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72 "the Manner of Receiving the Catechumene

ALmighty God, hear us, hear the Prayers of these Young Persons who are here prostrate before Thee, and of the rest of us whocall upon Thee, who worship Thee, who glorifie Thee and whodefire thy Grace, through Jesus Christ, who has commanded us to pray unto Thee, after this manner:

OUR Father which art in Heaven: Hallowed be Thy Name-: Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this Day our daily Bread. And forgive us our Trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us. And lead us not into Temptation, but deliver us from Evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

Aster the Lord's-Prayer, they conclude with the Blessing, which is given lo the Catechumens in this Form.

TH E Blessing of the Lord God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and remain with you always. Amen.


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Arguments &c Exhortations



'• As used in the

Churches of Neufchatel.


THIS Chapter treats of the Marriage of Abraham with Keturah his second Wife •-, of the Death of Abraham and of IJhmael; of the Birth of Esau and Jacob, the Sons of Isaac; and of EsauS selling his Birth-right to Jacob his Brother.

After Reading the Lesson.

.• My Brethren,

WE have read the History of the Death of Abraham; upon which St. Paul observes, that he died as well as the other Patriarchs, without having seen the Accomplishments of God's Promises; having been Strangers and Travellers upon the Earth: From whence we may infer, that God had reserved for them a heavenly Country. The Multiplication of the Posterity of Istmael, shews us the Truth of those Promises which had been made to Abraham. The Choice that God made to Jacob, preferably to his elder Brother Esau, shew* us,

L 'that

74 Arguments Mcc E"xiro KtaT ToNS

that God is free in the Distribution of his Favours, and that he be*stows them on» such as he thinks fit.

Lastly, The Contempt that Esau shewed of his Birth-right, by felling it to Jacob, should make us remember that Warning of St. Faut^ Heb' XII. ver. 16. Let none of you be a Forn'tcator, or prophane Persont aiMsau, tvbo for one Morsel of A feat sold his Birth-right.


TH E Son? of Jacob Being come to buy Corn in Egypt-, were discovered by Joseph, but he did not make himself known to them• , yea, he caused them to be put into Prison, and kept Simeon, to oblige' them to bring their Brother Benjamin to him: Nevertheless, he sent them back with some Corn, and caused their Money to be-returned: to theav

After- the Lefonl

My Brethren*

TH IS Lesson presents us with Three Reflection*: firjt, We may observe by the Arrival of Joseph's Brethren in Egypt, and the Homage which they did him, the- Accomplishment of his Dreamsy and that God h3d sent him before them into Egypt, for the Support of Jacob's Family, and to draw them into that Country. SecondlyT The Behaviour of Joseph unto his Brethren, stiews his Affection for them, but at the fame Time his great Wisdom, in not discovering himself to them, and in stopping Simeon, which hedid to oblige his Brethren to return and to bring Benjamin with them, both because he had Reason to distrust thenii and because he was afraid'if he had declared himself to them, they would have concealed it from their Father. Thirdly, We must carefully, observe what the Brethren- of Joseph said' when they were put into Prison, andhow they then remembred the' Anguish in which they had seen Josiph, and the Inhumanity withwhich they, had treated him. ThuS we see how Conscience will- beawakeaed in Adversity^ and how Rew>rse, follows after Sia early, o* i&te.

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£ XOD ti S, Chap. XVti. •:. \

: . . . •: '- ••...' ,'.''::•:••.-•...:'

THE lsraeKtt/murmuring againstf Mbfit beGaose they had nothing to fat, God sent them Quailed, and afterwards Manna, which

Was their Food for Forty Years in the Wildertieft. • '..*.,-. •. .. :.( ....' • '• -.;-.". . • \ , • .. , •

Aster the Lesson.

^ "Brethren,

ri the History that we have now read, W€ fee the Ingratitude of the Children of Isritel, who after so many Miracles that God had Wrought for them,. murmured against Moses, and was' sorry for their Departure outof££y;f. One may also fee how gracid'ufly God was pleas'd to put a Stop to those Murmurings, and to provide for their Subsistence by the Means of Manna which He sent them. But that which We ought chiefly to consider, is that which Christ Jesus fays in the Gospel, Thh is that Bread xrhich. cajne xdosep-fr(m #e*}Joh. M. ven-i not At your Fathers did tat A Lit a ui, and are. dead: ffe^thty 'fat* S*. eth of this spread pall live for eycr.: Let us therefore, JJ-fr BrtthYtrt^ pray to God that He would always give us this heavenly Food whilst We are in the Desart of this World ; and let us make a better Use of it than the Jem did formerly of the Manna that {Sod sent to' sett iiiem in'the Wilderness. V, '..'.. '",.''. '-' !'•>,;.".

E X O D11 S, Chap. XXII. ,...

ThpHlS Chapter treats of the Punfsh/nent of those that rob Or *» . fl. anyDqBiage to their Neighbours, and of the Restitution they are obliged to make of Things that have beesti pfedgM.or lent" to' #wm ^ of TJncleanncss ^ of Idolatry; of oppressing the Poor; of the Respect due to Magistrates, and of the First-Fruits which die Jtm were to.offer tp God. . ,,

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After tie Lesion,

My Brethren>, . , - ■' ." .,'.

THIS Chapter affords us several Instructions. The First, whicT* is also repeated several Times, is, that those who have Wronged another, either by~ Theft er Deceit, or even by Carelefhess, are Obliged to Restitution: That we ought faithfully to restore

l * Ac

j6 Arguments ^ExHOXTATiaNs

the Things wherewith we are intrusted: That we ought to reverence an Oath, and to abhor Uncleanness and Idolatry. God does also therein declare, that it is a great Sin, to oppress the Widows and Strangers, and rigorously to extort our Due from the Poor: That these are the Sins that cry to God; and provoke Him to Wrath. We are also taught in this Chapter to speak of Magistrates with respect • , and the Obligation the 'Jews were laid imder to offer their FirstFruits to God, shews that Religion requires" us to devote Part of our Coods to the Service of God, and to Works of Charity.


•'-." Leave out all between the ioth and 22d Verse.

HERE God commands that all those should be put to- Death' who caused their Children to pass through the Fire, in Honour to Moloch, which was the Idol of HacAmmonites •, also those that cursed Father and Mother •, Adulterers, Incestuous Persons •, those that tall into the heinous Crimes of Fornication and Witchcraft. The Hibrewi exhorted to be holy, and to keep God's Commandments, and to avoid the Customs and Manners or the Qtnaanitt* '1 •''''

"After the Leflbn.

My Bretbritty

ripHESE are.the Reflections which these Laws offer tons. The JL. Prohibition of burning-Children, and offering them ;to the IdoP Moloch, shews Its to what horrible Actions, and Excess of Inhumanity, the idolatrous People abandon themselves in the Service of their false Gods, and of what Things those that know' not the tru$ God are capable.- Yon may observe likewise, that God had made it punishable with Death, to have Recourse to Wizards or Witches; Adulterers, both Men and Women, punished with Death \ as also those that Curse Father and Mother \ by which you may judge how abominable those Crimes were, and with what Severity they ought to be punished in Christians. Lastly, The repeated Exhortations from Cdd to the 'Jeros, that they should not be like the Canianites, but become a holy People to Him, ought to make us remember who are. Christians j that. God having separated us from the World, we

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