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52 An Hymn for Thursdaymorning.

All that is in Heaven and in Earth, is Thine j the Kingdom is Thine: Thou art a Prince exalted above all Things: Thou hast the Dominion over all: Riches and Honour, Power and Might are in thy Hand.

Mow then, O our God, we celebrate and praise thy glorious Name.

What are we, and what is this People, that we should have Power to osier Thee this voluntary Service, and to praise Thee? We are Strangers before Thee, and our Days pass as a Shadow.

Behold, we make bold to speak to Thee, though we are but Dust and Ashes. Lord, accept the voluntary Oblations of our Lips ; let thy Mercy be upon us, O God, according as we have waited on Thee.

Glory be to the Father, &c .

An Hymn for Thursday Morning.

LORD of Hosts, how amiable are thy Tabernacles! My Soul ceases not to desire earnestly: It pants after the Courts of God: My Heart and my Flesh are transported with Joy for the living God. Happy are those that dwell in thy House, and that praise Thee continually.

One Day in thy Courts, is better than a Thousand elsewhere. 1 had rather be a Door-keeper in the House of my God, then to dwell in the Tents of Wickedness. For the Lord is a Sun and a Shield. The Lord gives Grace and Glory: He with-holds not any good Thing from those who walk in Uprightness. Lord of Hosts, happy is the Man that trusts in Thee.

0 God, I will dwell in thy Tabernacle for many Ages: I will hide my self under the Shadow of thy Wings, for Thou, O God, hast heard my Desires, and hast given me the Inheritance of those that fear thy Name.

1 will be always with Thee: Thou hast taken me by the RightHand j Thou shalt guide me by thy Council, and receive me into thy Glory.

Whom"have 1 in Heaven besides Thee: I have had no Delight upon Earth but in Thee. All those that part from Thee shall perish. Thou shalt cut off those that forsake Thee , but as for me, 'tis my Happiness to come near to God.

Glory be to the Father, &c*

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An Hymn /<w Thursday Evewing. $ J

'Another Hymn for Thursday Morning.

OGOD, Thou art my mighty God: I seek Thee in the Morning early: My Soul thirsteth after Thee, and my Flesh longeth for Thee in a desort Land. >'

I desire to see thy Face and thy Glory in thy Sanctuary •, tor thy Favour is better than Life ; wherefore I will bless Thee as long as

I liveHappy is He whom Thou hast chosen, and whom Thou shalt bring near to Thee, that He may dwell in thy Courts. We shall be satisfied with the good Things of thy House, and of thy Palace. ,

We will come into thy Temple with the Sacrifices of Praise, and we will pay our Vows to Thee. Blessed be the Lord, who bestows his good Things on us daily. Blessed be God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who of his great Mercy has regenerated us to a lively Hope, by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Dead, to obtain an incorruptible Inheritance that can never be denied, nor wear away, and which is kept in Hea

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who only doth marvellous Things. Blessed for ever be the Name of his Glory: And let all the Earth be filled with his Praises. Blessed be the Lord for ever and ever, and let all the People say, Amen.

Glory be to the Father, &c .

', An Hymn for Thursday Evening.

"E who are the Servants of the Lord, praise the Name of the
Lord: Blessed be the Name of the Lord both now and for

"The Name of the Lord is great, from the rising up of the Sun
to the going down of the same : The Lord is above all the Nations,
and his Glory above all the Heavens.

Who is like to our God, that dwelleth in the highest P!a;es, and stoops to behold the Heavens and the Earth?

The Lord is inclined to Pity, merciful, flow to Anger, aboundirg in Kindness. He has not done to us according unto our Sins, nor rendred to us according unto our Transgressions.

t ■'s God,

t ^ -c ^ Hymn for F Ri-D'^v-.&'vrc.N f k G.vv„

God, who is rich in Mercy, through his tender Mercy, wherewith He hath loved us, even at the Time when we were dead in our Sins, has quickned us in Christ:, and ra«'d us up together with Him, and has caus'd us to let down in the' heavenly Places in Christ, to the end He might mew the exceeding Riches of his Grace and Goodness towards us, through Jesiis Christ. ,• >..; -/-^

May God vouchsafe to enlighten the Eye* of our "Understanding, to the end that we might know what is the Hope of his Calling,'and what are the Riches of his Inheritance in the Saints.

To this great God and Father, who by the Power that acts in us with Efficacy, can do abundantly above what we ask or think, to Him be Glory in the Church by Jesus Christ, through all Ages, and for ever and ever- \- :> ' :. ... . _,-•; . , ,*

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Another Hymn for Thursday Evening.

I Will sing of the Goodness of the Lord, and I wijl tell of his
Truth through all Ages. '7 ,

6 Lord God of Hosts, who is like unto Thee," mighty Lord! Thy Arm is powerful, thy Hand is strong, thy Right-hand' is lifted up : Righteousness and Truth are the Foundation of thy Throne, . Mercy and Faithfulness go before thy Face.

Thy Works are great and admirable, Lord God Almighty. Thy Ways are just and true, O King of Saints: Who should not fear Thee, Lord, and glorifie thy Name! For- Thou only art holyf

All the Nations shall come and worlhip Thee, because thy judgments are made manifest.

