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N. S. Wheaton, Rev. R. Sherwood, Rev. D. Baldwin, and Rev. E.
Rutledge, met, and chose the Rev. N. S. Wheaton, Secretary.

The chairman submitted certain documents, relative to the elec-
tion of the Rev. H. U. Onderdonk, Assistant Bishop of the Diocese
of Pennsylvania—which document being found satisfactory, the tes-
timonials, required by the Vth canon, were signed by each of the
Adjourned without day.

HARTFORD, August 1st. At a meeting of the S. C. all the members being present Joha Turrill Adams was recommended to the Bishop, as a candidate for holy orders ; and Nathan Kingsbury, a candidate, was recommended to receive the holy order of Deacons. Edward W. Peet, a candidate for Deacon's orders, also presented his testimonials, which were approved. Adjourned till the following day.

August 2d. The S. C. met-the whole number being present; and recommended Edward W. Peet to receive the holy order of Deacons.-Adjourned till the evening.--At a meeting in the evening-all the members being present the Rev. George C. Shepard presented the requisite testimonials, and was recommended to receive the holy order of Priests. Adjourned.

Nov. 7th. At a meeting of the S. C. held in Stratford-present, the Rev. Messrs. Croswell, Sherwood, Baldwin, and Rutledge :

The chairman submitted a communication from the Secretary of the Domestic and Foreign Church Missionary Society, announcing the appointment of Jacob Oson, a man of colour, and a candidate for holy order in this Diocese, as a Missionary, to serve in Liberia ;

Whereupon it was unanimously resolved, If the said Jacob Oson shall accept the appointment, that the committee will recommend him to the Bishop for holy orders.

The following document, signed by one of the Presbyters, and a layman of the P. E. Church in Connecticut, was received, and laid before the S. Committee.

Whereas it is commonly reported and believed, that the Rev. Menzies Rayner, a Presbyter of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Connecticut, is in the habit of countenancing and dissemioating opinions, which are contrary to the Doctrines of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the United States—and also, that the said Rayner is in the habit of public preaching, without using the liturgy of the Church—and further, that his conduct, for some time past, has been unbecoming the character of a Christian minister :--

Now, therefore, we the undersigned, earnestly desirous that the truth of the said reports should be investigated, agreeably to the fourth

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canon of the Convention of the State of Connecticut, do hereby charge the said Menzies Rayner, with the above recited offences, and present the same for the consideration of the Standing Committee.

Signed &c. Nov. 7th, 1828.

Whereupon, the S. Committee having been informed by the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of the Diocese, that the said Menzies Rayner had given him assurances that he would immediately make the declaration required by the seventh Canon of the General Covention of 1820, to enable the Bishop to suspend him from the ministry of the church without a trial it was unanimously resolved to postpone all proceedings on the charges, until further information be received from the Bishop. Adjourned.

New Haven, Jan. 15th, 1828, The S. C. met in New Haven, all the members being present.-Jacob Oson, a man of colour, offered testimonials of his qualifications for the ministry, which were approved

Whereupon, he was recommended to the Bishop, to receive the holy order of Deacons, and also of Priests ; for the purpose of labouring as a missionary in Liberia, or of exercising the ministry among the people of colour in the United States of America.

The Rev. William H. Lewis, Deacon, presented the requisite testimonials, and was recommended to the Bishop to receive the holy order of Priests.

Information having been received from the Rt. Rev. Bishop Brownell, that the Rev. Menzies Rayner has been suspended from the miaistry

Thereupon, Resolved, that all further proceedings in reference to the said Menzies Rayner be for the present suspended. Adjourned.

NORWALK, June 3d. The S. C. met-all being present : William A. Curtis laid his testimonials before the S. C. wbich were approved ; and the said Curtis was recommended to receive the holy order of Priests.


I certify that the above is a true abstract of the proceedings of the Standing Committee.

N. S. WHEATON, See’y of the S. Committee.

On motion by the Rev. A. Baldwin-Resolved, That the Standing Committee be now chosen.

Agreeably to the above resolution, the Convention went into the election of the Standing Committee for the ensuing year ; and the Rev. Harry Croswell, the Rev. N. S. Wheaton, the Rev. Reuben Sherwood, the Rev. David Baldwin, and the Rev. Edward Rutledge, were chosen.

On motion by the Rev. B. Judd-Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to take into consideration the state of the Church in this Diocese, and to prepare a report for insertion in the Journal of this Convention.

The parochial reports were then called for, were presented to the Bishop, and read by the Secretary.

Christ Church, Norwich. No. Families 83 ; Baptisms, infants 18, adults 9.-27; Communicants 68, New do. 5,73 ; Sunday School Scholars 70 ; Marriages 3; Fuperals 4.

This Society is about erecting a new stone church, 66 feet by 52.

Contribution, &c. 39 68. Of the above, the Gentlemen's Society, auxiliary to the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, paid $18 01, Ladies do. $12 55, Congregational collection $9 09.

