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by death and removal, 6 ; whole number about 160 ; Catechumens, about 80.

As one great object of our meeting in annual Convention is, to gain correct knowledge of the state of the Cburch, an object to be obtained only by a more full and particular account of our respective Parishes, than have heretofore been given--the undersigned would state, for the information of his brethren, that since the year 1816, the time when he came to the charge of this Church, the Parish has had the services of a clergyman the whole time, a privilege it had never before enjoyed, as the services of his predecessors were divided between this and other Parishes.

During this period, of almost twelve years, the people of this Parish have generally manifested a very commendable degree of zeal and liberality to their Church, as well as of kindness and indulgence to their Rector.

As evidence of this, the following facts may be stated.-By a voluntary subscription, commenced soon after he came to the Parish, in which all did well, and some few beyond all praise, a permanent fund was raised, the interest of which is adequate to the support of the Rector.

During this time they have also, at a considerable expense, new roofed and painted their Church inside and out, and moreover have repaired, considerably enlarged, and painted their Parsonage.

In addition to this, they bave erected and on their own ground, a large and commodious Academy, in which is now in successful operation a flourishing male and female Seminary.

Speaking of this School, the undersigned would remark, as well to attract to it the notice of his brethren,as to encourage them to like undertakings, that it is decidedly a Church School, raised and conducted under the influence of the Church.

And although, for reasons not necessary now to mention, its friends have not been able to carry into execution, in all respects, their original plan, yet they have persevered, and after struggling with many difficulties, and encountering much opposition, have at length succeeded in planting and raising, to some degree of respectability, an Episcopal School, in Fairfield county.

The number of scholars, in both departments of this Seminary, is sixty, who are under the immediate care and instruction of two teachers, a gentleman and lady, who for their faithfulness and ability, deserve the respect and gratitude of their employers—and the patronage of the Church. This School, it is true, makes no ostentatious pretensions. There is litttle in it that is mechanical, and nothing designed merely for effect; nor yet is it known by any bigh sounding epithets. It is simply a School of “higher order," wherein young ladies may acquire a thorough and accomplished education, and where young gentlemen may be fitted for College, the counting house and other useful stations in society ; and if it be the legitimate object of

such a school to train its pupils to study-to discipline the mind, in a word, to learn them to think, nothing is hazarded, it is thought, in saying it is second to no other.

And when it is remembered, how powerful is the influence of Schools, and also how important it is that Churchmen should take in some manner, into their own hands, the education of their children, it is hoped this, though humble example, may not be without its effect on other Parishes.

In relation to the temporalities then, or the monied matters of the Parish, it may be stated, that besides smaller sums, for different purposes, and in which, it is hoped, this people have evinced a considerable degree of liberality ; and exclusive of the salary of their clergyman, they have within the last eleven years, devoted to the Church of their substance, a sum amounting to between 14 and 15,000 dollars.

That a correct judgment may be formed of the spiritual concerns of the Parish, the following statement is submitted.

The present Rector since his connection with the Parish, has baptized about 420 persons, 34 of whom were adults, about 60 of them, however, belonged to neighboring Parishes, destitute of a clergyman, leaving 360, who bave been added to this Church within the last twelve years, or an annual average number of 30.

Next to Baptism comes confirmation, at the first administration of which, by Bishop Hobart, 103 persons received this holy rite ; and at 14 subsequent administrations by Bishop Brownell, 125 have been confirmed, making in all 228, who have here received confirmation within the last twelve years. About 30 of these new members were of other Parisbes, leaving 198 for this Parish, or an average number of 16 per year--a little more than half the number baptized, and of these 198 persons confirmed, about one half have come to the communion.

The subject next in order will respect the Communicants. When the present Rector came to the charge of the Parish, there was, according to the best information that could be obtained, about 100 communicants ; of these, 30 have died and 12 removed, leaving about 60 alive, who were communicants under his predecessors. Within the last twelve years, 133 have been added ; of these, 14 have died and 18 removed, which leaves remaining of the new communicants 101, and which, added to the 60 old communicants, makes the present number about 160. From this statement it will appear, that within the last twelve years, something more than the whole number of communicants at the commencement of this period, have been added to the communion. It will also appear, that while the annual average addition has been about 11, the annual average increase, by reason of deaths and removals, has not been more th: These 160 communicants constitute, it is supposed, about one tourth of the whole number of the congregation, and will average, it is believed, about one and an half to every family-a larger proportion, it is thought, than will be found in most congregations

Next in order of public offices, is the institution of Marriage-The rite has been solemnized to about 90 couple, 6 or 8 of which were of other parishes, leaving something over 80 for this parish, and the annual average of 7.

The last subject of record—the last trouble of life" the last enemy that shall be destroyed”—and of course the last act to be noticed, is Death-The undersigned has attended 214 funerals, of which about 190 have been in this parish. The greatest number who have died in any one year, is 29, viz. in 1819; and the smallest number, is 6, viz. in 1818; making an annual average of about 16.-Supposing then, the whole number of souls in the parish, including men, women, and children, to amount to 700, which is thought a large calculation, we find that a number nearly equalling one third of the whole congregation, has, within the last twelve years, been numbered with the dead : And if on this computation, which is certainly a reasonable one, we extend our views forward, it will be found that within the short space of thirty-six years, there will have died in this parish, a number fully equalling the whole congregation at the commencement of this period. “ Teach us, O Lord, so to number our days, that we may apply our hearts onto wisdom.”


