are met here together to adore the Infinite Majesty of God,ThiExherand to ask of Him those Favours of which we stand in need.tatim Let us thetcfore lift up our Hearts on Highland say with a sincerethtPe,pl" Devotion:

GREAT GOD, Thou seest us this Morning casting our selves down before the Foot of thy Throne, t0 adore Thee and to bless Thee: Receive favourably out Homages, and hear the Prayers that we are now about to osier Thee.

fT is true, O Lordi that if Thou ssiouldest deal with us accord- rheconfcsirtg to the Severity of thy Justice, We could'riot subsist in thy Pre-/«» «/ fence: For We have finned against Thee, and are not worthy to be5""called thy Children: We have left undone that which Thou commandest us, and We have often done that which Thou hast forbidden us; We have offended Thee by our Thoughts, Words, and Actions: We have abused thy Favours, andwe have nor followed as we ought, thy Exhortations': So that far from deserving the least of thy Mercies, we deserve nothing but Death and eternal Damnation. But, O our God,, we return to Thee with a lively Sorrow for our Sins, ahd whh a firm and sincere Resolution of forsaking them. Vouch- :. safe then to. have Pity on us, most gracious God, Father of Mercy j and according to. the Greatness of thy Compassion, blot out pur Sins. Remember the ^Covenant that Thou hast made with us by Jesus Christy and for the sake of this thy beloved Sort, be pacified towards- us, aud make us to partake or all thy Favours.'

O GOD, we adore tny Greatness, and we acknowledge that we 7** „*/•«. are nothing but Dust and Assies in thy Presence; Thou art the abso- ration. lute Master of the World: Thou hast made it by thy Word, and dost govern it by thy Providence. The Heavens are thy Throne, and the Earth is thy Footstool. All the Nations before Thee are but as the Drop of the Bucket, or as the small Dust of the Ballance• , and in the Light where Thou dwellest, Thousands of Angels are about thy Throne, crying continually, Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts, all that is in the Heavens and upon the Earth, is his Glory. Who is like unto Thee, O our Great God, and where is the Spirit that can comprehend thy adorable Perfections? Thy' Duration is Everlasting: Before the Mountains were brought forth, before thou hadst laid the Foundations of the Earth, even from Everlasting to Everlasting, Thou art the mighty God. Thy Power is Infinite: Thou hast spoke, and all Things have had their Being: Thou haft commanded, and they have appeared. Thy Knowledge has no Bounds: All Things are naked before Thee, even the remotest Things to come,

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»o8. P p. A.T.E-R'S fir T-U 2S D AY' M"0 R-N I NG» i

and the most secret Thoughts. Thy Wisdom infinitely surpasses the Comprehension of our Minds. As high as the Heavens-are above the Earth, so high are thy Thoughts above ours,, and thy Ways above our Ways. Thou art perfectly Holy, and perfectly Just: Thy Eyes arc'too pure to behold Iniquity, and "Thou wiltst one Day rewardevery Man according to his Works. But above all, thy Goodnessis- without. Bounds, thy Mercies are Infinite, and Thou art never weary of well-doing. , ..

***.. H E A V- E N LY Father, we praise TKec, we bless Thee from the vine. Bottom of our Hearts,- for all the Mercies,,both Temporal and Spiritual, which Thou hast bestowed upon us. Thou art our Creator, our Preserver, the Author and-Spring of all our- Happiness. But we bless Thee, above all, for having honoured us with the Knowledge of thy Gospels.for having sent thy Son to perform the Work of our Redemption •, for the Pardon of our Sins^ for thy preventing, Graces, and for raifing us-to the Hope of thy Glory. Lord, what is. Man, that Thou remembrest'Him, and the Son of Man that Thou vifitest Him ? What shall we return unto Thee, O our God? All thy Benefits are upon .us. We. will, take the Cup of SaIvation,.and bless. thy Holy Name.

vMt^ss' L O R D, we devote our selves to Thee: We present to Thee, our «»* fX« Bodies and Our Souls, as a.Living and Holy Sacrifice: And as we onttGut. ly live by thy Bounty,' we desire also that we may only live to please. Thee: Thy Will shall be the Rule of our BehaviouJ, and thy Glory the End of it. And if we have been so unfortunate till now, asto offend Thee, we will Tabour with all our Might* to amend our Faults, to follow thy Commandments.

