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kind friend, the Rev. Montagu Pennington, whose valuable contributions he had already received in the former part: in which also he here begs leave to repeat his warm thanks for the

papers furnished to him by Capel Lofft, Esq. whose reputation is too far extended to require any eulogy from the author.

Qctober 10, 1819.

“ Jactat inæqualem Matho me fecisse libellum,

Si verum est, laudat carmina nostra Matho." Mart.

20. On the Sonnets of Milton, with a Translation of

one of his Italian Sonnets.

Sed ille

Si foret hoc nostrum fato dilatus in ævum,
Detereret sibi multa.”


21. On Dreams.

“ Observe you not sometimes, that you wake out of quite a

different sort of world from that to which your days are

accustomed ? On your efforts to grasp them by recol-

lection the thin ideas shrink away, and in a few mo-

ments are quite vanished.” Miss Talbot's Essays.

22. On Books.

Quæ sunt igitur epularum, aut ludorum aut scortorum

voluptates cum his voluptatibus comparandæ ?”. Cic.

23. On Mrs. Carter's Letters.

« Sermo oritur non de villis domibusve alienis;

Nec mell necne lepos saltet ; sed quid magis ad nos

Pertinet, et nescire malum est, agitamus." Hor.

24. On the Pleasures of Reading.

“ While fancy, like the finger of a clock,

Runs the great circuit, and is still at home.” Cowper.

25. How far History is true.

“ History is philosophy, teaching by example."

Bolingbroke, from Dion. Hali.
able to Intellectual Exertion.

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