Report of the Parish in Hebron. Rev. George C. Shepard, rector of St. Peter's Church.--Number of Families, 71 ; new Communicants, 4 ; whole number of Communicants, 49; Marriages, 2; Baptisms, adults none, infants, 3; Sunday Scholars, 43; Teachers in Sunday School, 7; Funeral, 1 ; contributions to the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, $3 11, paid. Norwalk, June 4, 1828.


St. Andrew's Church, Northford. No. of Families, 20; No. of Communicants, 26; No. of Baptisms, 7, 1 adult and 6 infants ; No. of Marriages, 2, and 2 ip Wallingford ; No. of Funerals, 1, and I in Wallingford ; there is a Sunday School.

St. Andrew's, Meriden. No. of Families, 50 ; No. of Communicants, 60; there is a Sunday School.


St. Stephen's and Union Churches, East-Haddam and Killingworth.

No. of Families, 114; Communicants, 107; Marriages, 5; Baptisms, adults 4, infants 17-21; Sunday Scholars, 40; Funerals, 4. I have found it extremely beneficial to the increase of the congregations and of religion, to preach in the evening, in different parts of St. Stephen's parish—This I have continued through the last four or five months, and often as once and sometimes three times a week.


Trinity Church, Fairfield. Baptisms, adults none, infants 12 ; Marriages, 4 ; Deaths, 12; Sunday Scholars, 60; Communicants, 77—additions, 3; No. of Families, 60; collection for the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowl. edge, $9. During the past year, the Sunday School has been organized under the plan of the General Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Union, and has become auxiliary to that Society.

The connection between the parishes of Fairfield and Weston, has been dissolved. The services of the clergyman being confined to the former parish, leaving that of Weston destitute of ministerial services.

WM. SHELTON, Rector.

St. Peter's Church, Plymouth. No. of Families, 86 ; new Communicants, 8; whole number of Communicants, 112 ; number of Marriages, 10; Baptisms, 4 ; Scholars in Sunday School 80, 8 Teachers and one Superintendent; Deaths, 4.

St. Matthew's Church, Plymouth. No. of Communicants, 54 ; Marriages, 2 ; Baptisms, 5; Deaths, 4.


St. Matthew's Church, Wilton. Baptisms, adult 1, children 6-7; Marriages, 3;; Funerals, 8; Communicants, 44 ; Sunday Scholars, 30.

Church at Ridgefield. Baptisms, adults 3, children 9–12; Funerals, 5; Communicants, 40; Families in both parishes, 90.


Rev. Ashbel Baldwin, residing at Wallingford. From the meeting of the Convention, 1827, to the 1st of August, I contioued in the parish of Christ Church, Trumbull, during which time there were added to the Communion, 8 ; Marriages, 4 ; Baptisms, adults 6, infants 4-10.

By permission from the Bishop, I commenced services in the parish of Wallingford, on the first Sunday of August-No. of Families, about 30 ; Communicants, 35; new Communicants, 2 ; Baptisms, 1.

Agreeable to engagement in Convocation, I have officiated two Sundays at Trumbull, administered the communion, admitted two new members, married one couple, and baptized six persons--Officiated two Sundays at Southington, administered the holy communion, and attended one funeral Officiated two Sundays in North-Haven, and one in Monroe.

Wallingford, June 2d, 1828. Sunday School in Wallingford-No. of Scholars, 67; Teachers, 12. Sunday School in North-Haven--No. of Scholars, 19; Teach


ers, 4.


Christ Church, Stratford-Rev. Edward Rutledge, Rector. The number of Familes is 105, being much more numerous than formerly reported, partly owing to accession, and partly to more accurate enumeration; the number of Communicants is 8.1,(four new ;) Baptisms, 14 ; Burials, 16 ; Marriages, 10; Sunday Scholars, 55– Teachers, 9. In the school, the system of the Protestant Episcopal Union has been adopted.

During the winter, a course of Lectures on the Doctrines of the Church, bas been delivered by the Rector, to which a highly gratifying attention was paid. It is hoped that under the divine blessing, the spiritual progress of this congregation is more and more perceptible.

A collection of $20 60 cts. has been made for the Society for the
Promotion of Christian Knowledge.
St. Paul's Church, Sharon, and St. Andrew's, KentRev. George B.

Andrews, Rector.
Baptisms, 14 ; Marriages, 4 ; Burials, 8; Families, 125; Commu-
picants, 90 ; Sunday Scholars, about 70.

A Parish Library is formed in Sbaron. The Sunday School in Sharon bas formed a connexion with the General Episcopal Sunday School Union, and is particularly flourishing. The Episcopal Academy in Sharon is also in a flourishing condition.

St. John's Church, New-Milford. I came to New-Milford on the Sunday immediately succeeding our last State Convention, on an invitation received during a short residence in the Diocese of New York. Arrangements were soon made for my officiating the whole of the time at New-Milford, until the ensuing Easter. This congregation formerly had the services of the Church but half the time. With a commendable spirit and liberality, they have now determined to exert themselves to have public worship on the Lord's day, the whole of the time. Our congregation has increased, and the divine blessing attended, in some measure, our exertions in the cause of the Redeemer.

The number of Families now connected with the congregation, is 70; Communicants, 59, of whom 9 have been added since the last Convention; Baptisms 25, 13 adults, 12 infants ; Marriages, 3 ; Funerals, 5.

A Sunday School, consisting of 40 Scholars and 8 Teachers, has been formed, and united with the General P. E. S. S. Union.


Christ Church, Guilford. Families, 63; Communicants, 65; Marriages, 5; Baptisms, infants 7; Burials, 1; Suoday Scholars, 54.

The system of instruction recommended by the General Protestant

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