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Wake! or soon your souls will fall, Fall in deep de - spair.

Woe to him who turns a


way, Je

sus kind-ly calls to - day;

Come, 0 sin-ner, while you may, Raise your soul in prayer.

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Heard ye not the Savior cry?
6 * Turn, O turn, why will you die!"
And in keenest agony,

Mourn too late your doom !
Haste, for time is rushing on!
Soon the fleeting hour is gone,
The lifted arrow flies anon,
To sink you in the tomb !

By the Savior's bleeding love,
By the joys of heaven above,
Let these words your spirits move;

Quick to Jesus fly!
Come and save your souls from death,
Haste! escape Jehovah's wrath,
Fly! for life's a fleeting breath,

Soon, O soon you'll die.


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3. Let cares, like a wild deluge, come, And storms of sorrow fall; May I but safely reach my home, My God my heaven,

my all. O that will be, &c 4. There shall I bathie my weary soul In seas of heavenly rest, And not a wave of trouble roll Across my peaceful breast. O'that will be, &c. 5. When we've been there ten thousand years, Bright shining as the sun, We've no less days to sing God's praise Than when we first begun, O that, &c.

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1. To-geth-er let us sweet-ly live. I am bound for the land of Canaan; ?

To-geth-er let us sweet-ly die, I am bound for the land of Canaan. Tenor.

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