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Página 28 - If two triangles have two sides of the one equal to two sides of the...
Página 100 - The area of a triangle is equal to half the product of its base by its altitude.
Página 99 - The area of a parallelogram is equal to the product of its base and its height: A = bx h.
Página 59 - A chord is a straight line joining the extremities of an arc.
Página 124 - If two polygons are composed of the same number of triangles, similar each to each and similarly placed, the polygons are similar.
Página 214 - A sphere is a solid bounded by a curved surface, every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Página 52 - If the product of two quantities is equal to the product of two other quantities, two of them may be made the extremes, and the other two the means of a proportion.
Página 123 - Similar triangles are to each other as the squares of their homologous sides.
Página 182 - The upper end of the frustum of a pyramid or cone is called the upper base...

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