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92 Arguments and Exhortatio Ns

that He was raised to a Sovereign Power, that He is more excellent than the Angeb, that He is the Son of God, and even that He is God ever all blessed for ever.

jster the Lesson.

My Brethren.,

THI S Chapter, which treats of the Infinite Dignity of the Person of Jesus Christ, shews us how precious that Gift is that God made to Ot, when He gave us for a Redeemer Him that is his own Son, whom all the Angels worship, and whom He has made to fit on his Right-Hand in the highest Places: This ought powerfully to stir us up to celebrate the immense Goodness of the Lord, and to pay to Jesus Christ the most profound Homage and Adoration. By tiiis also we ought to acknowledge the Excellency of the Covenant of Grace, and the Obligation we are under to obey the Gospel, and to live after a manner answerable to the Glory of our Callingj and to the incomparable Advantages which God has granted us.

The Second Leflbn
Sr. LUKE, Chap. II. Ver. i, to the 2otL

T N this Chapter we have the History of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

•Jfter the Lesson.

My Brethren,

WE have read to you the History of the Kativity of Jesus Christ, the Remembrance ot which is celebrated on this Day by the whole Church. Let us adore the Wonders of that Providence which brought the blessed Virgin to Bethlehem, to the End that the Messiah migtit be born in that City, according to the Prophets. Let us join our Hymns to those of the Angels that declared the Birth of jesus Christ to the Shepherds. Let us rejoice with the Angels, that by this blessed Nativity Peace has been given to the Earth, and that the Glory of God and his good Will towards Men, has been manifested. Let us also learn, by the Example of the Shepherds that went to Bethlehem, to pay their Homage to the Lord Jesus, to adore Him with all the Reverence, and all the Zeal we are capable of, now that He is in Heaven, and continually to render to Him that Honour and Obedience which we owe Hihx

The UpOft fife N E W T E S T A M E N T. 9 J 94 A R G# M E KT S ffld J5 V«Q.^ T A.T^O N s

TheDay after CHRISTMAS.

The First Lesson.

ISAIAH, Chap. IX. Ver. I, to the 6th.

ISAIAH foretels that the People, who had been till then in Darkness, should be enlightned by the Preaching of the Gospel: He also speaks of the Birth of Jesus Christ, of his Glory, of his" Divinity, and of the Establishment of his Kingdom.

Afttr the Lesson.

/T1 HAT which we have now read, My Brethren, engages us 'JL t0 praise God for his having enlightned us with the Light ofthe Gospel when we were in the Darkness of Sin aud of Death, and for causing his Son to be born, whom He has given us for our Saviour and King. Let us return Him our humble and continual Thanks for the same: Let us celebrate his Mercy, and say at all Times, but particularly now with Hearts full of Zeal and Gratitude, what Isaiah said formerly in foretelling the Happiness that was reserved for US: The Feofle that walked in Darkness, have seen a great Light: They that dwell in the Land of the Shadow of Death, upon them hath the Light shined. For unto us a Child is horn, unto us a Son is given, and the Government shall he upon his Shoulders< And his Name Jhal l be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty Cod, the Everlasting Father, the Prince tf Peace.

The Second Lesson..

Sr. LUKE, Chap. II. Ver. i\ft, to the tfth.

ST. LV KE relates the Circumcision of our Lord, the presenting" Him to the Temple, and the Thanksgiving which the holy old Man Simeon, and the Prophetess Anna, returned to God.

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^/w fta Xenon.

/T</y Brethren,

TH E Joy that S/»ws and the Prophetess ^«»4 shewed, and the Thanks they gave to God for the Birth of Jesus Christ, ought to stir us up to praise the Lord, and to rejoice for that our Saviour was born to be the Light.and the Salvation of all People. But we must also learn from what Simeon said to the Blessed Virgin, That if the Coming of Jesus Christ is saving to those that receive Him widfr Faith, it is an Occasion of Scandal and Destruction to the Unfaith* ful, and to those that obey, not the Gospel*

NEW-YEARVDAY in the Evening. .• • . . ;:;, . ; The First Lesson./; - :.'' T,; ,'|! 1 THESSALONI ANS, Ghap; V/Ver/i, to'iAl'-

ST P A V L speaks of the Coming of Jesus Christ: He says, He wifl surprize the World• , and he advises the Faithful to. prepare themselves for it by Sobriety and Watchfulness. ''.. \ . u" ,;- i.»•'

