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OLord, who hast gathered to thy self a Church upon Earth, and who dost govern and sanctifie it hy thy holy Spirit, receive tlie Supplications that we offer Thee for all the Wants of thy Holy Church, and for all the different Conditions of those that compose it •, to the end that it might be a glorious Church to Thee, and without Spot, and that every one of its Members may serve Thee faithfully* according to his Imploymcnt and Station. Vouchsafe always to assist those whom Thou hast appointed Pastors and Teachers therein, and that labour in the Work of the Ministry. Bless and fill with a true Zeal, Christian Princes and Magistrates, and particularly those on whom we depend; to the end, that having the Happiness of being Members of thy Church, they may be the Nouriftiers and Protectors of it. Inspire all Christians with the Spirit of Peace and Concord. Bring back those that are in Error, to the Knowledge of the Truth. Grant to Sinners Repentance and Pardon for their Faults. Strengthen all those that fear Thee, to the end that they may be the Salt of the Earth, and the Light of the World. Give thy Blessing to the Youth which thy Church has consecrated to Thee at this Thrie, and confirm them in thy Grace. Hear all those that call upon Thee, whatever their Necessities and Afflictions are, and supply all our Wants, for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen.

O Merciful and Gracious God, who hast made all Men, and who hatest nothing that Thou hast made, have Pity upon all the People that are in Ignorance and Infidelity. Lord Jesus, who didst this Day pray for those that crucified Thee, have Mercy upon the Nation of the Jews, that were the Authors of thy Death. Hear the Prayers which we offer for that People: Remove from their Heart the Veil of Incredulity and Blindness\ to the end that being enlightned by thy Light, they may look upon Him whom they have pierced, and that according to thy Promises, all Israel may be saved.

O Almighty God, have Mercy upon the Heathens that worship Idols, and that are without Godj and without Hope in the World. Grant that they forsaking their Idolatry, may know and serve Thee, who art the Living and True God, and thy Son Jesus Christ whom Thon hast sent. Deliver also the Turk, and all other Infidels, from their Blindness, to the End that they may be saved with thy People

OLord Jesus Christ, who art the chief Shepherd of the Sheep, and Redeemer of Man, gather together the Sheep which are not yet in thy Fold, so that there may be but one Flock and one Shepherd \ and that the Fulness of the Nations being come into thy Church, every Mouth mav praise Thee, and every Tongue acknowledge Thee the Lord, to the Glory of God the Father. O Lord

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heat as. O Jcfbs Son of God, who did, shed thy' Blood for us this Day, and pave thy Life for the Salvation of Man, have Mercy upon us miserable Sinners. O Lamb of God that takest away the Sins of the World, hear our Prayers. Thou who reigncst with the Father and the Holy Ghost, one God alone blessed for ever.

For the Saturday before Easter.

OGODj who wert pleas'd that thy Only Son should die, that He should be buried, and remain in the Tomb till the Third Day, grant that all we who have been baptized into his Death, may be also buried with Him, by a continual Mortification of our corrupt Affections \ to the end that as He is rais'd' from the Dead, we may also be rais'd to a New Life \ and that after having past thro' Death and the Grave, we may attain to the Joy of a happy Resurrection, through the Merits or Him who is dead, buried, and risen• for us. Ametu

For Easter-Sunday.,
After Evening Sermon;-

SI N C E we are this Day met together to celebrate the Christian Passover, let us all with one accord, lift up our. Hearts to praise the Almighty God ohr Heavenly-Father for having, as on this Day,. rais'd his Son Jesus Christ, after He deliver'd Him to Death for us. Let ns return Him Thanks for it• , let us rejoice before Him \ let us praise Him \ let us celebrate Him ., and let ns glorifie his Holy Name. O God, we thank Thee, forasmuch as we this Day behold the Accomplilhment of our Redemption. Thou hast deliver'd thy only and well-beloved Son, who knew not Sin, to the Death of the Cross. Hewas broken for our Transgressions, and bruised for our Iniquities. And after tie had given his Life as an Offering for Sin, Thou didst raise Him from the Dead on the Third Day, to be the great Shepherd of thy Sheep: Tis for this Reason that all thy Church is met this Day, and that thy Saints every where proclaim thy Praises.

Christ our Passover was sacrificed for us j wherefore let us celebrate the Feast, not with the Leaven of Malice or Hypocrifie, but with Sincerity and Truth, Christ having been rais'd from the Dead, dies no more, and Death has ap more Dominioa over Him. He died once for Sin, but now He is living unto God. Being the Prince of Life, He could not be holden by the Bands of Death. God did not leave his Soul in Hell, nor did He suffer his Holy One to fee Corruption. He has overcome Death: He is risen from the Grave, and lives for ever and ever. The Stone wbkh, ;he Builders refusd, is become the Head Stone of.

