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An Hymn for Satoi Day Evening. 57

Let all Creatures praise the Lord, and let Him be blessed for ever in the Assembly of the Saints.

Lord, Thou hast laid the Foundation of the Earth, and the Heavens are the Works of thy Hands: They (hall perilh, but Thou shalt endure: They shall wax old and be changed, but Thou art always the same, and thy Years (hall not fail.

Thy Servants shall dwell with Thee, and shall bless Thee for ever.

Glory be to the Father, &c .

An Hymn for Saturday Evening.

COME, and let us adore the L°rch, let us praise Him, and give
Him Thanks for all his Benefits.
O Lord our God, how great is thy Name above all the Earth, thy
Majesty is above the Heavens.

Lord, what is mortal Man, that Thou shouldest remember him \ and the Son of Man, that Thou shouldest visit him. Thou hast created us by thy Power.

Thou orderest all Things, and Thou keepest us by thy Providence. Thy Goodness hath plainly appeared towards Man. Thou hast saved us, not by the Works of Righteousness which we have done, but by thy Mercy in Jesus Christ, to the end that being justified by thy Grace, we may become Heirs of everlasting Life.

Lord Jesus, Thou art the only Son of the Father, Thou art God twer all Things blessed for ever.

Thou art the Image of the invisible God, the First-born of all Creatures-. By Thee all Things have been created that are in Heaven and -dpon Earth: All these Things were created by Thee, and for Thee. Thou wast before all Things, and they all subsist by Thee. Thou hast given thy self for us, to the end that, according to the Will of God our Father, Thou mightest redeem us from this wicked Generation.

Thou reignest at the Right-hand of thy Father. Thou hast the Supream Power over Heaven and Earth, and we know that Thou shalt come in thy Glory to judge both the Quick and the Dead.

•O our-Saviour, we worship Thee, we put our Trust in Thee, and we give Thee Thanks.

To Him that has loved us, that has washed us from our Sins in his Blood, and has made us Kings and Priests to God his Father; "to Him be Glory and Dominion for ever and ever.

Glory be to the Father, &c"

I AmiUr

Mother Hymn for Saturday Evening;

SI N G unto the Lord, bless his Name, declare his Deliverance every Day: For the Lord is Great, and worthy of great Praise, He is. to be feared above all the Gods.

The Gods of the Nations are but Idolsj but the Lord hath made die Heavens.

Majesty and Greatness go before Him, Might and' Excellence arcin his Sanctuary.

O ye People, give unto the Lord Glory and Power; give unto the Lord the Glory due unto his Name^ bring your Gifts• , enter into' his Courts, bow down before the Lord with a holy Pomp-, let the whole Earth tremble before his Face.

Tell it throughout all the Earth, the Lord reigneth: He shall judge the World with Righteousness, and the People with Equity. Blessed be the Lord, who has visited and redeemed his People. Blessed be God* who is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, whohas blessed us with all kinds of spiritual Blessings in the heavenly Places, through Jesus Christ".

Blessed be God, who has chosen us in Jesus Christ, before the Foundation of the World, to the end that we might be holy and without Blame, before Him in Love. He having predestinated us unta the Adoption of Children, by Jesus Christ,.according unto his good Will, to the Praise of the Glory of his Grace, by which He has made us acceptable in his well-beloved Son, in whom we have Redemption by his Blood y to wit, the Remission of Sins according to the Riches of his Grace

Glory be to the Father^ &c.

lit EKV of tfo Hymns fir the Ordinary Servian

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for Christmas Eve.

SI N G to the Lord a new Song, let his Praise be over aTl the Earth, and in the Sea. Let the Wilderness and the City lift up their Voices: Let Men rejoice with Songs of Triumph, let them jjjive Glory to God, and declare his Praise in the Isles. .

The Lord has comforted his People, He has redeemed Jerusalem, He has manifested the Arm of his Holiness in the Sight ot the Nations: All the Ends of the Earth shall see the Salvation of our God. .'. Tell the Daughter of Sion, behold thy Saviour cometh, his Reward. ASr with Him, and his Recompence goeth before Him.

Take Courage, fear no morei behold your God comes to save you.'

To you that fear my Name, the Sun of Righteousness shall. rise with Healing in his Wings.

The Glory of the Lord shall be made manifest, and all Flesh shall see it. .:.-.• :. ;-..D \. . . "i •.

Death shall be swallowed up in Victory, and the Lord shall wipe aWay all Tears from our Eyes: In that Day they shall say, Behold our God, we have waited for Him, and He shall save us r Behold the Lord, we will rejoice in his Salvation.•

Sanctifie your selves and be ready, and to Morrow you shall behold the Glory of God, the Lord is at Hand. ,.

