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For the Two Sundays in Christfms.
Aster Evening Sermon.

GREAT God, who art the Creator of the World, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we lift up our Hearts to Thee, to adore thy infinite Majesty, and chiefly to celebrate thy great Mercy, and to osier to Thee the humble Sacrifice of our Blessings and Praises. It is just, it is our Duty, and it is a good Thing, that at all Times, and in all Places, we should give Thee Thanks, O Lord our God, Holy Father, Almighty and Everlasting God! But above all, we ought to do it at this Time, in which Thy whole Church is met together to meditate upon the Mystery of the Nativity, and of the Death of our Redeemer Jesus Christ. Thou hast sent thy only Son into the World in the Fulness of Time, out of thy great Love towards Men • , Thou hast been pleas'd that He should be born upon the Earth, and that He should be there subject to the Miseries of our Nature.; and that in dying for the Salvation of Man, He should sacrifice the same Body that He had taken upon Him in the Womb of the Blesled Virgin, His Mother.

O Lord, we acknowledge with Joy and Thanksgivings, that it is by that Birth and that Death, that we have been translated from Death to Life, and made the Heirs of thy Kingdom. Wherefore with the Angels, and with all the Heavenly Host, we magnifie thy glorious Name, and celebrate thy Mercy. Let all the Angels adore thy Glory and thy Goodness! Let the Sons of Men, as long as there any upon Earth, (hew forth thy great Praise, and say, Glory be to God in the Highest, Peace on Earth, and Good-will towards Men!

O Jesus our Saviour, we bless Thee that Thou didst become Man for our Redemption \ and we beseech Thee to make us sensible of the saving Fruits thereof. Thou who art the Son of the blessed God, the Joy and the Glory of Mankind, the Lamb of God that takest away the Sins, of the World, have Mercy upon us miserable Sinners! Thou who hast partaken of our Infirmities here upon Earth, who hast died, and having taken up thy Life' again, didst return into the Bosom and Glory of thy Father, where Thou fittest on His Right-hand, where the Angels are put under Subjection to Thee, and where Thou preparedst for us Everlasting Mansions \ Hear our Prayers, and receive the Praises which we offer to Thee. Thou who art come to destroy the Works of the Devil, turn us from our Iniquities, and enable us to forlake them. Grant that as Thou wast born, and didst live in a very mean Condition, and didst renounce the Pleasures and Glory of the World, even to the Death of the Cross, we also may despise the sinful Vanities and the false Goods of the World, and that we may only aim at the Glory and at the good Things which Thou hast procured

D for 18 For C H % i s T.m A s-D A Y."

for is *, that as Thou hast so much loved us, we may also ardently love 1 hec, and that nothing may separate us from thy Love.

O God, since thy dear Son war. born, to make us thy Children, and Heirs of thy Kingdom, and of everlasting Life, grant that we having that Faith and that Hope, may purifie our selves as He is pure , to the end that we may be enabled worthily to celebrate thy Praise, and to rejoice before Thee; and that when this glorious Saviour, who appeared the first time in sinful Flelh, shall appear again without Sin and with Glory, for those who wait for his Salvation, we may be made like to Him in his Kingdom, where He lives and is worshiped for ever and ever. Amen.

Our Father, &c

And the rest as on Sunday Evening.

For Christmas-Day.

O Almighty God and Merciful Father, we ought to blessand giveThee Thanks at all Times, but chiefly on this Day on which we celebrate the Remembrance of the blessed Birth of Tesus Christ our Redeemer. Thou didst promise to our first Parents in Paradise, that Thou wouldst send thy Son into the World \ Thou didst also declare his Coming by the Prophets, and Thou hast caus'd Him to be born in the Fulness of Time. Thy Eternal Son, who was from the Beginning with Thee, did not disdain to unite Himself to our Nature, and to be made Man ^ so that He who was very God, took upon Kim the Form of a Servant, and did partake of Flesh and Blood as Children, being made like to his Brethren in all Things, Sin only excepted \ to the end that He may be a merciful High-Priest, and that He might make Attonement for our Sins, and have Compassion on us. How great and venerable is this Mystery of Godliness! God manifest in the Flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of Angels preach'd unto the Gentiles, belicv'd on in the World, received up into Glory.

