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Learn to Live.

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Wherein is shewed that the life
of Christ is and ought to be an
express pattern for imitation
unto the life of a Chrif-
tian, so far as in

him lieth.

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LONDON: Printed in the year 1634.

Reprinted for William Pickering,

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MONGST Arts and Sciences, right virtuous Lady, there is none with

out comparison, more beseeming our Christian care and learning, than that which teacheth to live well and godly, whilst we are here, that afterward we may live eternally when we are departed hence. For most sure it is, that upon this moment of time (a moment of great moment) depends either an unrecoverable loss, or a happy welfare in the world to come. And from hence it is, that I call the well ordering of our life in this world, A learning to Live; A learning, because it is a matter of labour and study to live Christian-like: to live ; because without a good and godly life, we are said rather to be, than live. E To stir up our dulness to this learning, I have thought good to lay before the eyes of the well-disposed Christian, the tenor of the life of Christ, the best pattern for mitation of living, that ever the world had. Children will follow their Parents : Nature

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