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Jaid over among the unfinished business. The Managers now state with satisfaction that the Legislature, at its late session, took up the subject, and have granted a charter to the Society, by which its existence is recognized in law, and security afforded to the public that such donations and bequests as the charitably disposed shall devote to the dispersion of the Scriptures among the poor, will be applied to their proper object.

The great advantage which would accrue from the possession of a set of stereotype plates for the Bible, has long engaged the attention of the Managers. Two pages of stereotype, together with specimens of their printing, were sent for their inspection, from the Society in London; and through the same channel they have ascertained that the expense of a set of stereotype plates for the Bible, on such a type as would suit the views of the Society, will be from 657 to 705 pounds sterling. When they considered that the possession of a set of such plates would enable them to multiply copies of the Bible at the lowest expense, and thus render their funds more extensively useful; and still more when they reflected that it would put it in their power to give greater effect to the operations of other Bible Societies, which are springing up daily in every part of the country, the Managers did not hesitate to order the plates to be procured and forwarded from London as soon as possible. The expense is indeed great, when compared with the fund at their disposal ; but they were willing to believe, that the obvious and high importance of the measure could not fail to draw from the public libera. lity a sum sufficient to counterbalance the heavy draught..

A few years since the most distinct feature of the Christian world, was a zeal for missions, which has not yet abated; at present a zeal for translating, printing, and diffusing the Holy Scriptures grows prominent. These two happily harmonize ; and it is to be hoped, that, by the blessing of God upon both, they will spread the knowledge of the Redeemer and his salvation over the earth, and introduce that happy state of things, when knowledge, righteousness, and peace, shall pervade the world, and meliorate eminently the condition and the prospects of the human family.

In addition to the Bible Societies noticed in the preceding address, there was one formed January 17th, 1810, in Massachusetts, called the Merrimack Bible Society, and two lately formed in South Carolina, one at Beaufort, and the other at Charleston.

Vol. 111.-No. VII. 3G

.: INSTALLATION. ON Wednesday, the 30th of May last, the Rer. LYJAN Beecher was installed as pastor of the first church and congregation, in the first ecclesiastical society of Litchfield. The first prayer was made by the Rev. Mr. Williams, of Harwinton, and the consecrating prayer by the Rev. Mr. Backus, of Bethlem-the sermon was preached by the Rev. Dr. Dwight, from Gal. i. 8. 56 But though we or an Angel from Heaven, preach any · other Gospel unto you then that we have preached unta

you, let him be accursed.

The charge was given by the Rev. Mr. Champion, and the right hand of fellowship by the Rev. Mr. Porter, of Washington. The concluding prayer was made by the Rev. Mr. Fowler, of Milton.

ORDINATIONS. · May 25th, Mr. JOHN CLARK was ordained to the work of the Gospel ministry, and installed pastor of the second Associate Reformed Congregation in New York, by the Presbytery of New York, (Associate Reformed.) The Rev. George Stewart preached the ordination sermon. The Rev. Mr. J. M. Mathews presided, and offered up the ordination prayer. The Rev. J. M‘Jimpsey delivered the charges to the pastor and the congregation.

On Wednesday, the 6th of June, Mr. WILLIAM C. SCHENCK was ordained to the work of the Gospel ministry, by the Presbytery of New-Brunswick, and installed pastor of the congregation in Princeton. The Rev. Dr. Smith, preached the ordination sermon. The Rev. Mr. J. F. Armstrong presided, and made the ordination prayer. The Rev. Dr. J. Clark delivered the charges to the pastor and the congregation.

On Thursday, the 19th April Mr. GEORGE STEWART was ordained to the office of the holy ministry, and

settled as pastor of the Associate Reformed congregation of Union Church, near the village of Bloomingburgh, in the county of Orange, and state of New-York.

The ordination sermon was preaclied by the Rey. Dr. DIason, froin Heb. xiii. 17. “ Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit your. · selves ; for they watch for your souls as they that must

give account ; that they may do it with joy, and not with

grief: for that is unprofitable for you.And on the Sabbath following, Mr. S. preached his in*troductory sermon from 1 Cor. i. 2. “I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”


New Editions.

Nature and Constitution of the Law, The Works of the Rev. John New. which was given to Adam in Paraton, late Rector of the United Pa. dise ; designed to show what was the rishes of St. Mary Woolnoth and St. effect of his disobedience. Second. Mary Woolchurch Haw, London. The scene of Christ in the Garden of From the last London edition, pub. Gethsemane ; designed to show the lished by direction of his executors. Nature of the Cup, which he prayed In 6 vols. 8vo. Vol. 2d now published. might pass from him. By David Price Two Dollars. On the publica- Sanford, A. M. Pastor of a Church tion of the Sd vol. the price will be in Medway, Massachusetts, Farrand, advanced. Williams & Whiting, Mallory & Co. Boston. New-York.

A Dictionary of Practical Surgery. Dr. Mason's Speech, relative to Containing a Complete Exhibition of the resignation of his Pastoral charge the Principles and Practice of Sur. in the City of New-York; with all gery, collected from the best and

its that have appeared most original sources of information, on the subject. 8vo. sewed, price and illustrated by Critical Remarks. 37 1-2.cents. Williams & Whiting, By Samuel Cooper, Member of the New York.