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*rtit GI V E us, O God, thy Holy Spirit, which may strengthen us inMff this good Design, and enable us to execute it. Create in. us a clean Heart, and teach us to do thy Will •, for Thou art our God. Let not thy Word which is going to, sals upon our Hearts as upon an unfruitful aud barren Soil •, but let us hear it with Attention,., receive it with Faithx and conform our selves to it during the whole Course of Out Lives. Hear us, O Father of Mercy j we call upon Thee in the Name of thy beloved'Son Jesus Christ our. Lord.• , to whom with Thee, Heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost, be Honour aud Glory both now and for ever. J men.

fscre the Teofl'e sing Two Stxvn of A Psalm„ then a Chapter #> t*• be read out of the Holy Scryture j After which, the Minister. aJds. *b«r fsILwj


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ET us cast.our selves down agaihTn the Presence of God, con-ThiSe tinuing to bless, Him, and'to implore his Favours. r'nyu


OG G D our Fa'ther, we bless-Thee for all the Mercies which TobecnThou hast heaped upon us, and particularly for the Favour l^/r^ which Thou hast now done us, ia permitting us to hear thy Word \wvd' let it not, 0 G<Jd>. return toThee without Effect •, but do Thou thy self imprint it in our Hearts, and grant that it may there produce the Fruits of all kind of-good Works.

S O V E R EI'G N Monarch of the'World, we pray Thee to con-nrtSs/ tinue to pour out shy Blessings upon this State, and upon this Church, state and Maintain always therein Peace and' Liberty''both Temporal' and Spi-0**"*. ritnaL ..'.•-.

BLESS" our Lords and Magistrates; Bless .the Ministers of tiiisRrtheMa- Church: Bless us all, of what Age and Condition soever we hz.&'fiTM"* Assist us in our.JSsifployments: Guide us., in'^ir Undertakings, and ^'/'J}*"'' in our Occupations; and• grant that they may beast directed" to thy private Glory, and to our Salvation* :,- j j.: -, . - Ptrstnt.

FATHER of Mercies, keep theChurches that are in Being: Raise Rr-theCa-. up new ones, and cast the Eyes of thy Compassion upon those that ^fl!cku suffer. Take Care of all the "Faithful that are exposed to the Hatreds and to the Persecutions of the World, because of- their adhe—> ring to thy pure Service., Deliver them from their- Evils•, or inspire them with the Patience neceflary to support them \ and grant that we may see thy Church in a more peaceful Condition upon Earth.-.

O G O D of Comfort, we recommend- to thy Pity, tA\ Persons-ua- Fertbr*f±> der Affliction v Widows, Orphans, the Poor, Prisoners, the Sick, zndftiHeA in particular, those of this Church, and such Strangers as have desired to partake, of our Prayers: Give them all Grace to profit by thy Chastisements to their Sanctification: And if Thou takest them out of the World, vouchsafe to. receive, them into thy heavenly Kingdom..

WE offer up*to Thee also,'our Prayers for all the People thatstr^f ^ ate without the Knowledge of thy Pure Gospel- Dispel thek.lg-fideh. norance, by the Light of thy Truth y. and give, them Grace to enter into the true Way of. Happiness. whl:h Thou hast revealed in.thy . Word*.

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Ti<j: Pr A «<ni for Fr*»a! V EyEHiS*.

wrr^ O Almighty God, who hast preserved us the past Night, and

Horning, brought us safely to the Light or this Day, continue to take Care

oif u.s both in the Course of this Day, and in.all the rest of our

Lives. Keep us from all the Dangers to which we may be exposed •,

.above all, prevent us from offending Thee", to the end %a£ having

past our Days in thy Fear,-we may. arrive at the blessed Eternity.

which Thou hast reserved for us.

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ThiCtntltf O Lord, who hast promised to be in the midst of us, ailA to heatson. our Prayers, accept the Homage which we have now paid Thee, and grant us the Favours we have asked of Thee. 'Tis in the Name of thy well-beloved Son our Saviour, that we call upon Thee\ and according to the Prayer which He.himself has taught us. , -. .T Our Father, &c .' ./. ,','." ''.'•... ..."

Aster the Lord's-Prayer mi theApostles-Creed, the People smg again One or Two Staves of a Psalm, and. then the Minister gives the Blessing.

The PRAYERS for F R I D A Y .


