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pose, has been given by Charles Hall, Esq. of Harlem. The stone, and most of the timber for the building is prepared, and the work it is thought, will soon be commenced.

The Parish however, will not be able to complete their Church at present, unless aid should be received from their brethren elsewhere. The inconvenience of the place in which we assembled for worship, and the difficulty of accommodating those who are disposed to attend our services, has driven them to the necessity of building thus early. Upon the completion of the edifice, will depend very many of the benefits which they hoped to derive from a new Church. Could it be finished, the prospects of this infant Parish would be every way encouraging. The peculiar circumstances of the surrounding population are well known to the President, and need not here be repeated. Owing to the burden of the work in hand, they solicit the continuance of the same aid granted them by the Society for the last year. The blessings of peace, rest upon the benefactors of this little flock !

As your Missionary is the only one employed by the Society in Windham county, perhaps it may not be deemed improper, should he speak of those who are not under his immediate charge. At Plainfield, there are several respectable and wealthy families, who are anxious to obtain (as soon as may be) the services of an Episcopal Missionary: In consequence of some encouragement to this effect, they have secured to their use a vacant Meeting-house, near a Factory, a few miles from the village, and also a large School house in the village itself.

Their wish is, that the Missionary may officiate alternately at each. For his support, (as I am informed) they can raise two hundred dollars, and are looking to the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, to supply what else may be necessary.

It is the opinion of those who have the best opportunity of judging, that could a proper Missionary be sent to Plainfield, a numerous congregation might soon, and certainly be collected.

Indeed, it is a source of lamentation to the friends of our Zion on the Eastern border, that so promising a field should remain unoccupied ; and especially, to be witnesses of that sickness of heart, which springs from “ hope deferred.”

Rector of the Churches at Brooklyn and Pomfret, and

Missionary to the same. On motion, Resolved, That the Parochial Reports be referred to the committee on the state of the Church.

The Rev. Mr. Humphreys, from the committee on the pro posed alterations in the Liturgy, made the following Repor" which was read and accepted :-

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Resolved, that the alterations in the Liturgy, proposed by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, are considered by this Convention as inexpedient.

The above Report was then unanimously adopted as expressive of the sense of this Convention.

On motion, Resolved, That, in conformity with the wishes of its Delegate, the Parish of Hitchcocksville, be connected for the present year with the Parish of Hartford.

On motion, Resolved, That the Convention now proceed to
transact the business of the Society for the Promotion of Chris-
tian Knowledge. The Rev. F. Holcomb, the Rev. D, Burhans,
and Mr. I. Foote were appointed a committee to nominate offi-
cers for the Society; who thereupon reported the following
nominations ;
Rt. Rev. T. C. BROWNELL, D. D. L. L. D. Ex Officio

Rev. DANIEL BURHANS, 1st Vice-President.
Mr. SAMUEL W. JOHNSON, 2d Vice-President.
Mr. JOHN BEACH, Recording Secretary.
Rev. H. CROSWELL, Corresponding Secretary.
Mr. WM. M'CRACKAN, Treasurer.

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S. CHURCH. “ D. PUTNAM, These persons were then appointed by the vote of the Convention to the respective offices to which they were nominated by the committee.

A resolution was offered, and passed unanimously, that this Convention recommend to the friends of the Church in this Diocese, to do what may lie in their power to procure additional subscribers to the Episcopal Watchman.

On motion, Resolved, that the Convention proceed to the election of the Trustees of the General Theological Seminary. The Rev. Mr. Burhans, the Rev. Mr. Baldwin, the Rev. Mr. Wheaton, were appointed a committee to make out a nomina

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tion, and having reported the following, the persons therein named were elected by the Convention, viz:

The Rev. Mr. Burhans, the Rev. Mr. Croswell, the Rev. Mr. Marsh, the Rev. Mr. Judd, Mr. Nathan Smith, Mr. Samuel W. Johnson, Mr. Richard Adams, and Mr. Burrage Beach.

The Report of the Committee on the Connecticut Church Scholarship Society was read and accepted.