Royal College of Surgeons, London, Owen on the Spirit; abridged by and author of the First Lines of the Burder, S1 12 1-2. W. W. Wood Practice of Surgery. With Notes ward, Philadelphia.

and Additions, by John Syng Dor. : Williams' Christian Preacher, 81 sey, Adjunct Professor of Surgery in 12 1-2 cts. W. W. Woodward, Phia the University of Pennsylvania, &c. ladelphia

in 2 vols. 8vo. B. & T. Kite, Phila· Fuller's Defence of Gospel Ac. delphia. ceptation, $1. W. W. Woodward, A Voyage round the World, in Philadelphia. .

the years 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803, and Dr. Scott's Theological Works, 5 1804. In which the Author visited vols. 8vo. $12. W. W. Woodward, the principal Islands in the Pacific Philadelphia

Ocean, and the English settlements Two Dissertations. First. The of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island.

te Docume

By John Turnbull. B. & T. Kite, W. & W. have just printed an inPhiladelphia.

teresting and instructive work, enThe Child's Monitor ; or, Parental entitled, The Principles of the ChrisInstruction. By John Hornsey. The tian Religion, in verse ; for the use of first American edition, revised and Children, by P. Doddridge, D.D. improved. B. & T. Kite, Philadel. John xxii. 15. phia,

“ Jesus said unto Peter, lovest thou The Edinburgh Review, or, Cri- me?-Feed my lambs." lical Journal, No. 31, for February, D. Hogan, of Philadelphia, and March, and April, 1810. Ezra Sar. Williams & Whiting, New York, geant, New-York. .

propose to publish, Archives of Use The Quarterly Review, No. 3, for ful Knowledge, a periodical work, August, 1809. Ezra Sargeant, News devoted to Commerce, Manufac. York. 1

tures, Rural and Domestic Economy, The British Essayists, with Notes, Agriculture, and the Useful Arts. Biographical and Critical, by Alex- By James Mease, M. D. N.B. For ander Chalmers, Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, particulars of this work, see Prosand 5. Ezra Sargeant, New-York. pectus on the covers of this Alaga.

The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain. zine. Walter Austin & Co. New-Haven. C. & A. Conrad & Co. Philadel. . Vincent's Explanation of the As- phia, propose to publish the History sembly's Catechism. Walter Austin of the Expedition of Captains Lewis & Co. New-Haven.

and Clarke, through the continent of An Account of the Empire of Mo. North America, performed during rocco, and the District of Suez; to the years 1804, 1805, and 1806, by which is added an Account of Tim- order of the government of the Unibuctoo, the great Emporium of Cen ted States. tral Africa By James Grey Jack. A translation into French, of the son, Esq. Mustrated with Maps. F. Elements of Botany, by Dr. BenjaNich Is, Philadelphia

min S. Barton, Professor of Natural We feel ourselves bound to inform History in the University of Penn

the Public, thut this is a mutila. sylvania, is now preparing in Russia, ted edition of the above work. by command of the Empress dowThe Publisher has left out a ager. We record with much satiswhole chapter, on the subject of faction, this honour offered to one of Religion, together with some in the first scientific characters of our formation about the Language of country, whose work, we thank, has the Country. [Ed. Ch. Mag. a decided advantage over all the ele

mentary treatises on that interesting Works Proposed, and in Press. subject.

B.B. Hopkins, & Co. and William Frederic Hall, A. M. Professor of M-Corkle, Philadelphia, propose to Mathematics and Natural Philosopublish by subscription, a new and phy in Middlebury College, is presplendid work, entitled, The Colla paring for the press, a dew work, teral Bible; or, a Key to the Holy entitled, Modern Paris; or, A Jour! Scriptures. In which all the cor- ney from London to Paris, through responding Texts are brought toge. Holland: and a Survey of the Arts gether into one view; and arranged Sciences, and Literature of the in a familiar and easy manner. By French Metropolis in 1807, and William M.Gorkle.

1808, with Remarks on the EducaWilliams & Whiting hare in the tion, Habits, and Religion of the press, and will soon publish, a very French people.. neat edition of the Olney Hyms, by Wyatt & Delaplaine, of PhiladelNewton and Cowper.

phia, propose to republish, a comAlso, a handsome edition of the plete History of the Primitire Fa-, Dutch Church Psalms and Hymns, thers, by Wm. Cave. on large type and fine paper.




No. VIII.]

AUGUST, 1810.

[Vol. III.

Few Biblical critics have acquired higher reputation than

Michaelis. His Introduction to the New Testament is an elaborate performance, extremely useful to the theological student. It is, however, with all its excellences, replete with unwarranted censures upon different parts of the sacred text. The following Dissertation is a seasonable corrective to the objections which he has offered to the authenticity of the Apocalypse, or book of Revelation. « We consider it,” say the editors of the Christian Observer,” (vol. i. p. 726,) and we heartily concur in opinion with them, “ We consider it as important, not only because it rescues from undeserved condemnation a very valuable part of the sacred volume, but more especially because its influence will extend to the whole body of canonical' Scripture, and will serve as a check to the temerity of the German professor in other instances. Whatever deference the reader may be disposed to pay to the authority of so profound a scholar, on the very subject of his profession, he will suspect that the evidence upon which other books (of Scripture) are rejected or questioned, has as little foundation as that which has produced the rejection of the Apocalypse.”-p. 723.

y of

A Dissertation, in which the evidence for the Authenticity and Divine Inspiration of the Apocalypse is stated, and vindicated from the Objections of the Late Professor J. D. Michaelis ; by John CHAPPEL WOODHOUSE, M. A. ,


In the following pages I propose to review the evidence which has been adduced, for the authenticity and divine in

Vol. III.- No. VIII. 3H

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