W[E propose to yOB, this Day^ J^fy Brtjhret^ that which St Faul teaches us in this Place concerning the last Day, to the ,end. that you may seriously reflect upon the same this first Day of the Year." You have heard how the Lord will come in a sudden and unexpected Manner; that fhTwTcked win belurprized 'wh.en"tKey Tcast" expect "it \ that that Day will be a Day of Anguish and Terror for those that walk-in Darkness, and that give"themieives. up/ to the Works of the Flesh i whereas there will be nothing but wbat is comfortable for the Faithful. Being then warned pf .these Things,, and knowing how uncertain; the Day of our Death t4?. arid ho^r dangerous-it is-to be surprized by it, let us'walk in the Lights let us be'sober and vigilant} let jisbe cloadied withfFaith, Hopepand;Charity^ let us'tdl^ fie and exhottrone another -r let as always be: prepared- for jthe Qh ming of our Lord, and for rthe^Attainment of Salvation•,, let us em-t ploy therein, both the present Year and the whole Course of our Life, to the end that we may pass and finish it happily, a«d whether .xe wake, and whether we steep, we may live to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. The

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T&e SfsMiii Lesion*

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* St. MATTHEW, Chap. XXV. .\fen fv.M^b.•;

HAT we are going to read, contains the Parable of the Ten
Virgins, and that of the Talents. ...


Aster the Lesson.

My Brethren, - . ••- '*

FTpH E Parable of the Virgins is an admirable Picture, in which £ we fee on one hand, what will be the Joy and. Trust-as the Righteous, who Ihall be prepared for the Coming of their Saviour at the last Day• , and on the other hand, what will be the Despair of the Wicked, and the Unprofitableness of the Attempts they (hall make to be received into Heaven. The Parable of the Talents, warns us tha,t God will call every one of us to an Account for th6 Use we have made of his Grace ; that He will gloriously reward those that have used it as they ought; and that He will punish most rigorously those that have abused it. Let us always set these Divine Lessons before* our Eyes. Let us remember, that we do not know when we shall be called to appear before Jesus Christ, and to give up our Accounts v let us be like the wife Virgins, who had prbvided Oil for their Lamps, and like those wise Servants that improve, for the Honour of their Master, the Talents they had received, to the end, that when He shall come, he may say to us, Well done good and faithful Servant, enter thou into the Joy »f thy Lord.

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Monday Morning for the First Week.

The First Lesson, EXODUS,Chap. XII. Ver. 1,-18.


After the Lesson..

My Brethren, f"TpHE History of the Institution of the Passover, may be consider

1 ed in Two Ways. First, In relation to the Jews, whom God had" ordered to sacrifice and eat a Lamb, and to sprinkle their Houses


HAT we are about to read, contains the Institution of the
Paflbvcr among the Jems.

96 A s. G u M E H T s and -E x H a R. T A T I Jo H S

with the Blood of that Lamb, to the end that they might acknowledge thereby that it was God who delivered them from Eryft. Secondly, We must: consider the Passover and Figure of Jesus Clirift our Lord, who is our" real Passover, the true Lamb of God that wa# sacrificed for us, and whose Blood has delivered us from the Wrath of God. And since it happen'd as at this Time that our blessed Redeemer suffered Death to release us, let us dispose our selves to celebrate with Faith and Gratefulness, in the Festivals of Easter, the Commemoration of the Infinite Mercy of God our Father, arid of the Love of Jesus Christ his Son, who by his Passion and Death hath procured us Life and Salvation: To whom be given Glory and Blessing for evermore. Amen

Tuesday Evening of the First Wu\ -of E AS TE R. The Erst Lesson, EXODUS, Chap.XIII. Ver. i,~i6\

GOD repeals the Law for the Observation of the Passover, and He establishes another Law ; by which He obliges the Jews to consecrate to Him the First-Born. The Design of which Law was, to put them in Mind, that God had spared their First-Born, when He had slain those of the Egyptians.

Afttr the Lesson.

My Brethren,

TH E Commandment that God gave to the People of Israel, to celebrate the Pallbver every Year, to the end that they may keep up the Memory of their Deliverance from Egytt, ought to put us in Mind of the Goodness of God towards us, and that we should testifie our Gratitude to Him for it •, particularly it shews us, that the Remembrance of the great Deliverance we have obtained by the Death of Jesus Christ, ought never to flip out of our Minds, and that it should always be celebrated in the Church by the Means of the Holy Supper, according to the Commands of our Redeemer. The Law which obliged the Jews to consecrate their First-Born to God, teaches us to render Homage to the Lord for all the Favours He has bestowed upon us, by imploying them in his Service, and to Religious Purposes, and to devote to his Glory our selves and all that is dearest to us.

,: Friday

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