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thy glorious Name, saying with the Angels, Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Holt, Heaven and Earth are full of thy Glory thy Atajesty is incomprehensible thy Greatness is infinitely above our Thoughts and our Praises : But thy Goodness is beyond all thỳ Works ; and we come this Day to offer up to Thee our Thanksgivings for all thy Favours which Thou hast bestowed upon us, even to this pré-i fent Time. i'.

O Lord, we are loaded with thy Benefits, and the Testimonies of thy Bounty offer themselves to us from all Parts. Thou hast given us Life, Motion, and Being; and thy liberal Hand does abundantly furnish'us with all Things necesary to pass this Life in Peace and Tranquillity. Thou hast blessed, protected, and preserved ws till now : Whilft Thou visitest so many other People with thy Scourges, Thou. dost keep us in Peace, Plenty, and Liberty.

But chiefly, we praise Thee for all thy Spiritual Blesings in Jesus Christ. Thou hast redeemed Mankind by the Blood of thy Son, and Thou hast made us to be of the Number of those who know Thee, and whom Thou dost call to be glorified with Thee in Heaven.

Thou hast preserved the Candlestick of thy Word in the midst of us: Thou haft protected our Churches : Thou hast removed Persecution from them : Thou hast provided, and dost daily provide for their Edification more and more.

Thou hast given to all of us in general, and to each of us in particular, the Means of attaining Salvation. Thou hast prevented us by thy Word, by the Voice of thy Servants, by the Motions, of thy Spirit, and by the continual Adistance of thy Grace. Thou hast suna ported us notwithstanding our Sins. Thou hast not cut us off during the Course of our Iniquities; and even now we are waiting upon Thee, and Thou art still disposd to bless us. id

Buit, o God, we have abufed thy Favours: Instead of making good use of thy Temporal Mercies, we have taken Occasion from thence to offend Thee, and to cleave to the World. We have not served Thee whilst Thou hast been bestowing great Mercies upoir us. We are corrupted, we have forsaken Thee, we have dishonour'd and provok'di Thee to Icafoufie, Thou, o God who art the Rock of our Salvation. We have not 'rvalked in the Light of thy Holy Gospel, which enlightens us, 'nor lived after a manner worthy of our Vocaa: tion., We have sipned against Thee, against our Neighbours, and against our felves, by our Actions, by our Words, and by our Thoughts., Our Wickednesses, O Lord, our Wickedneffes are multiply'd, and our Iniquiries are reached eyen onto the Heavens."

Lord, we acknowledge the Multitude and the Greatness of our Ini.. quities. Neither we, nor the chiefest among us, nor, the 'Priests, nor. the People, have perforined' thy 'Law: We have not listened to thy Cominandments, nor to the Warnings which Thou hast given us by


time vain swearvice, andons, Envizion, Adultoints' recret of these Sind its

Prayers for the FA's T-DN visi

43 Thy Spirit, and by the Ministry of thy Servants, duting the Years of thy Forbeårárice : Since the Days of our Fathers, even until now, We have greatly offended Thee."...? ! :.... ..!

O Lord, the Sins which are committed amongft us, have a long time provoked Thee to Wrath : Impiety, want of Devotion, Hypocrifie, vain Swearing, Blasphemies, Prophanation of thy Holy Nante, of thy holy Service, and of thy holy Laws; Injustice, Theft, Violence, Fraud, Hatreds, Divisions, Envy, Backbiting, Slandering, Sensuality, Drunkenness, Gluttony, Fornication, Adultery, Pride, Excess in Apparel, Covetoufness, Love of the World, Sins secret and open ; Sins of the Great Ones, and of the Common People ; all these Sins, O God; the just Judge, all these Sins have defiled this Country and its Inhabitants, and do enikindle thy Wrath and Indignation.' 'iui,

