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use of the means, in dependence on the divine aid, and by visiting, to excite an awakened Christian zeal and earnestness.

Christian harmony appears to prevail among us. I feel it is necessary for us to pray more ardently, for those refreshing influences of the Holy Spirit, which are so much needed for the prosperity of a church.


REV. WILLIAM WATSON, RECTOR. Families, 100; baptisms-infants, 23, adults, 9; confirmed, 26; communi, cants-added, by removals, 4, anew, 49; lost, by death, 7, removals, 8, present number, 150; marriages, 3; burials, 14; Sunday School-teachers, 26, scholars, 125; missionary and charitable contributions-Dom. and Foreign Mission, $65, S. Ó. C. K. $22.50, Church Scholarship Society, 46, for Church at New Briton, $45,-total, $178.50.

And when, in addition to the above, to speak of what has been done for the promotion of religion among ourselves, it is stated, that within the past year à Parish Library has been commenced, at a cost of about $100,40, or more, copies of the Chronicle," and 20 of "the Spirit of Missions," subscribed for, and the Sunday School well provided with books, and “the Childrens' Magazine,"—it is only necessary to point to these statistics to show, that so far as an increase in numbers, and a spirit of benevolence, are concerned, we have no cause of dissatisfaction with our present condition.

As a professing Church, there are some indications that we are growing in grace, and making some advancement in boliness. Not only are the public services and ordinances of God's house well attended; but we have more family Prayer, an increasing sense of personal responsibility, in regard to the upbuilding of Christ's kingdom, and more of that godly walk and conversation in the daily concerns of life, which is found only where the life of God in the soul is active and vigorous.

A weekly lecture throughout the season of Lent, and a daily service in Passion week, with a due observance of other special seasons, for which provision has been made by the Church, has been, it is thought, specially blessed to us, and has contributed, not a little, we trust, to awaken us to righteousness, as a people.

Still, among that portion of us who name ourselves of Christ, there is yet much room for improvement-deficiences and inconsistencies may now be seen in but too many of our number.

I cannot close this report without adding, that it is to be regarded—by ourselves, at least—as a matter of devout joy and gratitude to God, that, while from peculiar circumstances as a community, diverse interests exist, which exert an influence that might have proved injurious to us as a Church, and which have in fact riven asunder a neighbouring one of a different denomination, we yet remain perfectly united, with our counsels characterized by unanimity, and

ple, as a body, standing fast in one spirit, " with one mind striving together for the faith" and the advancement" of the Gospel."


REV. F. HOLCOMB, RECTOR. Families, 102; baptisms,infants, 14, adults, 8; confirmed, 5; communicants, 100, added, by removals, 2, anew, 20; lost, by death, 6, removals, 3; marriages, 8; burials, 9; Sunday School-teachers, 20, scholars, 144; Bible class, 35; missionary and charitable contributions, $100.

It is now twenty-four years that I have had thep astoral charge of my present Parish. During that period, it is almost unnecessary to state, that great changes have taken place, many of all ages have gone to their rest, particularly those who, the iod of my settlement with them, were in middle age, or past. The course of worldly business has taken many from us who are now helping to build up and support the Church in other places. Our Parish, how


ever, has been constantly, though gradually, increasing, and it is now with great pleasure I am able to state, that no part of my protracted ministry has been any more signally blest than the labours of the last year. God be thanked for what he has done among us. It has pleased him, in his goodness and mercy, to smile graciously upon this people, not only by reviving the religious sensibilities of such as had grown careless in their

Christian profession, but by bringing his grace near to others who were afar off. Some twenty or thirty persons, of different ages, though principally young, have recently become deeply interested in the subject of religion, and now find a joy and peace in believing, to which they were before strangers.

The people who compose my charge, are blest with the means, and, what is far better, the disposition, to support the Gospel. It is now going on seven years only, that my labours have been confined to this Parish, and the apparent effect of an increase of services during that time, is good, as a proportionable increase in numerical strength, and of pious devotion to the cause of religion, are now ready to attest.

May God bless his Church, and continue to answer the prayers of his people, by ordering all things for its increase and prosperity.

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REV. SOLOMON G. HITCHCOCK, OFFICIATING MINISTER. Families, 54, added, 2, lost, by removal, 1. The Report of clerical services will be dated from the 23d of July last ; since then the number of infants baptized, 15, adults, 8; confirmed, 8; marriages, 3; funerals, 3 ; communicants, 39, added, 5, lost, by removal, 1, by death, 1.

The number of children in the Parish, of a suitable age to attend the Sunday School, is about 70. They are arranged into classes according to their respective age and progress, and their recitations are heard by the teachers at the opening of the school; after this a general exercise is introduced, consisting of some portion of the Church Catechism, recited by the whole school, and then explained in a familiar manner by the minister of the Parish.