The following report was read and accepted, and on motion, the subjoined resolution passed: The committee to which was referred so much of the Bishop's Address as relates to the Episcopal Academy at Cheshire, have had the same under consideration, and respectfully beg leave to report—That from the view taken by your committee of past events, they are constrained to believe that any union between the church of Cheshire and the Academy, is to be deprecated as injurious to the best interests of the Church. Experience confirms the correctness of this view; nor is it difficult to assign causes for such a consequence. The services of a minister divided between the care of a school and that of a church, must of necessity, be in a great degree inefficient. The charge of such a parish as Cheshire is quite enough to occupy the undivided time of one man. If it should be said that the pecuniary circumstances of the parish are not such as will enable them to provide themselves with the continual services of a clergyman,-in reply to this objection which has occurred to your committee, they would answer, that they are unanimously of opinion, and they believe that facts justify this opinion, that the spiritual prosperity of any parish will be more advanced by the parochial services of a clergyman one half of the time, than by the regular Sunday services of a minister encumbered with the cares of a school. On an examination of the original constitution of the Academy as submitted to the Legislature of this State at the time of its incorporation, your committee have come to the conclusion that the suggestion made by our Diocesan in his address, cannot be adopted by the Convention, because it transcends its powers. The Convention has no control over the funds of the Academy. The management of those funds is confided to a Board of Trustees appointed by the Convention; and to the Convention belongs also the right of appointing the Principal of the Institution : here its power terminates. Under the conviction before expressed of the ill consequences resulting from the union of the Academy and Church; your committee respectfully and unanimously recommend the adoption of the following resolution:

Resolved, That in the opinion of this Convention it is inexpedient that the same gentleman should fill the offices of Principal

of the Episcopal Academy at Cheshire, and pastor of the Epis-
copal Congregation in that place.

Respectfully submitted,

The Convention adjourned to meet at 2 o'clock this after-



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Christ Church, 2 o'clock, P. M. The Convention met pursuant to adjournment. The Constitution of the Church Scholarship Society, as amended by a committee appointed for that purpose, was reported by the president, and having been read article by article, the Constitution as amended was unanimously adopted by the society; and on motion, the Convention approved of the same, pursuant to the eighth article of the former Constitution, providing for alterations therein.

Resolved by the Church Scholarship Society, That the former
officers of the society be continued in office until the first annual
meeting of the Society under the new Constitution, on the day
immediately preceding the commencement of Washington Col-

The Rev. Mr. Wheaton resigned the office of Corresponding
Secretary to the Church Scholarship Society, and the Rev. Mr.
Barlow was elected by the Society to fill the vacancy.

On motion, the thanks of the Society were returned to the
Rev. Mr. Barlow for his services as Agent.

The Rev. Mr. Judd from the committee on the state of the
Church, made the following report, which was read and ac-

Your Committee on the State of the Church have to regret that the very limited time for making their report, precludes every thing like a minute detail of the circumstances relating to the subject presented to their consideration ; but from information communicated, they have the pleasure of presenting to the consideration of the Convention, and through them to the Church in this Diocese, something that is encouraging to the friends of our Zion.

Contemplating the field in which it hath pleased the Great Head of the Church to place us, and the difficulties that have been encountered; we have much cause of thankfulness for the blessings that have attended the efforts of the servants of God, in raising to the present condition of comparative prosperity, this part of his spiritual building. To say nothing of the prejudices that our Zion has encountered, the change from small beginnings to its present condition, is evidence of the power of that

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blessed spirit that rests upon them that worship and serve God in sincerity and truth.

Comparing the situation and the prospects of the Church now with what they were when our forefathers laid the foundation, we have many reasons for grateful acknowledgments to the Giver of every good and perfect gift, and many incentives to fervent adoration and increased efforts to extend the borders, and to water the fields that holy men of God have planted. We have the pleasure of seeing new and improved Churches, a gradual increase of worshippers, an unusual number of faithful laborers, seminaries of learning to supply deficiencies, societies that have effected something and promise more towards the extension of religious knowledge, by means of the Bible, prayer book and missionaries, to which we may add the Scholarship Society, African School, Bible Classes, and Sunday Schools, all useful instruments in the hand of Providence for strengthening the weak, instructing the ignorant, reclaiming the wandering, and building up this holy temple to the Lord.

Although we contemplate what has been done with thankfulness, yet when we look forward to what remains to be accom. plished, we may well say who is sufficient for these things? As long as sinners are to be found there is room for zealous exertions for their reformation ; and success cannot be anticipated without fervent prayer and laborious efforts.

In viewing the spiritual condition of our Zion we have the happiness to contemplate an increase of theological attainments, piety and zeal in her clergy, and of liberality and devotedness to her cause among the laity, with harmony of feeling and unity of exertion.

With all these flattering prospects, much room remains for improvement, and the more we see doing and done the more we shall see to be accomplished. Lukewarmness and a reluctance to make suitable efforts in the cause of Christ is too evi. dent in some sections of the Church, while in other places a too great devotedness to the world and its vanities paralyzes the efforts of both ministers and people. The souls of men are of too much value to be trifled away for the charms of the world, and when men who call on the name of the Lord and look for salvation to the merits of Christ, can be induced to lend their hearts to the pomps and vanities of the world, alarming dangers are to be apprehended.

To secure the future prosperity of the Church, the harmonious efforts of both ministers and people must bring into action the feelings of the heart, the powers of the mind, and the devotedness of the soul to God. The externa's of religion may be

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