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N treating of the Ten Command.

ments, the Author explained, in the I former Part of his Work, the feve

ral Duties relating to God and our

Neighbour, as far as the Purport of the negative Precepts would permit ; and, in considering the various Attributes of God, took Notice of the several Duties that do properly result from thence, as far as was consistent with the Nature of the Subject, and the Brevity usually prefcribed to Inferences.

The Business of this Treatise is to collect, what was before curforily mentioned, into some tolerable Compass, to explain the great Precepts of Moral and Evangelical Righteousness, and to enforce the whole Duty of Man, as it respects God, his Neighbour, and himself.

But before he enters upon the Subject (as there are some People, who, for the Quiet of their own Minds, would cancel all Obligation to Duty, by decrying the Differences of Good and Evil, as cho' they were nothing but the arbitrary Fancies of Men, according to the different Influences of Curtom or Education, as tho' doing well were nothing but a moral Falhion of appearing suitably to the B


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