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*The Rev. Wm. Jarvis, residing at Chatham.
The Rev. Stephen Jewett, residing at New Haven.
*The Rev. Isaac Jones.

*The Rev. Zebediah Hyde Mansfield, Minister of St. John's Church, Ware-
house Point.
*The Rev. Truman Marsh, residing at Litchfield.
The Rev. Wm. C. Mead, D. D., Rector of St. Paul's Church, Norwalk.
The Rev. Joseph H. Nichols, residing at Greenfield Hill.
The Rev. Abel Nichols, Minister of St. Mark's Church, Bridgewater.
*The Rev. Birdsey G. Noble, residing at Bridgeport.
The Rev. David Ogden, Rector of St. Mark's Church, New Canaan.
The Rev. Seth B. Paddock, Rector of Christ Church, Norwich.
The Rev. Wm. Payne, Minister of St. Michael's Church, Litchfield.

*The Rev. Dexter Potier, Rector of St. James' Church, Preston,(Poquetonnuck.)

*The Rev. Lucius M. