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•ira P R A Y E R s /or F R i D.a y Evening.

Here are sung One dr Two Staves of a Psalm, and a Chapter tf the Holy Scripture read;, aifter which9 the Minister adds-that which follows:

The Second Prayer.

My Brethren, '.''.'

LE T us a?aln direct: our Prayers'to God, and let 6s beg of Him those Temporal and Spiritual Favours of which we stand in need.

n rantm- O G O D, who haft been pleased that thy Word should be put inberand to Writing for our Instruction, Correction and Sanctification, give'us praffjfe the Grace to remember the Instruction whidi we receive from ft, and strictly to observe all the Duties that are prescribed to us therein.'


tor the LORD GOD, that governest the World, and that takest Care

st»teand of those that call upon Thee, we implore thy Blessings npon this

church. State and Church. Be always the Protector of them, pour npon them

all thy Favours both Temporal and Spiritual j and remove all those

Scourges whereby Thou usest to punish Mankind,'

For the BLESS our Lords and Magistrates, and grant that/they may emMagi- ploy their Authority to the Advancement of. Piety, and to the strata. Maintaining of Justice.

Far the BLESS the Pastors whom Thou hast given ns. . Inspire them with

Ministers. au those Lights, all that Zeal, all that Strength of Which they stand

in need j and maketheir Ministry e'ffijfacions for the- Con version ofSouls.

Foralipri. BLESS us all in general, and each of os in particular. Bless our yteper. Persons and Families. Bless both Great and,Small, Old and Young, jmt. K\c\\ and Poor. Assist us in our Employments. Provide for our different Wants. But above all, give,us. Grace to. fear Thee, to love.Thee, to serve Thee, and to submit our'selves to- thy Will, in Whatsoever Condition we may be." ,'' .

For the O GOD, Preserver of all Men, but chiefly of the Faithful• , we whole pray Thee for all People whom Thou hast honoured with the KnowchjrCf' B kdge of Thee, and for those who are still deprived of it. Strenghten *£„, the Churches that are in Being, deliver those that suffer, and raise up everywhere new ones *, to the end that thy Way may be known over all the Earth, and thy Salvation among- all the Nations.

For the O G O D, who art gracious and merciful, we recommend to shy

jfflWed. Paternal Care, all Persons that are in Affliction, whether it be in Body, in Mind, in Estate, or any other manner whatsoever. We pray

''l . "'... "-• .'• ' "' :'.'. Thee


Thee in particular,for all the-sick Persons that are Members of this Church, and for all others that desire to partake of our Prayers. Be pleased, O our God,, to comfort and succour them: Grant that they may.patiently bear their Trials, and that they may from thence take an Occasion to amend their Faults; and finally, give them a happy Issue j out of all Temptations.

•.~:..* • •i ■• - * * ,

O Almighty God, who haft protected us during this Day, continue For the to take Care of us the approaching "Night, and afl the rest of our Eww'vLives•, to the end that having past our Days in thy Favour, we may peaceably wait for the End of them, which will be followed by the eternal Rest which, Thou hast promised to thy faithful Servants. • ;' '•"• • • '. ,

• AL'MIGHTY God,'wtjo = hast given us Grace at this Time Atraycr with one Accord to make Ohr common Supplications unto Thee, "f Stand dost promise, that when Two or Three are gathered together Ah^so" in thy Name, Thou wilt grant their Requests: Fulfil now, O Lord, om~ the Desires and Petitions of thy Servants, as may be most expedient for them \ granting us in this World Knowledge of thy Truth, and in the World to come Life everlasting. Amen.

-' 'After the Lord's-Prayer, and the Apostles Creed, the Feoplesing Two or Three Staves of a Pialm, and then the Minister concludes with a Blessing. . . ,

; ".. . . . I. .

, . i i i i ,j* . •; - 11 . i i *.. .

ARTICLES to be inserted into the Prayers upon Solemn Occasions. * . .... •..

1> J .—!—' ' :—?—|f'

For Christmas-Day, and for the foregoing and following Days.

LO R D God, who by an Effect of thy adorable Wisdom, and of thy infinite Mercy, hast sent thy Son into the World, hast cloathed him yatfi frail PleJh, and.hast exposed Him tp Death for the Redemption. of; Mankind j grant that we celebrating the Birth of our blesled Saviour, .**' we do at this Time s_br,r as we pall. do in a few t>ays:, } |~Or, as we have done lately,"} may endeavour above all, / Q. '"..,..- to ii4 Prayers «/)(» Solemn Occasions.

* Note: Thai these Articles are to be inserted into the Settnd Prayer of each Day, after the first Article which is for frUtfismg the Word.


to answer the Design of his Coming, which was to destroy Sin in us, and to cause us to live in Righteousness j that we may embrace with Faith the Doctrine of this our Divine Master • , that we may practise his Precepts• , that we may imitate his Example• , that there may appear in us the same Sentiments of Humility, Charity, Meekness, Patience, which this Divine Saviour (hewed when He humbled Himself, and made Himself obedient even to the Death of the Cross ■ Finally, let it no longer be us that live, bnt Him that liveth in us, until the Time that Thou causcst us to live and reign eternally with Him.


'Before and aster Easter.