A Bible and Liturgy class has been organized, which holds its meetings in the church on Sunday evenings. The exercises of this class are conducted principally upon the plan of the Rev. Dr. Croswell, as published weekly in the Chronicle of the Church. Twenty-four numbers of this paper have been laken by individuals in the Parish.

The stated ministerial services performed during the past year, have been to preach twice on Sunday, superintend the Sunday School during the intermission, and the Bible class in the evening. A Wednesday evening lecture was also commenced about the 1st of January, and continued until about Easter. In addition to which the regular services of the Church have been celebrated on most of the holy days and other special occasions. A portion of Scripture has also been explained, in connection with the meetings of the Ladies' Sewing Society, an association which was formed for benevolent purposes, and which has tended, in various ways, to exert a beneficial influence.

The Parish having suffered much, in former years, from the frequent removals of their clergymen, and being anxious to afford every convenience for a permanent residence among them, have exerted themselves during the past year, in the erection of a parsonage. Some delay has occurred in the execution of this project, owing to the extreme pressure of business affairs, and the exhaustion of the original subscriptions; but the building is now rapidly progressing, and will undoubtedly be completed before the expiration of the present slimmer.

In connection with this may be added a few words with reference to the Parish of

ST. JOHN'S CHURCH, WASHINGTON. This Parish has been united with Woodbury during the past year, and has shared the one fourth part of its clerical services.

The number of families connected with it, is 21; children baptized, 1; persons confirmed, 4; marriage, 1; subscribers to the Chronicle of the Church, 6.

The ministerial labours performed in this Parish, though unfrequent and small in amount, have been far more successful than was anticipated. Still it is impossible to produce any extensive or permanent results, so long as the Church has so little opportunity for making itself known.

It is gratifying to perceive that the desire for a greater proportion of clerical services is manifestly increasing, and it is to be hoped that some arrangement may be made, which will enable the Parish to obtain it. The services of the Church are always well attended, and are listened to with a degree of interest and seriousness which presents a favourable indication of the state of religion, and an encouraging prospect of success.


REV, D. OG DEN, RECTOR. Families, 53; baptisms-infants, 8, adults, 1; confirmed, ?; communicants, 65, added, by removals, 1, anew, 2 ; burials, 8; Sunday School-teachers, 9, scholars, 50 ; missionary and charitable contributions, $17.50.

During my connection with this Parish, which is nearly a year, its members have manifested much zeal and liberality. Though few in numbers, and limited as to means, they have done much towards supplying the necessary wants of the Church. Through the active and energetic exertions of the Ladies' Society, the proceeds of whose labours go to the support of the minister, the Parish has been enabled, by the little assistance it has received from the Christian Knowledge Society, for the first time during the past year, to have the services of a clergyman entire. And the good results are apparent in the steady increase of attendants upon the Lord's day.


REV, D. H. SHORT, MINISTER. Families, 79; confirmed, 2; communicants—added, by removals, 3; lost, by death, 1, present number, 77; marriage, 1; burials, 1 ; Sunday School-teachers, 12, scholars, 50.

The number of families connected with this Parish is large, for a country town, and the attendance upon the services of the Church, highly encouraging; but from the shortness of time which I have officiated among them, I am unable to form any accurate judgment of the state of religious feeling. The new church is nearly completed, and is expected to be ready for consecration in a very few weeks.


REV. E. HUNTINGTON, RECTOR. During the past year, several interesting events have occurred in this Parish. One of these is the completion of a new Church, which was consecrated by the Bishop on the 11th of May. It is now well filled with worshipers on the Lord's day. Another is the occurrence, during the past winter, of a season of great interest in religious things. Twenty-three adults have been baptized recently, in the Church. Forty-one were confirmed by the Bishop, during his last visitation of the Parish. Twenty-four have been added to the number of communicants. Twelve have been united in holy matrimony. Fifteen have been attended to the grave, with the last offices of religion. Twenty-five dollars were contributed a short time since, to the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Church. Most of the usual contributions have been omitted in consequence of efforts necessary to be made for the completion of the payment for the Church, which has been recently effected. The plan of weekly of ferings is now in successful operation in the Parish. The Sunday School comprises about 100 scholars. On the whole, the prospects of the Parish are

encouraging; and we trust the future will show a still improved slate of tbings among us.


REV. E. HUNTINGTON, RECTOR. During the past year I have had the pastoral charge of this Parish. municanis-added, 2; marriages, 8; baptisms—infants, 3.