Let us prepare the Way of the Lord, let us make straight his Paths• , let -us be converted j let us prepare for Him a People weHdisposcd. ,*:-:,-'.'• . , •; '.". > ;•

i■let us meet Himc with Praise/,- let us, present our sclvesbefore his Face with Shouts of Joy let us bless Him that cometh ia the Name of the Lord. ,

• * • - „

Glory be to the Father, &c.

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<5o An Hymn for the Day after Christmas.

The Child is born for us, the Son is given to us, the Government is put upon his Shoulders, He (hall be Cajl'd Wonderful, the Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

God has remembred his Covenant, and has sent Redemption to his People.

When the Fulness of Time was come, God sent his Son, born of a Woman, and made under the Law, to the end that we might receive the Adoption of Children. .

Israel has been saved by the Lord with an everlasting Salvation. Twas the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our Eyes: This is the Day the Lord has made, come let us rejoice therein: Behold now* is the appointed Time, behold now is the Day of Salvation. Let us rejoice, let us worship Jesus, who is born, let us cast our selves down before Him: Let it be proclaimed throughout all the Earth, that the Lord reigneth: Let the Heavens rejoice, set the Earth be glad: For He shall Judge the World with Righteousness, and the People with Truth.

Blessed be he that cometh in the Name of the Lord, and blessed be the Kingdom of David our Father, Hosannah in the Highest.

Glory be to the Father. &c- ■» .."!

,. An Hymn for the Day aster Christmas.

SI N G unto the Lord a new Song, for He'has done • wonderful Things•,' his Righr-hand and the Arm of his Holiness hath delivered him. The Lord hath made "known his Deliverance, He hath rcvcal'd his Righteousness to the Ejes of the Nations. He has remembred his Goodness and hrs Truth, all the Ends of the Earth have seen the Salvation of our God. i

All ye the Inhabitants of tbe Earth break forth in "Shoots'of Joy to the Lord \ rejoice, sing Psalms, break forth in Shouts of Joy.before our King \ i let the Sea arid" alT that is therein, makea" Noise, the forth, the Heavens, and they that dwell- therein , let the Rivers clap their Hands• , set the Mountains sing with Joy before the Lordj for He cometh to judge the Earth, He shall judge the World with Righteousness, and the People with Equity ;., .. ,:.'

This is a true Saying, and worthy to be received, that Jesus Christ is come into the World to save Sinners. -, .

The Word was made Flesh, and dwelt among ns, and we have beheld his Glory, the Glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth.

Lord, now lettest thou thy Ser-vant depart in Peace, according unto thy Word. For miaeEyes have seen thy Salvation^ which Tho« hafi:

'-• ■ j a >l prepared, An Hymn for Christmas ansG Ood-friday. 6\ prepared before the Face of all People, to be a Light to lighten the Gentiles, and to be the Glory of thy People Israel.

Glory be to the Father; &c.

*£U Hymn of Zachariah for Christmas.

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Lefled be the Lord God of Israel: For He hath visited and re

- deemed his People •, and hath raised up a mighty. Salvation for

us in the House of his Servant David.

• As He spake by the Mouth of his holy Prophets, whkh have been

since the World began. ..• • ''' .

That we mould be saved from our Enemies, and from the Hands

of all that hate us. .. .

To perform the Mercy promised to "our Forefathers, and to remember his holy Covenant.

To perform the Oath which He sware to our Forefather Abraham, that He would give us•, That we being delivered out of the Hands "of our Enemies, might serve Him without Fear •, in Holiness and Righteousness before Him, all the Days of our Life. - . • And thou, Child, shalt, be called the Prophet of the Highest -7 for thou shalt go before the Face of the Lord to prepare his Ways: To give Knowledge of Salvation to his People, for the Remission

° ThroueTthe tender Mercy of our God •, whereby the Day-spring from on high hath visited us> to give Light' to them that Gt in DarKness, and in the Shadow of Death, and to guide our Feet in to the-Way of Peace-- .......... ,

Glory be to the Father, &e. \. •.-.:.. „ . .

Ah Hymn for Good-Friday.

Jj3hJl\:', '..if to -n'.-.i) v . ....•J'i; 1,». i^H R i ST 'burTaflover was sacrifice* for Ti&tbis Day: He was V J delivered for Our Offences, and bore our Sins in his Body upon the Cross, and God has brought upon Him the Iniquity of us^ all.

OXofd lefts Christ, the only Son-os God, Lamb of God, that takefh away the Sin of the World, we praifc Thee, we celebrate thv ictfi"nite Love, ahd we fliew -forth the Remembrance of the Passion and of the Death that Thou hast endured for us rroor Sinners. 'Thy Sous was made Ibrrbwfal'even unto the Death. Thou htff : been led? as a Lamb to the Slaughter. Thou. hast been exposed v. all forts of Ignominies and Sorrows.- Thou hast humbled thy tit even unto- the. Death of the Cross. Thou -hast tean taken awi,y by the Strength of AnguHli and Condemnation, and cut on irom r: c Land of the living- ijSl

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