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For A s c E'.ns i\o K-D A Y." 25

tlom ; Thou art the King of Glory: Thou hast a fupream Power in Heaven and upon Earth: Thou art gone to thy Father, and to our Father •, to thy God, and to our God : Thou livest and" reignest for ever and ever: And' Thou- canstperfectly save all those that come to God by Thee. Thou art entred into Heaven as, our Fore-runner\ and where Thou art, Thou wouldest have us be also : And we know that Thou shalt return from Heaven, as thy Apostles saw Thee asceftd thither. Wherefore we adore Thee, we call upon Thee, we bless Thee, and we rejoice in thy Triumph and Glory.

O Lord, grant us the Grace to partake of the Fruits of this glorious Ascension. Suffer us not to shut against our selves the Gates of Heaven, by our Impenitency and Ingratitude, which Thou hast opened -to us by thy Death, and by thy Ascension. Let us rather seek after the Things that are on high, where Jesus Christ is sat down on xhy Right-Hand j and that we lift up our selves continually, by mv holy Thoughts and ardent Desires, towards that glorious Mansion into which our Saviour is entred.

Lord Jesus, who didst promise to thy Disciples before Thou didst leave the Earth, that Thou wouldest be with them to the End of the World, dwell with us according to thy Promises, whilst we art in this Body depriv'd of thy corporeal Presence. Grant us, that at the Day of Judgment, at the Day of thy glorious and last Return, we may hear with Joy, the Voice of the Archangel •, that after having been rais'd, we may be lifted up into the Clouds before Thee • , that we may arrive at the Heavenly Jerusalem, at the meeting of the Firstborn, and of the Just made perfect ., towards Thee, who art the Me

. diator of the New-Covenant, and towards God thy Father and ours• ,

. to whom, as to Thee and to the Holy Ghost, belongs Glory and Blessing for ever and ever. Amen

Our Father, &e.

GRANT we beseech Thee, Almighty God, that like as we do believe thy only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to have ascended into the Heavens, so we may also in Heart and Mind thither ascend. We beseech Thee leave us not Comfortless, but send to us thy Holy Ghost, which may sanctifie, comfort, lead, and bring us to the Place whither our Saviour is gone before us, who liveth and reigneth with Thee and the Holy Ghost,. One only God blessed for 'evermore. Amtn

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Tor the Two Sundays of Whitsuntide.
Afttr the Evening Sermon.

A I-mighty God, everlasting Father, we praise Thee, and we thank £\ .Thee for all thy Mercies, and particularly for those of which we celebrate the Remembrance at this Time. We give Thee Thanks for having redeemed us by thy Son, and for our having commemorated his Death in the Holy Sacrament of this Day. We bless Thee also for that after having lifted up our Saviour to thy Right-hand, Thou didst fend thy Holy Ghost to thy Apostles as at this Time, and afterwards to all thy Church. Grant, Lord, that we being assembled to return our solemn Thanks for so precious a Gift, may perform this duty with Zeal, so that the Sacrifice of our Praises may be acceptable to Thee. We beseech Thee also, O Lord, that by the Efficacy of this precious Blood which thy holy Son has shed, and by the Virtue of thy Spirit, we may persevere in the holy vocation, wherewith Thou hast honour'd us, and glorifie Thee all the rest of our Lives. Spirit of Light and of Truth, lead us into all Truth, and enlighten our Minds that are fill'd with Darkness. Spirit of Prayer and of Supplication, teach us to pray as we ought •, lift up our Hearts to Thee, and stir up in us Groans that cannot be utter'd. Spirit of Strength, support us always by thy Strength, be with us in Temptations, prevent us with thy Grace without ceasing, and draw us continually to Good. Spirit of Holiness, come and sanctifie our Understandings and our Hearts, purifie our Affections, and make us fit todo our Duty, each one in the Vocation to which we are called. Spirit of Consolation, dwell with us for ever, comfort us in Afflictions,, fill us at all Times with Joy unspeakable and glorious. Spirit of Peace,, give us Sentiments of Peace and Meekness, and of Charity towards one another. O Holy and Divine Spirit, which didst descend as at this Tiaie, upon the Apostles in the Shape of Cloven Tongues like as of Fire, and which didst give them the Power of fbeakihg divers Languages, kindle in our Hearts a heavenly Fire of jholy Thoughts and ardent Desires •, inflame us with a true Zeal, which may make us glorifie Thee, and edifie our Neighbour by our Words and Actions.

O God, cast us not out of thy Presence, and never take from us tfie Spirit of thy Holiness. Suffer us not to grieve or to quench this Holy Spirit. Let Him dwell in us as within his Temple: Let Him guide us during the whole Time of our sojourning here below: Let us rejoice always in his divine Consolations, that so we may happily finish our Course, that our mortal Bodies may be enliven'd at the last Day by thy Spirit which dwells in us, and that we may be counted worthy to enter into thy Glory, to render there eternally, as we do at this present, Praise, Honour and Glory, to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Our Father, &c. &r

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