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U R Help is in the Name of the Lord; who hath made-
Heaven and Earth. Amen. r. . ,y.

My &e*r Brethren,

SI NC E we are come hither to present our Adorations, our Praises and our Prayers to the Lord our God, and to hear his HolyWord, let every one of us lift up his Heart, to Him, .and make a fin<^e,Confeffion,of^isSih6,, faying r.. ,' \n , . !- o

a Lord God,.heavenly Father^ we acknowledge ;all of us in general, and each of us in particular, that we are, jiot^worthy to appear in thy Presence, nor to ask any Favour of Thee. We have not obeyed thy Commandments, but have transgress'd'them in divers Manners^ ; Lord, we bewail the. Greatness and the Number of our. Offences. Pardon us, O God of-Mercy, pardon, for the lake of Jesus Christ, all those who repent, and" who ask Thee Forgiveness. Sanctisie us, and make us New Creatures ; to the end that the Glory of thy Mercy may be celebrated for ever, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Arnen^ "\■.".' n ■.': '•-.; * .—--t

t Let us-adorc our.God',, and give Him Thank's.'

IT is just and reasonable that wr adore Thee, 0*116$ God Almighty, who-has created Heaven and Earth, and^ll Things that are therein ; and that we render Thee continual Thanksgivings for all the Favours that we every Day receive from thy bountiful Hand. We bless Thee for our Preservation to this time,, for having protected us the last Night, and happily brought us-to the Beginnings of this Day, and for allowing us to appear at this Time, and in thisHoly Place before Thee. Lord we praise Thee, we desire to serve Thee this Day and all our Life: We devote our selves to Thee, and we submit our selves entirely to thy holy and-gracious Pleasure , vouchsafe, O Lord,, to protect and keep us this Day, to the end that we may spend it and our whole Life, in thy Peace, in thy Joy, and inthyr Fear, through Jesus Christ, who liveth and reigneth with Thee,.© God, blessed for ever. Amen* Asttr

Br the W o R- it# d - D' A ■? & '.t i j »

After this Vraytr^a, Pftlo* ir h> ^ /w£ i m& after the PftllC,thefilloit--.- :." -> •*>>£ Prayer *j to be said.

O.LORB, fince we are here met in thy Name * to hear thy Word, which Thou bast given us to be a Lamp to our Feet, and' a Light to our Paths: We beseech Thee ,with all. our Hearts, and for the Love of Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the Worlds to/enlijgh'ten bur Understanding, and to give us, 1% Hory Spirit, Whj,ch may lead us into the Knbwledge of the Truth, .'and sanctifte. tis. GrVe us Grace to hear attentively thy Word, to understand well the Meaning of it, and to conform our Lives to the Instructions therein given us •, to the end that what we shalt hear, may turn to the Glory pi thy Name,. to pur Advancement in. Piety, to the Comfort and Salvation of our Souls,, thfough Jesus Christ our Lord. In whose Name we calltrpon'Thee,\ faying: ■X" V., ," '"'■'!' .""'"'' '';/'

Our Father, &c

After the Sermon.

J - - • * i J

jEterslal and;Almighty'Gbd, we present our serVes before Thee,',

after haying heard thy HolyWord,tVofler to; thy Divine Ma-1

jelty our Prayers and our Supplications, both for our selves and for all' Men. We beseech Thee to enlighten *11 the People of-the Earth,with the Light of the Gospel, to the end that they may come to the Knowledge of the Truth and be saved* We pray to Thee for all the Wants of the Catholick Church:. Behold in Mercy, all thy Peo-' pie, and all thy Flocks, particularly this here. Preserve them, keeptrie Candlestick of thy Word among them., Remove from them Scandals and Hypocrifie, and make Piety, Charity, and all fort of Venues,to reign among them.

Bless the Ministers of thy Church, and particularly those to whom> Thou bast intrusted the Care of our Souls: Grant that they mayafways"dfspense thy Word in Purity, and labour with Zeal and Fidelity in the Edification of their Flocks.■ We pray Thee also for the higher Powers;■aTid m particular, for the sacred Person of our Sovereign* Lord' the King, tfie Queen, for' She- Prints Royal, and for ;the PVistcefe m> Consort, and for the Prince and Princess their Children, for all the Royal Family -, for the Count of W*rtembtrgy Hereditary Governor General of this. Principality, and for all those that are in Authority over US..' Guide, them by rtiy Spirit, assist them in- the Exercise df 'thfcr Offictst, to'tbe'eud that ReTigson,Justice^aiKl Peik* 4nay iourllh) urJer their Government and Authorify.-^-'^ ".'- ■.■.> r.b. :,.:..:n:: ^1*4: For the W.a.R ^ t-ifOi-^ A^y ^

* Here must be added, according to the Circumstances, that which follo*-s .* In Sacrament-Time, (he Prayer abrut in the Struiet #/Sunday Mtrninjr, Pagt j.

And since, p God, &e.

'hcTimt o/Fusting, add: To dispose our selves to be extraordinarily humbled

iu thy Presence whilst we celebrate this Publick Fact. .

