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R E A D E R.


HE Fifth Part of Mr. Stackhouse's

Body of Divinity, concerning the great Precepts of Moral and Evangelical Righteousness, has been greatly esteemed for its Method, Brevity, and Perspicuity, and is essentially necessary to every Christian. It was thought therefore, that if this Part were published separately, it would not be unacceptable to the Publick ; as every one might then have an Opportunity of reading this excellent Treatise, and of purchasing it at an easy Rate.

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C O N T E N T S.

Page 5


C H A P. I. OUR Duty towards God

SECT. I. of the internal Duties we owe to God; and first, of Love

ib. Of Delight in God Of Fearing God

23 Of Trusting in God

31 Submision to God

40 Of inward Purity

45 Of Heavenly-Mindedness

52 SECT. II. Of external Duties to God; and first, of Prayer 61 Of publick and private Prayer

78 Of Praise and Thanksgiving


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CH A P. II. Our Duty towards our Neighbour ; and first, of universal Love and Charity

95 Of loving Enemies

109 SECT. I. Of Justice in general

121 SE C T. II. Of 'relative Justice

139 Between Prince and Subje£t

131 Between Pastor and People

137 Between Husband and Wife

141 Between

Between Master and Servant

Page 151 Between Friend and Friend

157 Between Superiors in Rank, Fortune, Abilities, &c. and their respective Inferiors

165 SECT. III. Of Mercy in general

174 SECT. IV. Of Mercy to Mens Souls

182 SECT. V. Of Mercy to Mens Bodies


CH A P. III. Our Duty towards Ourselves ; and first, of the Government of our Thoughts

207 Of religious Meditation

217 Of Humility

226 S E C T I. Of the Government of our Passions and Affe&tions 235 Of Meekness

245 Of Contentment

252 SECT. II. Of the Government of the Tongue

268 SECT. III. Of the Government of the whole Man

288 Of Mortification

293 Of Self-Denial

300 Of Regeneration

307 Of abstaining from evil Appearance

314 of the Desire of Righteousness


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