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Rev. Alpheus Geer has removed from the Parish of Waterbury to that of Hebron. The Rev. Wm. Lucas has removed from Woodbury to the Parish of Litchfield. The Rev. Joseph T. Clark has removed from the Parish of Woodbridge, to that of St. Peter's Church, Plymouth. And the Rev. Reuben Sherwood has resigned the Parish of Norwalk, and accepted the station of Rector of the Hartford Academy,

The following persons are now candidates for Holy Orders, in this Diocese, viz.-Charles Bradley, John Morgan, Joseph Scott, Oliver Hopson, Allen C. Morgan, William Walter, Gurdon S. Coit, Robert A. Hallam, Fitch W. Taylor, Hobart M. Bartlett, Levi H. Corson, and Edward Jones and Augustus 0. Cæsar, men of color, who are destined as Missionaries to Africa.--Eight of the above named candidates are alumni of Washington College. May we not hope that this Institution will prove a nursery to the Church ?

The fact is now becoming generally known, that the greatest hindrance to the extension of our Communion arises from the inadequate number of our Clergy. Such has been the growth of the Church, that the supply has by no means kept pace with the demand. It is obvious, therefore, that the principal efforts of Episcopalians should be directed to the education of pious young men for the sacred ministry. Under these circumstances, our academies and colleges, and all institutions which facilitate this important object, become doubly interesting to us. But it will be in vain to look to our literary institutions for an adequate supply of candidates for Holy Orders, unless they are aided by the cooperation of education Societies. The sacred profession holds out few worldly allurements to young men of enterprize; and few will be induced to embrace it, except those who are urged to it by a strong sense of religious duty. It is to be lamented too, that a great portion of the sons of wealthy parents are educated in habits which indispose them to so sacred and self-denying a profession. The chief resource of the Church must be sought among the youth of piety and of talents, whose circumstances in life have not subjected them to the severe temptations of wealth and ambition, The experience of other denominations of Christians has taught them to look to such resources. The American Education Society, composed chiefly of the Congregational and Presbyterian denominations, has now four hundred beneficiaries under its charge, who are designed for the ministry in their communion. Unless we would see the Church languish and decline, and unless we are williog to abandon it to the ministrations and instructions of other de. nominations, we must make corresponding exertions. Young men whose piety would lead them to embrace the sacred office, and whose talents would qualify them to adorn it, but who have not the pecuniary means of obtaining a competent education must be assisted. Such youths are to be found. The experience of the Church Scholarship Society has demonstrated this fact. There have been many more

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applications for aid, than its funds could relieve. The exertions which have been made in this Diocese, in behalf of the Church Scholarship Society, have already afforded important aid to thirteen young men who are preparing themselves for Holy Orders, I earnestly hope that its means of beneficence may be enlarged, and that similar efforts may be put forth in every other Diocese in the Union.

The “Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge" does not exert that efficiency which its important objects demand. The funds which come into its treasury result entirely from the canon of the Convention which requires parochial collections, and are altogether independent of any influence of the Society. Indeed, the Board of Directors is so constituted as to preclude the practicability of any meeting, except during the session of the Convention, when there is no time afforded for deliberation If some more efficient organization should not be devised, I would recommend the appointment of a Standing Committee of the Board, residing near to each other, and to whom the active operations of the Society should be confided.

The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, established by the General Convention of our Church, has within the last year commenced a must auspicious course, and has received the most unequivocal proofs of the public favor. A wide field for

A wide field for its enterprize has been opened. Abundant proof has been afforded that there is no want of zeal and liberality in the Church, for the support of Missionaries.But the discouraging fact is now disclosed, that duly qualified Missionaries are not to be obtained, to supply the demand for them; thus af. fording another evidence that the first and greatest efforts of the Church should be directed to the education of pious young men for her Ministry. A general education society should be established. Till this measure is accomplished, or something equivalent to it, neither the General Seminary, nor the General Missionary Society can adequately fulfil the objects for which they are designed, and our vacant parishes must remain unsupplied.

My Brethren of the Clergy:To as the present season is peculiarly interesting. We have met together to take counsel of each other in relation to those great con. cerns which constitute the occupation and business of our lives. Let

God to free our minds from all error, prejudice and pride, and to inspire us with a sincere desire for the promotion of his glory, and the welfare of his Church. Let the occasion animate our zeal, and incite us to fidelity in our Master's cause. We never assemble together, in this way, without a strong probability that in the course of divine Providence, it will be, to some of us the last meeting. Let each one of us apply this consideration to himself; and what our hands find to do, in our ministry, let us do it with our might, knowing that there is no knowledge or device in the grave, whither we are hastening.

THOMAS CHURCH BROWNELL. New Haven, June 2d, 1830.

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On motion, Resolved, That the rules of order of the last Convention be adopted for the government of this, and be read.

The rules of order; were read accordingly, as follows:
1. The business of every day shall be introduced by prayer.

2. When the President takes the chair, no member shall continue standing, or shall afterwards stand unless to address the chair.

3. No member shall absent himself from the service of the conven: tion, unless he have leave from the house.

4. When any member is about to speak in debate, or deliver any matter to th- convention, he shall rise from his seat, and without advancing, shall with due respect address himself to the President, confining himself strictly to the point in debate.

5. No member shall speak more than twice in the same debate, without leave of the house.

6. A question being once determined, shall stand as the judgment of the convention, and shall not again be drawn into debate during the same session.