S. B. PADDOCK, Rector.

Report of the Rev. Henry M. Mason, Minister of St. Peter's Churck,

Cheshire, In consequence of an invitation received from this parish, I assumed the pastoral charge of it in the month of February last. During the period of my connexion with the congregation, I have experienced much to excite, and little to discourage exertion, in the progpect of their improvement, and my own usefulness. The connection between what we are obligated to believe, and commanded to practice, is inseparable ; and I have therefore endeavored to inculcate among my people sound and catholic principles, as the best means of exciting them to evangelical practice. My labors have, I trust, been attended with the divine blessing. The zeal of many is commendable for being accompanied with knowledge, and their piety the more attractive for being unostentatious. Occasionally I have performed divine service on Sunday night in private houses ; but always with strict regard to the Canon, enforcing the use of the book of Common Prayer. Extempore lectures have also, under the same restrictions, been delivered in the Episcopal Academy once, and sometimes oftener, during the week. A Bible Class has been formed, which meet every Thursday evening, and whose progress and attention have afforded me much satisfaction. A flourishing Sunday School, in connection with the Union, of more than seventy scholars, and nineteen teachers, affords some evidence of the spirit which exists among the younger part of the congregation, who are laudably engaged in the business of instruction. A library for the school, is now being established ; and the books, employed in the course of instruction, are those issued by the Society, under the patronage of the Church. The number of families now attached to the parish, equals if it does not exceed 78, and that of the communicants is in the ratio of one to every family. Nine infants have been baptized, and I have recently admitted 7 persons as recipients of the Lord's Supper.

Families 78: New Communicants 7; Total Comm. 78; Marriages 3; Sunday Scholars 76 ; Baptisms, infants 9 ; Funerals 5. HENRY MASON, Pastor of St. Peter's Church, Cheshire.

Parish of Middle-Haddam. In this parish, it was stated in the last report, that efforts were ma. king to repair the house of worship which was decayed; and also to obtain the services of a resident minister.

Through the timely assistance of the “Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge,” and through the benevolent aid and exertions of one or more individuals in New York, we are now happy to state, that the former of these objects has been accomplished. The house is neatly repaired, and is now ready for consecration. The assistance received from the Christian Knowledge Society" and others, had the effect, under the divine blessing, to call forth the most strenuous efforts from the members of the congregation ; and these efforts have, in this respect, been crowned with success.

As to the other and more important object, that of obtaining the concentrated exertions of a resident minister, it has thus far been effected ; but, in this respect, the resources of the parish enable them to make only a partial and temporary arrangement.

What has been done, however, is the cause of many grateful acknowledgements on their part. And we may add, that one more of the waste places of our Zion, has in a measure been built up ; and we hope and trust that here the interests of pure and undefiled religion have been promoted, and that some at least have been edified by the truth as it is in Jesus.

Number of families connected with the parish 42 ; Number of new Communicants 5, former 30, removed 1, died 1, remaining 33 ; Baptisms 21 1 adult, and one child ; Marriages 3 ; Burials 3.

The Sunday School has been connected with the General P. E. Sunday School Union, and has 9 Teachers and about 50 Scholars ; for whom exertions are making to obtain a Sunday School Library.

AŠHBEL STEELE, Officiating Minister.

St. James' Church, Derby, and Union Church, Humphreysville. Rev.

S. Jewett, Rector. June 4. 1828. Burials 18 ; Marriages 5; Baptisms, infants 14, adults 7-21, of whom one was a colored man ; Confirmed June 1st, 69, two of whom belong to Mr. Lewis' Church at Ripton; Sunday School, auxiliary to Gen. Pro. Epis. S. S. Union, 12 Teachers.

State of my parishes, improving.

The manufacturing establishments in this vicinity, give rise to such a fluctuation in the population, that I am not able to state at any time the exact number of families, or of communicants. Some families have been added to my parish during the last year. And from the number of communicants already added, and of those expected to be

received at the next administration of the holy sacrament, I anticipate an increase in 13 months, from June last, of more than 40.

The ladies of the parish of Union Church, organized (some years since) a society, in aid of their church from which considerable bene. fit has accrued.

Last winter the ladies also of St. James' Church, with a pious and truly commendable zeal, formed themselves into a society which meets semi-monthly. At each meeting, after prayers are offered, they devote three hours to labor, in sewing and other needle work, one of them being engaged in the mean time, in reading some approved religious book. The avails of their good work, are to be applied to the general interests of the parish, in supplying, if necessary, deficiences in my salary, which is here raised entirely by voluntary subscription, in aid of our Sunday School, and in other contributions for the general welfare of our church.

From the result of their operations thus far, we have great reason to trust that they will prove themselves to be “ in deed and in truth nursing mothers” to our church.

Our S. School in both Parishes is now io successful operation.

Our churches in botb Parishes have been put in good repair and painted.

We have had much to do; but a small sum will be paid in aid of the “ Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge" ;-From Derby $1 50 ; Humphreysville $1 25 ; $2 75.


Parochial Report of St. John's Church, Saliebury. Rev. Stephen

Beach, Rector. June 4th, 1828. No. of Families belonging to the Parish, 67; New Communicants, 2 ; Total of Communicants, 26 ; Marriages, 5 ; Sunday Scholars, 37; Baptisms, Adults 8, Infants 7-15; Funerals, 8; Persons Confirmed, 9.

A Female Sunday School Society belongs to the Congregation, which is in union with the General E. Sunday School Union-has a Sunday School Library containing 90 volumes.

St. Paul's Church Norwalk. Church members something over 600 ; added to the Church the last year, by baptims, 19 infants, 3 adults--in all 22 ; Marriages, 3; Funerals, 23—of which 4 were from the city of N. York, and 4 were of other denominations ; new Communicants, 10 ; Communicants lost

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