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»TpH E Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, tjie Love, of God, grid I the Fellowship of the Ho'ly Ghost, be with you all-'everraor&

Amev - .'.- i, •

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Monday Mjrnhtg the folilomng Exhortation is to be read before the

Lltffing h given. .. .: ' .'"-a ° .•:.-''-.. ./• . -?l'. Lm: jrais


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SINCE you are about to return to the Business of your Ordinary Calling, discharge it with a good Conscience, and behave your selves after such a manner, that whilst you are labouring for Temporal Things, you neglect not the Eternal. . , ;. = .. ,i: t

You Magistrates, take Care what you do, for you do not execute Justice as from Man, but from God, who fits in Judgment in the midst of You. Let the Fear of the Lord be therefore with you, for with God there is no Iniquity, nor Acceptance with Persons. i<c-L- -f.

You People, be subject to the Higher Powers, not only for the Fear of Wrath, but also for Conscience sake; - You Fathers and Mothers, breed up your Children in the Instruction and Correction of the Lord. And you Children, obey your Fathers and Mothers in all Things in the Lord, for this is right.

You Husbands, love your Wives, and be not provoked against them, hut behave your selves towards them with Discretion: And you Wives submit your selves to your Husbands as to the Lord.

You Masters, do Justice and Equity to your Servants, knowing that you also have a Master in Heaven. And you Servants, obey your Masters in the Simplicity of your Heart, as unto Christ, not as EyeServants, or desiring only to please Man, but doing heartily the Will of God, as Servants of Jesus Christ.

You Merchants, follow the Rules of Justice, Equity and Honesty.

You Handicrafts and Husbandmen, labour faithfully in your Calling, knowing that every one of you shall receive of the Lord according to what he has done. V.K-srv

You Old Men, be* sober, grave, prudent, sound in Faith and in Charity. And you Young Men, be moderate and humble, and remember your Creator in the Days of your Youth. ;i:. j Z".

Let those that are afflicted, be as if they did not weep\ and thole that rejoice, as if they were without Joy\ and those that use the World, as not abusing it; for the Fashion ofthis World pasieth away.

My Brethren, Love not the World, nor the Things that are in the World j for if any one loves the World, the Love of the Father is

not not in him •, for the World pafleth away ami the Lusts thereof, but he that doth the Will of God abideth for ever. 34 7>»Ev Et* i N G Service.

rT*5H E Grace of our -Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, the Jl Fellpwlhlp of the Holy Ghost, be with us all evermore. Amen- - , •

The End of the Morning Service.

The Evening Service.

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ET.our Help be in the Name of God; who hath made
Heaven and Earth. Amen*

Dearly Beloved Brei\yreny

SINCE we are here met together to worship God, to praise Him^ to hear his Word, and to offer our Prayers to Him, let us make Confession of our Sins, and implore his Mercy; to the end that the Service which we now render to Him, may be acceptable in his Presence.

\ A Lmighty God, Heavenly Father, we have finned against Thee, _/"\. anc* we are not WOrt^yto b* called thy Children • , but be Thou reconciled to us, pardon all our Sins, and bring us to everlasting Life by a sincere Repentance, for the sake of' Jesus Ghrist thy Son. Amen

ALmigbty God, who art the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,1 pardon all those that truly repent and are converted to Him. Amen

Let us adore and praise the Lord our God. • . • • -. "i!

Lord open our Lips, and our Mouths shall shew forth thy Praise.

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Here is to be read a Hymn, as in the Morning Service, then sing the iff Stave us the 92 Pfolm y afo& rikieh'the following Prayer is to be read- >' <

OMerciful God, Heavenly Father, since we are about to hear thy holy Word, we most humbly beseech Thee to grant us Grace to understand well the Meaning of it, and to live up to it, for the fake of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

Here the Lesions art to bo read as in the Morning Service; 4j)er .which they read the following Prayers.

Let us pray.

Lord have Mercy upon us. *'

Lord bear out Prayers, and let our Cry come u£to Thee.

OU R Father which art in Heaven: Hallowed be Thy Name": Thy Kingdom come. Thy done in Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this Day our daily Bread. • And forgive us our Trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead, us not into Temptation, but deliver us from Evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen*

O Lord, let thy Mercy lighten, upon us, and grant us thy Salvation.

Lord save thy People, and bless thine Inheritance.

O God, create id us new Hearts, and take not from us thy Holy Spirit.

Here the Peiple sing the iff Stave of the 6qth Psalmr and then the

Minifier goes on.

LO R D, we beseech thy Divine Majesty to accept the Evening Sacrifice of Praise, we offer unto Thee, and to hear the Prayers that we now make to Thee. Protect us during this Night, keep us from all Sin, and from all Danger, to the end that we may praise and serve Thee at all Times: Lord we commit our Souls into thy Hands: Guide us whilst we.. wake, keep us whilst we fleep, to the end that whether we wake or sleep, we may be always with Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord Ame a.