The First TT ETour Help be in the Name of God, who has made Heaven Prayer. 1 , and Earth. Amen. :-.-.., .".'".

TkeExhor- /X Come let us fall down before the Lord our Maker", for tat''"H \_JJ He is our God, and we are his'People.' Let us 'enter into his d'■TM Gatcs witn Thanksgiving, and into his Courts with Praise: Let us from the celebrate and bless his Name.

9$th snd

prfimc O how good a Thing it is, how just and how comely to celebrate Thee, O Lord, and to fing to thy Name, O our Sovereign ! To shew forth thy Goodness every Morning, and thy Faithfulness every Night 1 O Lord our God, Thou art wonderfully Great, Thou art cloathed- with Majesty and Power: Thou dwellest in inaccessible Light: Thou art the Powerful God, Strong, Great, and Terrible. Thou art Great in Council, and Mighty in Works: Thy Goodness reaches to the Heavens, and thy Faithfulness even unto the Clouds. Thy Righteousness is as the high Mountains, thy Judgments as the Great Deep. O Lord, in how great Number are'Vny Works! Them hast made them all in Wisdom- The Heavens declare thy "Glory, and the Firmament makes known the Works of'thy Hands. If we speak to the Earth, it will teach us •, if we ask the Beasts of the Field, and even the Plants themselves, all those Things will acquaint

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P R X * S * s-/*mfr I*d Ay Es v * N r N J. n i

us, that they were made by thy Hands. We our selves, Q Lord, '"We carry aboutHtf-a Thousand Marks of thy Power, and Of thy Wisdom, both inonr Bodies aud in our Souls\ and we must be very blind and very insensible, if we do not acknowledge, that it is from Thee we hold our Being. Wherefore, O our God, Thou art worthy to receive the Glory; for Thou hast made all Things, and by thy-Will it is that they subsist. To Thee therefore be the Praise, the Honour, the-.Glory and the Strength, for ever and ever. Amen.

.. • WE give Thee Thanks, O All-bountiful; God, and" merciful Father, Mcrtanis

for all,the Good that Thou hast done us from the Moment of our*''1"**' ./'Birth,1 to this:Hour. 'Tis Thou who hast given us Life,, who hast made us after Ihine,Images who prescrvest us, who protectest us, arid who providest'for all our Wants. Tis Thou that pardonest all our Iniquities, and healest all our Infirmities. 'Tis Thou that

. sillest us with the good Things of the -Earth, and who givest us Hopes of a happy Immortality in thy Heaven. Our Souls bless Thee, O God,, and all that. is. within, us, blesi: the Name .of thy Holiness. Our Souls bless .Thee,.,and-, forget Bot,aoy of thy Benefits. We will bless Thee every Day, we will not cease praifing and celebrating

.fTheeaU.the-J)ays.o£our,.Liferr • , - r

BUT, O God, how shall we dare to prefect our. selves before rht c*nfesThee? And who are we that offer up our Adorations and Praises to>» •/our . Thee?-Thou art higher-than tall the Heavens, :and.we-creep in theynwmhiDust. Thou.dost.subsist from.all Eternity, and we are.butof.Yester-.J^r^ day. Thou art-Holy, and-we: are guilty of an infinite -Number, of "r Disorders. O God, regard hot our Lowness, nor our Sins. Lord pardon, Lord -Jhew .Mercy to us,r who acknowledge our- Faults, and who ask Thee Par.dpn for them in. the Name of. thy WelK-belovecl. Soa Jesus Christ our Lord; ...

WE consecrate, ourj selves to Thee, O our God •,. we present to The Cms,: Thee our Bodies and our Souls, as to Him who is the Master of cr*t!o'''f them* and we will do nothing henceforth, nor think, hor say any °tQ0j Thing that is-not conformable to thy Will.'

LORD help us in this good Design • , fanctifie us by .thy Truth, rtr A,i;„g . andcompseat in us-thy good Work j and since it is by thy Word, HilpifGid . that Thou, dost produce these, happy Effects j give us Grace when that Word Xhall be,read, to, hearken to it. with Submiffiom to,receive it with Faith, and to conform our selves thereto all'the Days of our Life. Hcar'us^ Q.,our God, who calL upon Thee in the Name of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord: To .whom with Thee, Heavenly Father, and with the Holy Ghost, be Honour, Praise and - -Glory, both now and for evermore. Amen.


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