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In this respect popery shows its derivation from that paganism, which, wherever it has reigned, denuded females of their natural rights and liberties. Among the ancient Greeks—sterner enemies to female rights than the old Romans--for women to seek society or mental accomplishment, was to constitute themselves the neglected objects of universal disgrace. Even the refined and learned Persians of old seem to have cared for the sex only as they served to administer to the lowest wants of society. How very differently bas Christianity had respect to woman? The Gospel has reinstated her, as it were, in Eden, guaranteeing all her original prerogatives. Chivalry, it is true, can boast of having done much to dignify and improve her outwardly ; very soon after its age she became profoundly learned throughout all the countries of Europe. But the religion of the Bible has also elevated her as a moral agent, to whose influence the flame of domestic piety burns most brightly The worth of a Christian mother is inestimable; and, if the heathen mother of the Gracchi, when remonstrated with for not wearing golden ornaments, pointed to her children as her jewels, much more called on are the mothers in Israel to seek that of their offspring; they may hear the Divine Being saying, “ They shall be mine, saith the Lord, in the day that I make up my jewels."

her sex.

Notices of maternal and female Christian influences

will be, therefore, found in the delineations of the Scriptural characters of our exposition, the practical teachings of which are based upon the doctrines and facts of Revelation. The features of the Marys, as seen in the mirror of the Divine Word, not being equally prominent there, have been proportionately sketched here. Partly by means of the pulpit, and now partly by means of the press, we have sought to give a full view of each. May the blessing of Him, who guides into all truth, be the portion of both hearer and reader.


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“She hath done what she could."--MARK xiv. 8.

1 TIMOTHY v. 24 Some men's sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after. Likewise also ” adds the Evangelist, “the good works of some are manifest beforehand.” Of the latter are the good works of the sister of Martha and Lazarus. They went before her to judgment—the Saviour himself making them manifest by declaring His approval and acceptance of them. They were thus laid up in store as a good foundation against the time to come, when the humble worker should lay hold on eternal life.


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