The E V E H i"'»/a- S R R v t cai 35

0» Festival Days, the Prayer «pf ointtd fore/Kb Feastft so he-rend

O Almighty God, who has commanded us to pray to Thee for all Men, and who wouldest that all should be fared, and come to the Knowledge of the Truth •, hear the Prayers that we ofier to Thee for the Peace and Tranquillity of all Nations, and for the Conversion of the People that know Thee not

We pray Thee for all Kings, Princes, and Magistrates, and above^ all, for the sacred Person of the King, for the Queen, for the Prince Royal, for the Princess his Consort, and for the Prince and Princess their Children, for all the Royal Family •, for the Count o£■ Wartemberg, Hereditary Governour-General, and for all that are in Au-< thority over us. We beseech Thee, O God, to preserve and senctifie more and more thy Church, which h spread over all the Earth, and particularly the Church of this Place. Strengthen all the Pastors and all the Ministers of thy Word.

Have Pity upon the People and Persons that are in Affliction. Deliver those that are persecuted, and Captives for the fake of Truth. Assist the Sick and those that are at the Point of Death [_ especially those for whom tur Prayers are desired J. Grant to harden'd Sinners Time and Means for Repentance. . Strengthen in Faith and Piety those that are still weak. Give Grace to those that love and fear Thee, to persevere and to advance continually in Holiness.

Grant always, Lord, Peace to this Government. Bless the Fruits of the-Earth. Bless this City, and all its Inhabitants. Bless particularly those Persons that do Works of Piety and Charity in this Church, and all those that are here present, and who call upon Thee with a .fincere Heart.

O God hear us! give us Grace to pass our Days in thy Fear, and to finilh them in thy Peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord• , who lives and reigns with Thee and the Holy Spirit, one only God blessed for ever and ever. Amen

K Lmighty God, who hast given us Grace at this Time with one i\ Accord to make our common Supplications unto Thee, and dost promise that when Two or Three are gathered together in thy Name, Thou wilt grant their Requests: Fulfil'now, O Lord, the Desires and Petitions of thy Servants, as may be most expedient for them •, granting us in this World Knowledge of thy Truth, and in the World to come Life everlasting. Amen.

* . . . . '.

My Brethren^

The End of all Things is at hand, be then sober, and vigilant. * The Lord be with you- God Almighty, Father, Son, and Hoi? Ghost, bless you and protect you. Amen.

F 2 A $6 Tfo E V E N 1 N G S E RV I C E.

A Prayer to he read on Tuesday Evening, instead, os the foregoing: O Almighty God, wno hath commanded, crc+

ALmighty God , suffer not thy holy Name to be reproached because of our Sins, for we have offended against Thee in divers Manners: We have not obey'd thy Word as we ought, we have daily provoked thv Wrath against us by our Ingratitude, for which-Reason Thou mightest justly punish us- But, O Lord, remember thy Mercy, and have Pity on us. Grant us Grace to know our Sins" throughly, to repent of them, and to amend our Lives.

Bleft thy People, O God, strengthen thy Ministers, to the end that they may preach thy Word, and discharge their Ministry faithfully and with Zead. Strengthen also the Princes and Magistrates into whose Hands Thou hast put the Sword of Authority, to the end that they may use it to thy Glory, and the Good of thy People.

Bless particularly the King, the- Queen, the Prince Royal, the Princess his Consort, the Prince and Princess their Children* and all the Royal Family -, the Count of Warttmberg, Hereditary Governour-General, and all those that are iivAuthority over us.

Turn, O good God, thy Judgments from us, and be always our Protector. Defeat all the Designs and all the Conspiracies-that are formedagainst thy Church and thy GospeL

O Lord, never deprive us of thy Word, nor take thy Holy Spirit from us. Grant that we^nay constantly persevere in- the Faith, and in the Fear of thy Name. Comfort and strengthen those Persons that1 are weak and afflicted, either in Body or in Mind, [.especially those for whom our Prayers are desired"} and grant us thy Peace, throughTesus'Christ our Lord. Amen.

^ Prayer to be added on. Saturday Evening,, at the End of tfa


ET us pray to- God to prepare us for the SandHfication.of j Sunday.. ' *- •"- -

O Almighty Lord^ we praise Thee, and we thank Thee, from our Heart and Mouth, for all the good Things Thou hast bestowed upon. us. duriug the whole Course of our Lives, and particularly in the Week that is now drawing to aft End* We pray Thea also to pardon all the Sins we have committed, and to grant us Thy Grace, to the end that we may employ the following Week, and^Dur whole Life, to. theGlorj of thy-holy Name, to. the Edification of cur Neighbour^ and the Advancement of our Salvation.

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