O God, we acknowledge, that without this happy Birth, we had perifiYd everlastingly. Let the Prayers and the Praises which we offer to Thee this solemn Day, be acceptable to Thee. Let the Joy which we feel, be sincere and pure i and let the Birth of thy Son become our Salvation. Look down with a favourable Eye upon thy People, who offer their Supplications to Thee. Keep thy Church which this Day celebrates the Coming of their Saviour, and proclaims thy Praises, o God, who didst declare the Birth of thy Son by the Angel Gabriel, and who didst cause this holy Child to be born or a Virgin, grant that Christ may be form'd in our Hearts, that He may be born, that He may live and dwell there through Faith, to the end that we may only live in Him and for Him*


For N E W-Y EAR S-D A Y. i9

Lord, who didst cause a divine Brightness to shine about the Shepherds that Night in which thy Son came into the World, inlighten our Souls with the Beams of thy Heavenly Light. Grant that from this Time, and hereafter, we may live in Holiness, Justice, and Temperance, as it behoves those who believe that thy Son is come into the World to save them •, to the end that we may wait with Joy and Peace, the blessed Hope of the second and glorious Appearance of Jesus Christ ^ to whem with The; and the Holy Ghost be given Honour and Glory, for ever and ever. Amev

Our Father, &c. t

For New-Years-Day.
After Sermon.

O Eternal and Almighty God, we humble our selves before Thee,
to sanctifie the Beginning of this Year by our Adorations, our
Praises, and our Prayers. Lord, we adore thy infinite Majesty, and
we give Thee Thanks from the bottom of our Hearts, for all the Mer-
cies Thou hast so bountifully bestowed on us to this present Time.
Thou hast given us Life, Thou hast preserv'd it, and we are be-
ginning another New-Year, which Thou dost vouchsafe to add to those
"we have already past in this World. Thou hast not ceased to heap
upon us thy Favours, both general and particular, both
for the Body and the Soul. s_Thou hast caus'd us to enjoy rhhPara-
Peace, Plenty, and Liberty: Thou hast removed War, graph u usd
Famine, and other Miseries from our Country j and inTimetf
whilst almost all the People of Europe have been afflict- *r*Jtm't7-
ed, Thou hast caus'd us to dwell in Safety, and to pass
our Years in a profound Peace.] But above all, O God, Thou hast
enriched us with thy spiritual Blessings, Thou hast multiplied them
•upon us, by continuing among us the Candlestick of thy Word, by
keeping thy Service and the Ministry of the Gospel in the midst of
us, by calling us to thy Table, by inviting us to Repentance, by
thy Assistance, by thy Chastisements, by thy Mercies, by the Warn-
ings of thy Word, and of thy Spirit, and by giving all of us in ge-
neral, and each of us in particular, the Time and the Means of
working out our Salvation.

O Almighty God, the Fountain of all Goodness, receive the Praises and Thanks which we offer to thy Divine Majesty. And though we have offended Thee in. divers Manners, and have abus'd thy Mercies, have Pity on us,'for the fake of Jesus Christ, aud withdraw not thy Favour and Protection from ns.

Lord, we devote our selves to Thee, the Beginning of this Year, being-desirous of implying it batter than we have fane those that

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20 For P A L M-S U K D A Y.

ar? past: We beg thy Blessing, deny it not to us, O God, and let thy Mercy accompany us during this Year, and to the end of our Days. Amen•