HEavenly Father, who hast not spared thy own Son, but hast delivered Him up for us, to the shameful and painful Death of the Cross, to the End that we believing in Him, may not perish, but obtain eternal Life: Grant that in this Time in which we celebrate the Wonders of thy Love, we may answer thereto by a lively Faith, a sincere Repentance, and an inviolable Adherence to thy Service •, that we may solemnize the Christian Paslbver, not with the old Leaven of Malice and Hypocrisie, but with the unlcaven'd Bread of Sincerity and Truth ^that in shewing forth the Death of the Lord, we our selves may die to Sin and to the World\ that in publishing Ills Resurrection, we may rise from the Grave of our Sins, to live a new Life• , till that after our Death, Thou drawest also our Bodies put^ of the Dust, to mate them conformable to the glorious Body of our Saviour, and that Thou cause us to live and reign eternally in thy: Glory. ;T ->r . •;. tj '." JTJi

Before and aster the Ascension.

GREAT God, who after the Humiliation and Sufferings of thy dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord, bast powerfully vraised Him up, hast given Him a Name above every Name, and \hast caused Him to lit down on the Right-hand of rhy Majelty in the highest Places, grant that we considering the glorious Ascension ot our Divine Saviour, which happen'd as about'this Time, may always pay Him that Honour and Obedience which is due to plim -y that we may acknowledge Him for our King \ that we mayTabour to promote his Kingdom• , and that we may place all oirf Happiness if* his Communion •, that being raised again with Him/#e may Airik no longer upon the Things of the Earth, but that we ma-y seek after the Things on High, where he sits at thy Right-Hand \ to the end that when He shall appear in she Great and Last Day, we may be ot the Number of those that ihall appear with Him in Glory.

Before JP;R Ay*** <tf>on Solemmqccasions. 91$

Before and after Whitsuntide.

OGod, that didst formerly shed thy Holy Spirit upon thy Apostles, and upon all thy Church, and who didst thereby s,Urc an illustrious Proof of the Truth of thy Gospel, grant that that great Event, of which we celebrate the Remembrance at this Time, may make a lively Impression upon us; that it may serve to strengthen our Faith, to support our Hope, and to confirm us in the Practice of all the Duties of Christianity: Let not thy Spirit, O our God, thy Spirit of Light and Holiness, thy Spirit of Joy and Comfort -, let Him not forsake us for ever• , let Him always dwell in our Hearts, and let us always follow his Motions through the whole Course of our Lives \ let Him produce in us the Fruits that are agreeable to Him \ Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Faithfulness, Meekness, Temperance \ to the end, that after having been the Temples of thy Spirit upon Earth, thou raayest receive us one Da^ into the Temple of thy Glory, where we (hall praise^and bless Thee ibr ever.

• '' '.

Before and after the September Sacrament.

AN D since Thou callest us at this Time, to the Remembrance of the Sufferings and of the Death of thy dear Son Jesus Christ our Lord, in the Sacrament of the Holy Supper •, grant us the Grace, O our God, to be deeply affected with the Sense of that his Death, to celebrate it by our Praises, and to put our selves into a Condition to receive the wholfome Fruits of it by a lively Faith, a sincere Repentance, an ardent Love for Thee, and a true Charity for our Neighbours. So that the holy Symbols of the Body and Blood of our Saviour, may be truly in respect to us, the Seals of thy Grace, and the Earnests of tny Promises, till we shall receive the full Accomplishment of them in thy Heaven.

For New-Year's Day.

OGOD, who art always the fame, and whose Years shall have no End, receive the Homages that we offer to Thee at the Beginning of this Year. We praise Thee, we bless Thee for all the Favours that Thou hast bestowed upon us during the Course of the last Year: And we beseech Thee to continue them during the ensuing Year, and all the rest of our Life: But above all, O our God, so teach us to number our Days, that we may apply our Hearts unto Wisdom. Make us to know our End, the short Duration, the Frailer * ty, ti6 Puav Er s upon Solemn Occasio &s.

ty, the Uncertainty of our Lives •, to the end that we may wean our Hearts therefrom, and that we may turn all our Thoughts towards, a better Life. O God, sill us with thy Bounty every Morning: Tour out thy joy in our Souls: Give thy Church more peaceful Days tlian those me has had till now: Above all, protect the Chfrcl of this Place, and all those that are Members of h. Let thy Work appear upon thy Servants, and thy Glory upon their Children. Haty Father, keep us from all Evil. Bless qnr Goii:^ out and Coming in, our Employments and our Callings, and gi-ant that by our applying our selves to Piety and good Works in this frail and mortal Life, we may be enabled one Day to partake of that blessed- and. im? mortal Life which Thou reservest for us.

Before and after Fasting-Days.

OGod, in whose Presence we are about to humble our selves after an extraordinary manner in a few Days, [Or, we did hurtle hie our selves Testerday"\ by celebrating a solemn' Day ot Fasting, of Prayers, and of Thanksgivings, behold with a favourable Eye this Act of our Devotion, and inspire us with all those Thoughts and all those Motions that are agreeable to it: That in confessing our Sins to Thee, we may be under a holy Confusion for them , that we may detest them with all our Heart •, and that we may truly and without Reserve, renoance them all the rest of our Lives. Thou, displayest thy Judgments,, O God *. thy Rod strikes^ thy Scourge walks over the Face of the whole Earth: Let us not remain.insensible at these Things•, but let us appease thy Anger, and let us stop thy Judgments by a serious Repentance. Lord, enter not into a Reckoning, nor into Judgment with us. Lord hear•, Lord pardon., Lord {hew Mercy, and Favour. Keep this Church in Peace, and restore it to fo many other Churches that are in Desolation. Let thy Compassions prevent us, and accompany us always j and let thy Face shine upon us for our Comfort and for our Salvation. Let not this.Fast, O our God, be like unto so many others, after which every one of us did return, to his evil Way •, but let the Effects of it be constant j and let nothing in the World be able to- turn us from thy Service.

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