And now, what shall we say after fuch Things as these ; for we have forsaken thy Commandments, and rebelled against Thee. : 'O Lord, Thou art Righteous, and we are wicked. To Thee belongs Righteousness, but to us Confusion of Face. Thou mayest juftly cast us off, and destroy us. For all these Things we condemn our selves, and do take upon us this Day Sackcloth and Ashes, having humble Re. course to the Greatness of thy Mercies. 70 God, who-desireft not the Death of a Sinner, but rather that he should be converted and live: Thou who despisest not the Prayers and Gróans of those that call upon Thee, hear the Prayers of thy Elect and of thy Children. Hear the poor Sinners that confess their Faults. Be gracious to those that are penitent, for the Love of thy well-beloveď son ; for the sake of his Sacrifice, and of what he suf fera for us. Have Pity upon harden'd Sinners, and give them Time and Means to repent. Be favourable; O. God, be favourable to thy People, who turn to Thee with Tears, Fasting, and Prayers. Be mer. ciful to us, good God, for Thou art a God full of Compassion, LongSuffering, and great Mercy. Turn us, and we shall be turned : Regenerate us to a New Life, to the end that Thou mayest continue to take Pleasure in us, and that our Prayers and our Perfons may be acceptable to Thee. ' n ::'::!7

Accept, 0 Almighty God, accept this Day the Sacrifice of our Thanksgivings for all thy Goodness. Lord, we praise Thee, we bless Thee, we glorifie Thee; we rejoice in Thee, we give Thee Thanks, and we continually magnifie thy holy Name:

Come let us praise the Lord, for He is good, and his Mercy..endareth for ever. Let the Lörd be praised froin Day to Day, the Eord who is our Help, and who ipours forth his Benefits upon us ! He is our God, and the God of our Salvation. Blesled be the Lord, who daily heaps upon us his good Things! And blessed for ever be the Name of his Glory, and let each of us say,' Ancn. in's irild wurdvé Tutte i 6.2.1 Sou nd Herte ; Here is to be added the Prayer that is said on the Week-Days before

the Sermon : O Lord, fince we are here met in thy Name, to hear Thy Word, which Thou hast given us, &c. and the Lord's Prayer: And after the Sermon, this Prayer.

Almighty God, we cast our felvés down before Thee, to conU tinue to offer up to Thee our Supplications this Day of Fasting and Humiliation. " And since we are here assembled to pray to Thee, not only for our felves, but also for all sorts of Persons, and particularly for thy Church: We pray Thee, O God, who art the Creator and Father of Mankindy for all Men, and for all people in general; that Thou wouldest be pleased to make known thy Ways unto them, and ma: mifeft thy Salvation to all the Nations... "We pray Thee for the Prosperity of the Catholick Church, guide it by thy Word, and by thy Spirit, and let not the Gates of Hell ever prevail against it. Bless the Protestant Churches ; preserve them; defend them against their Enemies; unite them by the Bands of Peace'; sanctifie them :. Stop the Course. of Error, of Divisions, of Corruption and Scandals that reign among those whom Thou hast hoa noured with thy Knowledge, and restore every where Truth, Piety, and Peace. Bless the Churches of England, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Piemont, and all other places where thy Name is called upon in Purity. Keep those that are in being, support those that are perfecuted, and re-eftablifh them in thy Favour.. .

· Bless the Churches of Switzerland, our dear Country, which are all assembled this Day before Thee. Hear the Prayers which, they offer up to Thee, and let thefe Churches ever be the Objects of tliy Protection. Grant thy Blessing to the Churches of this. Country; preserve them from Error and Vice; remove from them Ignorance and. Scandals; and grant that Piety, Order, and. Peace may, always fourila among them. Above all, we implore with most ardent Prayers, thy Blesting upon this Flock O Lord, pardon our Sins, and be merciful to this Church. Make the Knowledge and Fear of thye great. Nams, to reign therein, and bless whatever is undertaken for its Edification. Blefs the Families and those Persons of which they are composed; Parents and Cbildren, Husbands and Wives, Masters and Servants, Young and Old, Great and Small, Rich and Poor.

We recomiend to thy Goodness, all the Pastors who, in whatsoever: Place they be, are appointed for the Guidance of thy Flocks, O Lord, fend good Labourers into tby Harvest ! Sanctifie. and fill ar bundantly with thy Gifts, those who-exercise the Holy Ministry, as alla tbofe who devote themselves thereto.. Cloath thy Ministers with Righteousness., Grant a happy Success to the pious Deligns and holy Labours of all Thy true Servants that feek thy Glory and the Edification of thy Church. Particularly bless the Pastors of this Country


Prayers for the FA:S-TD A. Y S.