7. While the President is putting any question, no one shall hold private discourse, stand up, walk into, out of, or across the house, or read any

book. 8. Every member who shall be in the convention when any question is put, shall on a division be counted, unless he be particularly interested in the decision.

9. No motion shall be considered as before the house, unless it be seconded, and reduced to writing when required.

10. When any question is before the convention, it shall be determined on before any thing new is introduced, except for adjournment.

11. The question on a motion for adjournment shall be taken before any other, and without debate.

12. When the convention is to rise, every member shall keep his seat until the President leave the chair.

On motion, Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed, to whom shall be referred the documents of newly incorporated Churches. The Rev. F. Holcomb, the Rev. S. Jewett, and Mr. Charles Nichols, were appointed. The certificates and petitions of St. James' Church, Newtown, of Grace Church, Saybrook, and of the Churches in Salem and Middlebury, were accordingly referred to the above Committee.

The following persons were found to have been duly elected to represent their respective Parishes, but had not presented certificates of their election from the Parish Clerk : Henry L. Dekoven, Ebenczer Jackson, Jun., Jesse Ives, and Asaph Pinney.

On motion, Resolved, That these gentlemen be admitted to seats in this Convention.

Leave of absence, on account of sickness in his family, was granted for the remainder of the session, to Mr. Isaac Stiles.

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On motion, The Committee appointed on the subject of newly organized Churches, was increased by the addition of the Rev. Mr. Stone and Dr. Vanderburgh.

The following Report of the proceedings of the Standing Committee, was laid upon the table, and on motion, read by the Secretary.

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Abstract of the proceedings of the Standing Committee, betroeen the
Conventions of 1829 and 1830.

HARTFORD, June 4, 1899. At a meeting of the Standing Committee, composed of the following persons; the Rev. H. Croswell, N S. Wheaton, R. Sherwood, D. Baldwin, and H. Humphreys, (the Rev. H. Croswell being absent ;) the Rev. N. S. Wheaton was chosen Secretary.

The Rev. Harry Finch, and the Rev. Wm. Lucas, Deacons, were recommended to the Bishop to receive the holy order of Priests. Adjourned.

HARTFORD, August 6. At a meeting of the Standing Committee, all the members being present :

Levi Hanaford Corson, a graduate of Washington College, was recommended to the Bishop to be placed on the list of candidates for the ministry. Adjourned.

CHESHIRE, Oct. 14, 1829. At a meeting of the Standing Committee; present, Rev. Messrs. Croswell, Wheaton, Baldwin, and Humphreys.

Hobart M'Call Bartlett, a graduate of Washington College, vas recommended as a candidate for the ministry.

Edward Jones and Augustus V. Cæsar, students of the African Mission School, were also recommended to be received as candidates, with a view to their being employed as Missionaries in the Colony of Liberia. Adjourned.

New-HAVEN, June 2d, 1830. At a meeting of the Standing Committee, all the members being present :

The Rev. Norman Pinney, Deacon, was recommended to receive the holy order of Priests. Adjourned.

I hereby certify, that the above is a true extract of the proceedings of the Standing Committee, since the Convention of 1829.

Secretary of the Standing Committee.



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On motion, the Convention proceeded to the election of the Standing Committee for the year ensuing. The Rev. Messrs. Croswell, Wheaton, Sherwood, Judd and Humphreys were elected. The Rev. Mr. Croswell laid upon the table the report of the Treasurer of the

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Society for the promotion of Christian Knowledge, (See Appendix
No. I.

On motion, Resolved, That a Committee be appointed, whose duty
it shall be to collect from the Lay-Delegates the quotas of their re.
spective parishes to the Convention Fund, agreeably to a resolu-
tion of the Convention of 1823. . Mr. Curtis and Mr. Wire were

The Rev. Mr. Wheaton proposed for adoption the following amend-
ed Constitution of the Society for the promotion of Christian Knowl-
edge, which, on motion, was ordered to be entered on the Journal to
be acted upon at the next Convention.

ART. 1. This Society shall be called “ The Connecticut Protestant
Episcopal Society for the promotion of Christian Knowledge.”

ART. 2. The Bishop of the Diocese shall be, ex officio, President of
the Society; and the Bishop and the Standing Committee shall consti-
tute the Board of Directors. . The Secretary of the Standing Com-
mittee shall be the Secretary and Treasurer of the Society.

Art. 3. The Board shall meet as often as the interests of the Society may require; and may take such measures as they may think expedient to obtain funds. They shall employ missionaries within the Diocese ; and may cause to be procured and distribuied or sold Bibles, Prayer Books, and Religious Tracts, in such manner as they may think proper.

ART. 4. The Secretary shall keep a register of the names of the members and donors, with the amount of their contributions ; and a record of the collections made in congregations or by Auxiliary Socie. ties.

ART. 5. All monies received for the benefit of the Society, shall be subject to the order of the Board, and shall be by them appropriated to the purposes specified in Article 3.

ART. 6. Persons contributing one dollar annually shall be members of the Society: those who contribute five dollars at one time shall be members for life ; and those who contribute twenty dollars shall be patrons.

ART. 7. There shall be divine service, and a sermon; or addresses, delivered at every annual session of the Convention, and a collection made for the benefit of the Society.

ART. 8. The Board shall make an annual report of their proceedings to the Convention; and the Treasurer shall also make a report of the state of the sunds, which reports, or so much of them as the Convention may direct, shall be entered on the Journals.

ART. 9. No alteration shall be made in this Constitution, without having been proposed to the Convention, at least one day before it is acted upon; and the Convention alone sball have power to make alLerations.

On motion, Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to nominate

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