REV, E. HUNTINGTON, RECTOR. The prospects of this Parish are at present quite encouraging. On every occasion on the Lord's day, when the Church is open, it is filled with attentive worshipers. The Sunday School comprises about 50 scholars. For the present year, I officiate in this Church one ihird of the time.


REV. T. W. SNOW, RECTOR. Families, 34; baptisms infants, 3, adults, 1; confirmed, 3; communicants -added, by removals, 4, anew, 5; lost, by removal, 1; Sunday School-teachers, 8, scholars, 35; missionary and charitable contributions-Foreign Missions, $20; other objects, $6.

During the present winter there has been a more than usual degree of religious sensibility in the Parish of Bethlem, especially among the young. A confirmation will be held at the approaching visitation of the Bishop, after which it is expected that several others will unite themselves to the communion, in addition to those reported above as already added. The state of this Parish, I may safely say, is, in almost every respect, very much improved since the last account from it.

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Families, 29, added, 3; baptisms infants, 2, adults, 2; communicants-added, by removals, 2, anew, 2; marriage, 1 ; burials, 5; Sunday School-leachers, 14, scholars, 55 ; missionary and charitable contributions-Foreign Missions, $74, charitable and other objects, $65.

As to the Parish of Northfield, although the additions to the communion are fewer than in Bethlem, and though I expect but a small number at the coming confirmation, I have reason to believe that my ministry has not been altogether unblessed there by the Spirit of God.


REV. J. JONES, OFFICIATING MINISTER. Families, about 46; communicants-added, 2, died, 1, removed, 1, present number, 18; marriages, 7; burials, 7; Sunday School-teachers, 5, scholars, 26; contributions to the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, $5.19.

Since my connection with this Parish as Rector commenced, there has been no material change to its disadvantage. I have regularly officiated in it to the present time. Besides the services of the Lord's day, there has been an evening lecture held the same day, with but few omissions, and well attended. A Sunday School was instituted the past year, consisting of 18 scholars and 4 teachers, and did well for the time being, till the fall; it was then discontinued.

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Nothing has occurred to lessen the number of the parishioners, but in the event of death or removal.

This infant Church, like every other of our communion and establishment, has had the prejudices and dislike of those who are unacquainted with the evangelical truths which she inculcates, and the apostolic order which she maintains, to encounter and disapnul. Several who are subscribers of different denominations, have contributed to the maintenance of the sacred ministry, and are regular attendants. The congregation is gradually increasing, and respectable; and there appears to be no insuperable obstacles in the way, (provided this Church receives a more extended donation from the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, than it has hitherto,) of building up a substantial and efficient Parish. A constant ministration cannot be sustained in this place, without an enlarged donation. The salary of the Rector, as a remuneration for his services, is small; and every effort is made, and is still making, to increase it the present year; expecting, with what can be procured here, and from the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, that this Parish may be built up, and flourish. Insulated as it is, it does, perhaps, more than any other Church in this Diocese, call for this special countenance and aid. And it is to be hoped that this call may not be in vain. This Parish and its vicinity is, in all respects, missionary ground.

May the holy and compassionate Head of the Church, look with favour on this portion of his Zion, and water the vine which his own right hand hath planted here. And may his own divine promise be verified," A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation : I the Lord will hasten it in his time."


REV. CHARLES WILLIAM BRADLEY, RECTOR. Families, 41; baptisms-infant, 1, adults, 2; communicants--added, anew, 4, by removals, 1, died or removed, 4, present number, 54; confirmed, 7; burials, 4.

The present incumbent commenced his services in this Parish, on the 1st September, 1837. Since mid-winter, I think that there has been a more general attendance on public worship, an increased attention to the subject of religion, and a manifest improvement in personal holiness, on the part of the parishioners. The good degree of prosperity which this Parish enjoys, is to be attributed, under God, to the Rev. Lucius M. Purdy, its late faithful Rector, whose health failing in the prosecution of his multiplied services, he resigned in May, 1837.


REV. J. 8. COVELL, RECTOR. Families, 28; baptisms infants, 6, adults, 3; confirmed, 8; communicants -added, 9, removed, 4, present number, 42; burial, 1; marriage, 1; Bible class, 15; Sunday School teachers, 7, children, 35; subscribers for the Childrens' Magazine, 18, for the Chronicle of the Church, 13; volumes in the adult library, 35, Sunday School, 55 ; missionary and charitable contributions, $19.31. Six dollars have been applied to the Society of Christian Knowledge, the remainder to the Sunday School Parish library.

Since Easter, on account of the embarrassed state of business, this Parish has been obliged to relinquish one half of my services. But the general prospects of the Parish are still quite encouraging; the attention of the people of The place is more generally turned to the Church, and the attendance upon its services is increasing.


Families, 40; communicants-added, 3, present number, 48; marriage, 1;

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