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An Hymn for Friday Evenings p. 54

Anotle'rHymn for "Friday "Evening "VTT"

An Hymn for Saturday Morning, p. %6.

Another Hymn for Saturday Mornings ibid.

An Hymn for Saturday Evening, p. 57.

Another Hymn for Saturday Evening, p. 58.

An Hymn for Christmas-Eve, .p. 59.

An Hymn for Christmas-Day, r ibid.

An Hymn for the Day after Christmas, p. 60

The Hymn of Zacharfah for Christmas, p. 61.

An Hymn for Good Friday, ibid.

An Hymn for Ascension-Day, \ r) p. 62.

An Hymn for the Day before, and the Day after Ascension, p. 63.

An Hymn for Pentecost, or Whitsuntide, p. 64.

An Hymn for the September Communion, • - - -ibid.

The Angelical Hymn to be read upon all Festivals, p. 6%.

An Hymn to be said at the Time of the Communion, p. 66.

The Hymn called, Te Deum, to be read upon all Festivals, p. 6$.

An Hymn for the Days of Communion,-or for the following Day, p. 69. The Manner of recei'wing the Catechumens ohfervd in the Churthes of

Kcufchatcl and Vaflangin, t J>. 70.

the Arguments and Exhortations its on Lessons met of the

Old Testament, as used in the Churches of Neufchatel, p. 73. A Specimen of some Arguments and Exhortations on Lessons out of the

New Testament, p. 83.


The CONTENTS of the Liturgy

.. used in the Church ^/geneva.

PR ATE RS for Monday Evening, p. 162.

* Tuesday Morning, p. 106.

■ Friday Evening, p. no.

Ankles to be inserted into the Frayers upon Solemn Occasions, p. 113


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BOOIQS frinted and Sold by J. D'bwning in Sarthialomcw-Close mar Wcst-Smichfield.

TH E History of Churches in England: Wherein- is shewn the Time, Means, and Manner of Founding, Building, and Endowing of Churches, both Cathedral and Rural, widh their Furniture and Appendages. By Thorns Staveley, Esq-, late of the Inner-Temple.

The Principles and Duties of the Christian Religion, confider'd and explain'd• , in order to retrieve and promote the Christian Life, or that Holiness, without which no Man shall see the Lord. Divided into XXVI Chapter?. One whereof being read every Lord's-Day, the Whole will be read over Twice in the Year. With a Collection of suitable Devotions, &c . for several Occasions. By J. Mapletoft, D.D.

The Divine Original and Incomparable Excellency of the Christian Religion, as founded on the. Holy Scriptures, aflerted and vindicated in- VIII Sermons preached at the Lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle Efqi in the Year of our Lord 1710. By Josiah Woodward D. D.

Just Measures of the pious Institution of Youth \ according to the plain Maxims of the' Gospel, Containing the great, and fundamental Duties of the Christian Religion. In Three Parts. The Second Edition;Correctecl^and Enlarged. By George Mmiro, M. A.

The Advices of a Father to his Children on the Subject of Religion: Wherein the principal Truths of Christianity are established, and its principal Duties enforced. With short suitable Prayers to each Head of Discourse. In Two Parts. .'•'' ."'

An Exposition of the Church Catechism, for the Use ofthe Diocese of S*rum. By the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert Lord Bishop of Sarum. .'L ->. ■ . .

The Grounds and Principles of the Christian Religion, explain'd in a Catechetical Discourse for the Instruction of Young People. Written in French by J. F. Ostervald, Pastor of the Church of Neupthat el, and Author of a, Book, entitulcd, A Treatise concerning the Causes of the present Corruption of Christians, and the Remedies thereof. Rendped into English by Mr. Hum. Wanhy, and revised by C er. Stanhopes D. D. •' < .

The Life of the learned and pious Dr. Henry More, late Fellow of Christ's ColUge in Cambridge. To which is annex'd divers of his useful and excellent Letters. By Richard Ward, A. M. Rector of Jngddsby in Lincvlnfl)irt.


An Essay upon the Execution of the Laws against Immorality and Pvophaneness. With a Preface address'd to Her Majesty's Justices of

the Peace. The Second Edition enlarged. _—

A Second E ssayu pbn * trie Execu t Ion of the Laws against Immorality and Prophaneness: Wherein the Cafe of giving Informations to the Magistrate is considered, and Objections against it answered. With a Preface addressed to Grande-Juries j Constables'and Church-Wardens. Both by John Disney, Esq-, • '*i-:\

A. Method of .Devotion: Or Rules for Holy1 "and' Devout Living. With Prayers on several Occasions, and Advices and Devotions for the Holy Sacrament. Written by Mrs. Burpet, late Wife of the Right Reverend Father iii God, Gilbert LOrd Bishop qc Sarum. The Second Edition* To which is added, some Account of her Life, by (p. Gooixcyn Arch-Deacon of Ox fork. ."-" •'•'.

. A Help to.Devotion!: Being a Collection of Prayers for several Occasions, fitted for the Days of the Week. With a particular Office for the Sacrament. . The Second Edition corrected and enlarged. Collected by a Gentlewoman for her own private Use.

An Account of some remarkable Passages in the Life of a private Gentleman \ with Reflections thereon. In Three Pai'ts. Intended to awaken the Presumptuous, convince the Sceptick, and encourage the Despondent. Left under his own Hand to be communicated to the Publick after his Decease. The Second Edition enlarged.''. . ''. .The Practice of True Devotion in Relations to the End, as well as the Means of Religion.

A Serious Perswalive to Christian Purity: And Direction to penitent Offenders..; ■"" fz.ii ..'..• . i'

The Exemplary Life of James Bonnell, Esq;, late' Accomptant General of Ireland. To which is added, the Sermon preached at his Funeral, by Edward Lord Bishop of Kilmore and Ardagh. The Life by William Hamilton, A. M. Arch-Deacon of Armagh. And attested by Seven of the most eminent Bishops in the Kingdom of Ireland. The Third Edition.

The Harmony of the Holy Gospels digested into one History, according tO the Order of Time.' Divided into 215 Lessons, with suitable Meditations and Prayers subjoined to each Lesson. Done "originally by the Author of the Devotions by way of Offices, published by Dr. Hicks. Reformed and improved by James Bonnell, Esq• , late Accomptant General of Irelaid, for his own Use. And now published from his own Papers for the Use of others. By the Author of his Life, The History of Infant-Baptism. In Two Parts. The First being an impartial Collection of all such Passages in the Writers of the Four first Centuries, as do make for, or The Second, containing several Things that do help to illustrate the said History. By W. Wall. The Second Edition enlarg'd.

A Short Introduction to the Practice of the Christian Religion. -.. .

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