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spiritual resources, and animate you to increased and persevering effort.

“ Who knoweth whether you are come to the world forsuch a time as this?” — a time of unparalleled activity, when all the world seems to be awakening, and when a thousand jubilant sounds usher in a morn of knowledge, liberty, and glory.

Though the millennial sun may not be risen, it is light enough to call the family up, and to rouse the laborers to their work. The morning is fresh, lovely, and bracing. The agencies of the world and of hell are already at their work, and the agencies of heaven are ready for action, waiting only to honor the agency of the church of Christ.

Your strength is in your union with the Holy Spirit. If you feel in unison with his dispositions, if you purpose in har-mony with his designs, and if you operate in consistency with his arrangements, no counter-agency shall foil you, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

The bond of your union with the Holy Spirit, is “the truth as it is in Jesus.” I have assumed, in this work, that the Holy Spirit never works without the instrumentality of means, that the only means by which he works is truth, and that the truth is committed to your charge for the salvation of the world.

In these means the influences of the Holy Spirit are ever present; and, wherever the means are present, you have the highest authority for expecting Him to act. In exercising his influences, he neither disturbs the operations of your own instrumentality, nor displaces the agency of the sinner himself.

Your union with the Holy Spirit, exalted and distinguished as it is, implies no coequality: it is the union of stewards with their master, of ambassadors with their king: it is the union of him that planteth, and him that watereth, with the “ God that giveth the increase.”

Heaven, earth, and hell, are observing your activity. The first, the second, and the third thing, in the religion of the nineteenth century, is action. The age of sentimental and effortless prayer for the conversion of the world is gone by, and now appropriate means are cautiously chosen, and begin to be vigorously worked, by spirits fresh from the slumber of centuries. .

The collision of conflicting principles is rapidly approaching. The two great battles of truth and error will probably be fought on the plains of INDIA, and in the valley of the MISSISSIPPI. In INDIA, the encounter has commenced between Christianity and the united forces of idolatry and Mohammedanism. In the valley of the MISSISSIPPI, the lines are now drawing for a deadly conflict between true Christianity and antichristian popery. The neutral ground is narrowing every day, and they who are on the Lord's side must quit it forever.

In proportion as you are united to the Holy Spirit, you will be united to each other, “ for by one spirit are ye all baptized into one body, and have been all made to drink into one spirit.” In the union of the Spirit and the bond of peace, there will be love and sympathy, harmony, and concentrated energy, “by that which every joint supplieth.” In union of purpose, sympathy of hearts, harmony of movements, and identity of prayer, your healthy activity will promote the benefit of the world. If any church, or any society, should endeavor to increase its own interest, by the disadvantage and injury of another, it is enfeebling the body of Christ : “ Ut,” says the Roman orator, “si unumquodque membrum sensum hunc haberet, ut posse putaret, se valere, si proximi membri valetudinem ad se traduxisset; debilitari, et interire totum corpus necesse esset.”

The interests of the world require the entire force of your united strength, for the world lieth in the wicked one, and Satan has “the advantage over it.” You, as the church of Christ, are the angel which John saw in his visions, having the key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand, who laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, and bound him a thousand years. This is to be not a physical, but a moral process; and your chain is moral and spiritual, and its links consist of the pure doctrine, the sound discipline, the scriptural ordinances, the Christian societies, and the benevolent institutions, which are now in your hands. These are constantly increasing, and as they increase, they extend the reach of your influence. By these you will limit and control the agency of the tempter, and the force of temptations; and by these you will overcome the world, and possess it, in the name and for the use of Jesus Christ.

“The communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all,” is the heart's desire of

Your fellow-laborer in Christ,


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