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nake to last beyond the period assigned them by the artificer, and which, by our intemperate use, we often destroy long before the allotted period. But would we lay aside the magnifying glass of passion, through which we are accustomed to view the trifles of this world, and apply ourselves to the microscope of reason, by which we should discover the

seeds of corruption and decay sown in the 3

fairest earthly bodies, we should then be brought to acknowledge with him who left no sensual pleasure untried, that all-is' indeed vanity

But it is by comparison that we truly discover the nothingness of all sublunary, enjoyments, and for this, reason alone is insufficient. Let us, then, to continue the foregoing metaphor, fix our undivided attention on the telescope of Revelation, which brings within our observation objects too remote to be discovered by our unassisted sight: and we shall be enabled truly to estimate the value of those fragile pleasures, which we are wont

to rate so highly. When we weigh them 1 NUS Yriting

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in the balance of the sanctuary, we shall discover their real lightness.

When we compare them with those delights which, indeed, it is said, that · Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man to conceive, but of which enough is revealed, to enable us by faith to feel their inestimable worth, we shall then be compelled to acknowledge, that setting things seen and temporal against those that are unseen and eternal, the former are literally nothing.

And now to such indulgent readers as have travelled with me to this point, I would, before I say farewell, address one parting admonition. Should the perusal of this little tale have afforded you half an hour's entertainment, all I ask of you in return, is this : If at any future time you be inclined to put this question seriously to yourself, “ In which way am I walking ?”

Remember that there is but one path, in which you can really “ Go too far.” Remember that at the hour of death the most rigid self-denying christian finds

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that he has gone, at the very utmost, but fur enough, while the disciple of the world bitterly feels, that the first step which he trod in the way of unrighteousness, was one step too much.


C. Baldwin, Printer, New Bridge-street, London.

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