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Begin with Singing one of the Staves of the CXIXth Pfalm. Afterwards the following Prayer is read, which may serve also for the

Catechisings of the Week before the Communion. T ORD God, and our Father, since we are met together in this L Holy Place, to continue to San&tific this thy Day, and particularly.]

to be instructed in the chief Points of the Christian Religion. We give Thee Thanks for having communicated to us the Light of thy Gospel, and for having made known to us, by Jesus Christ thy Song: the way that leads to everlasting Life. We beseech Thee also, to bless this Exercise of Piety, and to give to all this. This is to People, but chiefly to the Youth of this Church,[and to these be said when Catechumens ] the Disposition and Capacity necessary to there are anya profit by these Instructions. Thou hast caus'd these Chil dren to be born in thy Church, they have been devoted to Thee by Baptism ; Thou art their Father, and their God: Vouchsafe, O Lord,, to give them thy Blesfing, for the Love of thy Son, who bless'd those Children that were brought to Him, and who pray'd for them. Give them Grace to learn betimes to love and fear Thee. Let these Instru&ions serve not only to enlighten their- Minds, but also to fan&tifie their Hearts, and to be the Rule of their Behaviour, to the End that they may enter from the Beginning of their Life, into the Way of Piety, and by that means arrive to the Glory of thy heavenly Kinga.. dom. Give the Fathers and Mothers Grace to train up their Children under thy Discipline. Bless all the Families of this Church ; San&tifie the Young People : Give thy Knowledge and thy Fear to the Servants : and other Domesticks. Grant also, Lord, that all we, both Young and I Old, of what State and Condition soever we be, may be advanced in a Faith, and in Piety, proportionabiy to our increasing in Age: Make us all Children in Innocence and in Humility, and grant that the Knowledge which Thou hast given us, and the Glory that we wait for, may induce us to love Thee, and to live in the good Works that Thou : halt ordain'd, to the End that we may walk in them. Hear us for the Love of Jesus Christ, who has taught us to pray, laying ::


UR Father which art in Heaven : Hallowed be Thy Name.

Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this Day our daily Bread : And forgive us our Tres pasles, as we forgive thein that trespass against us. And lead us not into Temptation, but deliver us from Evil. For Thine is the Kings dom, the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

· After the Catechism, the Bleffing is given THE Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessing of God, and the 1 Fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all. Amen. .


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UR Help is in the Name of the Lord; who hath made
Heaven and Earth. Amen. ... :
Here follows the Confession of Sins, as in the Morning.

Before the Sermon.
Lord, fince we are here met in thy Name * to hear and me-

ditate upon thy holy Word, which Thou hast given us to be a Lamp to our Feet, and a Light to our Paths; we beseech Thee with all our Heart, and for the Love of Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the World, to enlighten our Understanding, and to give us thy Holy Spirit, which may lead us into the Knowledge of the Truth, and fanctifie us. Give us Grace to hearken diligently to thy Word, to comprehend the Meaning of it well, and to conform our Life to the Instructions therein given; to the End that what we fall hear, may

turn to the Glory of thy Name, to our Advancement in Piety, to the : Comfort and Salvation of our Souls, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. t. In · whose Name we call upon Thee, saying:

Our Father,


, 1 MHT:"1"p?iiiiii : The Sunday on which Notice is given of the Sacrament, the Prayer

appointed for 'the Cominunion-Service, Page 3, is to be here read. And fince, o God, oc..;

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:: On Christmas Diny? To celebrare the Remembrance of the Birch of Jefus Chrift our Lord; and to, c.

. . On Ascension Day: To celebrate the Remembrance of the glorious Ascension of Jesus Christ our Lords and co,c,

The Saturday Evening before she Holy Sacrament : To prepare our felves for the - Communion of the Holy Supper, to which we are call’d to Morrow; and to, &C. . The Sunday Evening of the Conomunion : To give Thee Thanks for having been ad., - mitted this Day to the Gommunion of the Holy Supper; and to, &c.

