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to assist those with whom they are connected at home by the ties of duty, of gratitude, of love, or be qualified to undertake the duties of active benevolence abroad*.

Daughters, so far from being taught to consider fashion and happiness as synonimous, to make the opinion of the world their law, and fashion their rule of conduct, must be trained, from infancy, to prefer the service of God to the slavery of the world, to consider it as their indispensable duty, and to feel it a privilege and a delight, to relieve their Parents by taking an active part in the instruction and management of the younger part of the family; and thus to qualify themselves for their future vocation.

* It is a singular injustice which is often exercised towards women, first to give them a very defective education, and then to expect from them the most undeviating purity of conduct: to train them in such a manner as shall lay them open to the most dangerous faults, and then to censure them for not proving faultless.

Strictures on Female Education.-—H. More.

Blame not nature, but thy own evil customs; for thy neglect of thy fields will make fern and thistles to grow. It is not only because the ground is accursed, but because it is neglected, that it bears thorns.—Jeremy Taylor.

An education that has called forth the affections of the heart, strengthened the head, exercised the judgment, implanted good habits, that has made them rich in intellectual and moral worth, that has led them to estimate their own happiness by the proportion of good they do to others, will have taught them that, so far from joining in the poor impertinences of fashion, and abandoning themselves to the false pleasures of the world, which debase and corrupt the soul— a world

"Where Dissipation wears the name of Bliss"—

it is incumbent on them to set an example of piety, of order, of virtue; actually to devote themselves to the service of their fellowcreatures; to let the pure love of God be the motive and the end of every action; and incessantly to study how they may reach the elevation for which they were intended*.

* As the female mind has been emancipated from the fetters of ignorance, the female character has risen in respectability. Wherever religious principle has been made the basis, it has been seen that a liberal system of education, instead of producing a dislike to, or dereliction of

Could Parents resolve to become superior* to the follies of fashion, to subdue prejudice, to love and to seek truth, to awaken themselves to active and vigorous exertion, no longer to dread the trouble of thinking: could they be persuaded to give up indulgence in luxurious indolence, to become fervent in spirit, to bestow an education worthy immortal beings, they would, instead of purchasing assistance and co-operation from strangers, in the instruction and education of their children, find it where it would be most profitable, most delightful, most valuable—among the members of their own family. Those who gave and those who received assistance would be equally blessed; ever increasing their own felicity by contributing to that of others. Instead of being cast on the world, lost to themselves and to their fellow-creatures, without aim, solely engrossed in Self, the unmarried

peculiar and appropriate duties, has enabled women, without infringing on any duty, to enlarge their sphere of usefulness, and to extend, beyond the precincts of the domestic roof, the beneficial influence of maternal solicitude and maternal tenderness.—E. Hamilton.


'daughters, sisters, atid relations, after an education which gave intellectual vigour and solid principle, which inspired exalted purposes, Which had cultivated Hand, Head, and HEAitf, Would delight in being members of a large and harmonious family, loving and beloved, useful, respected, dignified, happy: practical as Well as professing Christians.

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