O ye Just, rejoice in the Lord, and celebrate the Memorial of his Holiness j celebrate his Name, which is great and terrible• , celebrate the Strength of. the King that loves Righteousness^ exalt the Lord our God, and cast your selves down before his Footstool: He is holy, praise Him by Psalms, Hymns, and spirituasStrffgSj Curing and 'rejoicing in yemr Heart to-the Lord.- • b-:'-'~ - >

Give always Thanks for all Things, to our God and Father, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

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An Hymn /orFriday. Evening.'

I Will bless the Lord at allTinies, his Praise shall be continually in my Month: My Soul shall make its Boast of God j flie Righteous shall hear it, and rejoice. Magnifie the Lord with me, and let


Hymns for F R I D A Y E V EN I N G. 5^

us exalt his Name together: Taste and fee how gracious is the Lord: Happy is the Man that draweth near Him.

O Lord, thy Goodness reaches even unto the Heavens• , and thy Faithfulness even unto the Clouds: Thy Righteousness is as the high Mountains, and thy Judgments as the great Deep. Thou preservest both Man and Beast.

O God, how precious is thy Goodness f So shall the Sons of Men shelter themselves under the Shadow of thy Wings. They shall be filled with the Fatness of thy House; and Thou shalt give them Rivers of Pleasure to drink.

The Springs of Life are in Thee, and it is by thy Light we fee Light. Continue to display thy Favour upon those that know Thee, and thy Righteousness upon those that are true of Heart.

Lord, we give Thee Thanks that Thou hast chosen us from the Beginning, in Sanctification of Spirit, by Faith, and by the Word of thy Truth•, and for having called us to the Possession of thy Glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

To Him that can keep us stedfast, and cause us to appear blameless and with Joy, before his Face, to the only wife God and our Saviour, be Glory and Magnificence, Might and Power, for ever and ever.

Glory be to the Father,.&c

Another Hymn for Friday Evening.

LORD, let our Request come before Thee as the Incense, and the Lifting up of our Hands, as the Evening Sacrifice.

Bless the Lord, all ye his Servants: Ye that stand in the House of the Lord, lift up your Hands in "the Sanctuary, and bless the Lord.

Praise the Lord, sing unto his Name, for 'tis a good Thing to praise Him. Our Lord is above all the Heavens, He does whatever pleases Him in Heaven, in the Sea, and in the Deep.

O House of Israel, bless the Lord! O House of Aaron, and; of the. Levites, bless the Lord! AU ye that fear the Lord, bless Him.

The Lord has raised his Son Jesus, He has sent Him to bless us,. fey delivering us from our Sins.

Thanks be unto God for hi* unspeakable Grft.

We give Thee Thanks always, O God, who art the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, because of the Hope that is TeserVd for. us "in the Heavens. ,

Gtory be to the Father, &$.

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$6 Hymns for S A^t. U *fp Aymo^kiuo.

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An Hymn /or Saturday Morning.

»fTpIS a good Thing to praise the Lord, and to ling Psalms to thy

X Name, O God most High.' To shew forth thy Goodness every.Morning, and thy Faithfulness every Night.. „ '.....

O Lord, Thou hast made us glad by thy Works, we will rejoice in the Works of thy Hands: O Lord, how great are thy Works, how deep are thy Thoughts! Lord our God, Thou art cloathed with Majesty and Greatness, thy Works are vastly numerous, Thou hast made them ail with Wisdom: The Earth is full of thy Riches, the Heavens mew forth thy Glory, and the Firmament declare the Work of thy Hands. ,' .' . . ". ,'

Let the Heavens and the Earth praise Thee; Let the Glory of the Lord continue for ever: Let the Lord take Pleasure in his Works.

Let all those that fear Him, bless Him, and let them fay, Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, who art, who wast, and who wilt be, Thou art worthy to receive Honour, Glory, and Power• , for Thou hast made all Things, and for thy Pleasure they are and were created.

"Thou bast created new Heavens and a new Earth, in redeeming the World by Jesus Christ• , and Thou hast prepared us a Rest, to the end that being entred therein, we may rest as Thou didst on this Day, after having sinish'd thy Works.

Wherefore wje bless Thee, O Lord God. O God, the Creator and Redeemer of the World, we celebrate thy Power, and exait thy Mercy, saying, :._■. 7 „ .' , r

Glory be to the Father, &c .

Another Hymn for Saturday Morning.

/ i ...".

CO M E> and bless the Lord your God for ever and ever; and let the Name of thy Glory be bless'd, O God: Let thy holy Name be praised above all our Blessings, and above all our Praises.

Thou only art the Lord, Thou hast made the Heavens and all the Host thereof, the Earth, and all that is therein, the Sea and all Things within it', Thou preservest all those Things, and the Host of Heaven do cast themselves down before Thee. . \: j .

Lord, all thy Works sliallpralfe Thee, thy Saints (hall bless Thee. The Works of God are great, they are sought out and considered by those that take Pleasure in them. His Works are altogether Majesty and Greatness: His Righteousness endureth for ever. * The Lord is fall of Holiness, his Mercies are over all his Works.

He has remembred bis Covenant: He has sent Redemption to his People: His Name is holy and terrible. Let


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