The-Falting Weeks beginning the Sunday before ; To dispose our selves to an extraor. dinary Humiliation in thy Presence, whilft we are celebrating the Publick Fält, And to, too.

berty that too much der to God, we lefus Christ, tend that we

Sunday Evening after Sermon. --- -- - --

REAT God, we prefent our felves again before thy Majesty, to CI return Thee Thanks for the Happiness we have had of meeting in thy House this Holy Day, to render Thee the Service which is due to Thee, and to hear thy Word. We acknowledge that it is of thy great Goodness that we enjoy these precious Advantages, of which so many other People are deprived : For, o God, we have linned against Thee, we have offended Thee by our Ingratitude, and by abusing the Liberty' that Thou hast granted us of serving Thee publickly, so that we have but too much deserv'd that Thou shouldest remove thy Candlefick from amongst ús. O God, we adore thy Mercy and support, and we pray Thee, in the Name of Jefus Christ, to have Compallion on us, and to sanctifie us more and more, to the end that we may serve Thee with a new Zeal all the Days of our Life.'

Hear, O Lord, the Prayers which have been offer'd up to Thee this Day, for the Salvation of all Mankind; for Kings, Princes, and Magiftrates, and particularly for the sacred Person of our Sovereign Lord the King, for the Queen, for the Prince Royal, for the Princess his Confort and for the Prince and Princess their Children, for all the Royal Family" for the Court of Wartemberg, Hereditary Goverhuur General, and for all that are in Authority within this State, Receive the Supplications that we have made, and thầt 'we do again make to 'Thee, for the Peace, and for all other the Wants of thy Church ; and above all, for the Church of which we are Members, for the Pastors bind Ministers of thy Word for the entire Etablishment of thy Kingdon for the Converlion of Sinners, for the perfeverance of the Jutt,

TOPithose who are perfecuted for the fake of Truth and Holiness, and - for all Perfons that are afflicted in Body, and in Mind, or in any other manner, among which we recommend to Thee those that are Meme bers of this Church.

We continue also to offer Thee our Vows for the Prosperity of our Country, and to befeech Thee to preserve us from the Dangers and Temptations which may, threaten us. Grant us, o merciful Father, all these Favours, and all others of which we may. Itand in need. Accept the Worship which we have paid Thee this Day. Hear all those that have calld, and that do call upon Thee with all their Heart, where soever they may be. O God, bless the lostrudions of thy Word, and the Exhortations which Thou haft causd us to hear this Day by the Ministry of thy Servants, to the end that they may incline our Hearts to thy Love, and to thy Fear, that we may serve Tlice with Faithfulness even to the Death ; and that being improv'd by the Means and Opportunities of Salvation which Thon hast offer'd to us during the Course of this Life, we may be received into the Temple of thy's

aife Ihes cyerlaftingly in the A


11 of all the Saints, through Jesus Christ our Lord ; in whose Name we offer up unto Thee the Prayer-that He has taught us: --

UR Father which art in Heaven: Hallowed be Thy Name :

Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this Day our daily Bread. And forgive us our Trefpasles, as we forgive then that greipass againstrus. And lead us not into Temptation, but deliver us from Evil." For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

TORD, we give Thee Thanks for having call'd us to the Knowledge L and Profellion, of the Christian Faith ; we befeech Thee to preserve it, and to encrease it more and more in out iHearts, to the end that we may constantly persevere therein, and that we may make Thee a sincere Confession thereof, saying in the Communion of the Catholick church...


TI! 04:33 015 957 5921) I Believe in God the Father Almighty, Maket of Heaven and Earth :

And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, fuffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and, buried ; He descended into Hell; the Third Day He rose again from the Dead, He ascended into Heaven and litteth on the Right Hand of God the Fathe Almighty ; from thence He fall come to judge the Quick and the Dead. ..???? ??

I believe in the Holy Ghost; the Holy Catholick Church; the Com. munion, of Şaints; the Forgiveness of sins; the Refurrection of the Body and the Life everlasting. Amen.' 2? 1!..1 2:39

" TOTO 73 5:0!! !'s-Di inio pra 911,'s!!:!!. split 6A ? '...', 1913 ? Svins, stud fliriac 10111!", -19.45 Loisilinud ITU: THE Lord bless you, and keep you, the Lord make his Countes

nance to mine upon you, and be merciful to you; the Lord turn his Face towards you, and keep you in Prosperity. Amen.

:fi ernst!
115.701,36 it

Go in Peace, and remember the Poor. 17,71..

TITIT: JKT :;: ;-.; NIC!I nie. In: 011 9:20t ina ? Toen wedstri. . : inom 9 . ui olivo"

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