55 and this Church, whóm Thou hast intrusted with the Care of our Salvation, and who watch for our Souls: O God, pardon thy Ser." vants and thy Ministers their Sips and their Failings : Cleanse thy Sanctuary again, and grant that by both Pastors and people, with a new Zeal, thy holy Name may be more and more glorified in the midst of us.

We pray Thee for all Kings, Princes, and Magistrates, beseeching Thee to grant thy Knowledge to them all. Save and defend, all Christian Princes and Magistrates; inspire them with a true Zeal for thy Glory, and bless all their juft and holy Undertakings. Particularly we offer to Thee our most earnest Prayers for the sacred Person of our Sovereign Lord the King ; O Lord; preserve · biin carefully, prolong his Days, and give us Grace that, according (to Thy holy Commandment, we may, exert an inviolable Fidelity to wards him. Bless the Queen, the Prince Royal, the Princess his Confort, the Prince and Princess their Children ; for all, the Royal Family; the Count of Wartemberg, Hereditary Governour General of - this Principality, and all those who are appointed to govern this

State, and who have adminiftred the Offices of Justice and Policy therein, and particularly the Magistrates of this City.. O God, strengthen thein in the Exercise of their Employments, to the end that they may use their Authority for the Advancement of thy Glory, and for the good of thy Church, and of our Country. Lord, withdraw not thy Favour from this State. O God, continue to take Care of us, and to bless us. O Lord, let thy Mercy shine upon us, and grant us thy Salvation ! O Lord save thy People, and bless thine Inheritance ! Turn away thy Judgments from us! O God of our Deliverance, help us, and be favourable to our Sins, for the sake of thy Name. .

We implore thy Help in behalf of all Persons in Afidion. Above all, we recommend to thy Mercy, those that suffer Persecution for the fake of Truth. Lord, have Pity upon the sad Condition to which fo many of our Brethren have been reduced in divers Places, and for fo long a Time. Comfort those-defolate Souls, -raise up those that are fallen ; deliver those that are in Prisons, in the Galleys, in Convents and in other places. Guide by thy Providence those who endeavour to set their Consciences at Liberty. Alift all those that suffer any Afiction either in Body or Mind; and especially those among our Brethren, Members of this Church, who through Sickness or Infir-mity have not been able to meet this Day in thy House. Grant them Repentance, and Patience under their Calamities, and a happy, Life out of all their Amia ions.

O Lord, before whom we have this Day humbled our felves in a folemn manner, and who hast promised us, that when we should: be gathered together in thy Name, Thou wouldest hear our Prayers, and fulfil the Desires and Petitions of thy Servants. Hear all those


who seek to Thee with a sincere Heart: Lord be reconcild towards us, and pardon us : Lord have Pity on us, and grant'usithy Peace': Lórd receivé our Prayers, our Praises, our Devotion; and grant that our Fasting may bring forth such Fruits of Repentance and Conversion as may be acceptable to Thee, through Jesus Christ thy Son, who has commanded us to call upon Thee in the following manner.*...1

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À Prayer to be used on PUBLICK FAST s. O Lord, before whom 'tis our Duty to present our selves at this U Time, to offer to Thee the Sacrifice of our Thanksgivings, of our Repentance, and to celebrate a publick Fast: Difpofe our Hearts to a true Humiliation, to the end, that acknowledging the Number and Greatness of our Sins, we may deplore them, and obtain thy-Pardon for them. Lord enter not into Judgment with thy Servants, who are but Duft and miserable Sinners before Thee. Pardon thy People, who turn to Thee in Fasting, Praying, and Weeping : For Thou (arta merciful God, full of Compaßion, flow to Anger, and abounding

in Kindness. Hear our Prayers, o most-good God, and hear thofe of call our Brethren who call upon Thee with us.' Create in us new and

contrite Hearts, so that our Fasting may bring forth the Fruits of a true Repentance, through Jesus Christ thy son. Amen. ini, · N. B. The Liturgies of Baptism, 'of the Holy Sacrament, and of

Marriage, are not inserted here, becaufe-they are already Publishid,

and because they are the same that are used by the Reformed .. Churches in these Countries.

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