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and as many more separate from each other.

She draws two, three, four, five lines of equal length separate; some of equal length in contact. Several lines of unequal length, some separate, some in contact.

How many separate lines of unequal length do you see on the slate? &c.

Exercises in drawing the Elements of Form.


Magnitude mid Position.

The mother draws several points in a symmetrical order.

She encourages the child to imitate this, asking him whether he will try, by placing points in different situations, to produce some pretty figure..

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Draw a figure of separate angles; another of angles contiguous to each other, &c.

In these operations it is requisite that the mother, or one of her elder children, should join the little one in drawing, as it frequently happens that a single child, when drawing alone, loses himself in a form, which, through the activity and co-operation of others, will be prevented. It will also animate and strengthen him much more than a solitary exercise.

In a similar manner the mother proceeds with the drawing of triangles, quadilateral figures, pentagons, hexagons, &c. and produces figures of a combination of these forms.

On these exercises the mother cannot dwell too long, as they are particularly calculated to awaken observation, to strengthen the thinking faculty, and to exercise his speech.

By this time the child's intuitive powers will be considerably developed, and he will be able to conceive, in a more connected manner, the relations of forms, and more accurately to distinguish their diversities..


Lines Parallel and not Parallel.

The mother draws

two lines thus.

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and says, Parallel lines, not Parallel lines: then three, four, five, &c. Parallel Lines, and as many not Parallel.

Parallel lines in the same direction: in a perpendicular, in an oblique direction.

She makes Parallel lines in

every direction,

but at some distance from each other; as,

She makes two and two parallel lines touching each other.

Two and two parallel lines intersecting each other.

Two and two not parallel lines, touching each other.

Two and two not parallel lines, intersecting each other.

The same may be continued with several lines, &c.


Lines parallel and not parallel, of equal and unequal magnitude.

I will draw two parallel lines of equal length or magnitude.

Several parallel lines of equal length.

Two not parallel lines of equal length.

You may measure them, to see if they are correct.

Two parallel lines of unequal length. Five parallel lines of unequal length. Three parallel lines, of which two are equal and one unequal. Four, of which three are


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