Bless the sacred Person of our Sovereign Lord the King, prolong his Days, preserve him for the Good of thy People, to the end that we may live peaceably under his just Government, and serve Thee in Holiness all the Days of our Life. Bless also the Queen, the Prince Royal, the Princess his Consort, the Prince and Princess their Children, and all the Royal Family • , the Count of IVartemberg, Hereditary Governour General, and all those that are in Authority in this State, or in this Town. Bless the Pastors and Ministers of thy Word: Keep thy Church in general, and particularly the Flocks which thy Providence has gathered in our Country. Above all, grant thy Blessing to this Church and its Pastors, to the Families and private Persons ot which it is composed, to Great and Small, to Rich and Poor,, to Young and Old, to Fathers and Children, to Masters and Servants, to Merchants aud Handy-Crafts-Men, and to all forts of Pecsons, of whatsoever Condition they be: Help all those that are afflict' ed by Sickness, or in any other manner, and particularly those that are Members of this Church: Deliver the Persecuted, convert the Sinners, bring back the Wanderers, confirm in Holiness all those that fear Thee, and grant us whatsoever is necessary to pass this Life happily, and to attain everlasting Salvation. And since, O Lord, we are warn'd by this Day, that the Years of our Lite do wear away, give us the Grace to consider seriously, both to Day and at all Times, that we are mortal, and that our End approaches daily •, to the end^ that we may have a wise Heart• , that we may endeavour after a brtter Life, where neither Days, Months, nor Years will be reckoned• , and that during the Time that remains for us to live in the Flesh, we may live no longer according to the Lusts of Men, but according to thy Will.

O God grant ire the Grace to live in such Wisdom, Temperance and Holiness, that when the Course of our Years shall be finished, and the Hour of our Death shall be come, we may leave this World with Joy, and rest in Peace, in Expectation of a happy Eternity. Lord hear us, Lord receive these Thanks, Supplications and Vows which we now offer to Thee, through Jesus Christ thy Son. Amen*

Our Father, &c .

For Palm-Sunday.
Aster Evening Sermon-

O Almighty God, we beseech thy Divine Majesty to receive tha
Sacrifice of Praises and Thanksgivings which we offer to Thee
this Day. We praise Thee, O God, for having delivered up thy
Son to the Death of the Cross for our fakes, and for the, Comfors

Thou For G o o '£-¥ ft t £jisr. 21

Thou hast now afforded us to shew forth the Remembrance of that Death, in partaking of the Holy Sacrament, which was appointed to be a Memorial for it. Lord, we celebrate thy Mercy, we return Thee Thanks for so precious a Gift, and we beseech Thee, that all we who have been Partakers of these holy Mysteries, may reap the Fruits of the Sufferings of our Redeemer, and through thy Bounty, obtain the Pardon of our Sins, the Grace of thy Spirit, "the Sense of thy Love and Peace, and after this Life, the Glory of thy Kingdom. Lord, we also ofier to Thee at this time, our Bodies, onr Souls, our Persons, Nand all that is within us, as a living Sacrifice •, deliring to glorifie Thee, to serve Thee, and to live only for Thee. Praise the Lord all ye his Servants; celebrate his Name, for He is Good, for his Mercy endures for ever: Rejoice thou Daughter of Sion, behold thy King cometh in the Name of the Lord to save Thee, fJosanna to the Son of David I Blessed be he that cometh in the Name of the Lord! Blessed be the Kingdom of David our Father! Peace be in Heaven, and Glory in the Highest.

O Lord Jesus, who as on this Day didst enter into the City of Jerusalem in the midst of the Acclamations and- Praises of a Multitude of People, and of thy Disciples, who spread their Garments in the Way, and who followed Thee, carrying Branches of Palms in their HandSj give us Grace to prepare the Way for Thee by all kind of good Works, to present Thee with the Fruits of Righteousness, to serve Thee conftantlv, and to rejoice without ceasing in thy Salvation;

O Lord, who was pleas"d to be praised by the Children as on tin's Day, that cried in the Temple, Hbfann*, to the Son of David ; grant that in Imitation of their Innocence and Simplicity, we may worthily celebrate thy Praises this Day and all our Days. Grant that when Thou shalt come from Heaven at the last Day, we may meet Thee in the Air, and enter with Thee triumphant and victorious in the Heavenly Jerusalem, into the Temple and Palace of thy Glory..


Our Father, &c.

For Good-Friday.-.

f A- Lmighty God, we beseech Thee to look down mercifully upon _/\ this thy Congregation for which our Lord Jesus Christ was pleas d to be betray'd, and deliver'd, as on this Day, into the Hands of wicked Men, and to endure the Death of the Cross. Grant us, Lord, this Favour, that as thy dear Son has suffered and.shed his pre■cious Blood for the Atonement of our Sins, we may thereby obtain the Pardon, of thy Mercy, and that that precious Blood may purisie our Consciences to serve Thee^the living God, through the same Jesus Christ thy Son, Amtv> . . .

- O Lord,:,

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