[ A LMtGHTY and most merciful God, we 'recommend to thy Fajf"V vour, those Persons that are in Affliction : Grant to such as are lick, and especially to those that are Members of this Church, the Succour, Patience, and Repentance, of which they stand in need. Gon-• vert the Sinners, and strengthen those that walk in thy Ways- O* God, bless the Just, and all such as ar<j,'of; au-upright Heart. Pro- | tect the Weak and the Innocent: Give Ease to the. Poor: Comfort the afflicted'§ouls!i Deliver those that are persecuted for Righteousness •, and assist all those that are in any Danger,or in pressing Necessity. Bless our Country, this City, and all its Inhabitants :' Give Peace in our DaysJ O Lord, turn from us thy Judgments, and we will bless thy Holy. Name. . And since we arc about to return to the '-Works of our Calling, vouchsafe, O Lord, to bless the labour of our HanJs, and so to guide us, that we may always set thy Will before our Eyes', to cohform our selves thereto, and that whilst we arc pursuing Things Temporal, we may not neglect the Things Eternal, but that we may first and chiefly seek thy Kingdom and thy Righteousness.

Suffer not the Temptations and Cares of this Life, to draw away our Hearts, nor to take out of. them the-Seed otfj^y ,>^ordwhi£hJws now been sownin them. O God, make us to understand, that the W6rld passes away with the Lusts thereof, that our Life wastes, aud 't,ftat^w£; must soon leave'every Things to the end that the Consideration of the Vanity of this Life, may induce us to live in thy Fcaty that so' we; may die in thy Favour, and partake of the Resurrection of the Righteous: O Lord our good God, vouchsafe to give us whatsoever is necef-. sary for us towards the happy finishing of our, Cause : Take us into thy Protection, supply all our Wapts, and be Thou our Guide even to the. last Hour, through Jesus Christ thy Son. ''\.

OU R Father which art in Heaven: Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done in Earth,, as it is in Hea~ ven. Give us this Day our daily Bread- And forgive us our Trcf-, pises, as we forgive, them that trespass against us. And lead us nqt into Temptation^ but deliver usirora Evil: For Thine is the Ki^g-: dom, the Power, and the Glory, for ever arid ever. Am*.

The Blessing.

HpHE Blessing ofGod our Father•, the Grace and the Peace of Our. iM: Loul Jesus Christ} be..given and multiplied to you, through the Communication of the Holy Ghost. -Amen

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i6 for S A T u £ £"a)y Evening. v

At the Communion in September.

Forasmuch as at this Time, we may celebrate the blessed Remembrance of the Sufferings of thy Son Jesus Christ, and meditate upon the Wonders of our Redemption. . _ . ^-^ ---.

o <.~t ^y \ A SI- Q

..„< „• !After-which, the Mxnifter goef-on,- and fajsf

IXVe bless Thee also for the Favour Thou shewedst ta tis miserable Sinners, in calling us to thy Holy Table, to the end that we may partake of the Benefits that Jesus Christ has purchased for us by his Death and Resurrection. Lofd we praise Thee, we bless Thee, and we give Thee Thanks, with all the Gratitude we are capable of-, and we beseech Thee at the same time,'that Tiiou.tyoyildst'be pteas'dj'.by thy■ Spirit, to "sanctisie us, who of our selves are unworthy to appear at this Holy Table. Lord Jesus give us Grace, that having well understood what is represented to us by this holy and venerable Sacrament, and especially the Greatness of the Love which Thou hast'hereby shewn us, we' may come'to thy Table with such "Dispositions as are necessary for Worthy Communicants. Give us, O God, a true Knowledge and lively Sorrow for our Sins, and humble Recourse to thy Mercy, a perfect Trust in thy Merit, which is our only Comfort, and all our Refuge both in Lift and Death. imprint in us a deep Sense of thy infinite Charity, and a firm Resolution of serving Thee our God, according to thy Will, and of ordering the rest of our Life as becomes those Persons, that are renewing the Vows of their Baptism, and engaging themselves again in; thy Service. Grant us also the Grace to love one another as Thou hast loved us, and to pardon one another as Thou hast pardoned us. Lord Jesus, put into our Hearts what js wanting to our Preparation, preserve us from the Danger of Eating this Bread, and of Drinking this Cup unworthily, by which means we should render our selves guilty of thy Body and of thy Blood. O Lord God, grant that in this Feast, [of the Birth of Jesus ChriftJ £0/Easter} [of Pentecost} and at all Times, we and aH-thy Ohofch, may shew forth, as we ought,'the Remembrance [of the Birth'] fyjs the Sufferings and Death of Thy Son2 that Jesus Christ may live in us, and we in^ Him, thatjw[e may die and rife again with Him, and that we may walk in Newness of Life, even to the End of our Days• , and all to the Glory of thy .Holy Name, and our Eternal Salvation, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

'...-? • - .■-.„•; '• .-'..l: 10-!r..iv»r-ib:f- n^ b .• •• >i Our Father^ crc. . ~•'-'" r *•"-[ r-. r.'.''•'?"[.

Ajer the Lcrd's-Praver, the TtoqU fug a PfaUm, und-then the Mit f.ster gives the Blessing. :" l


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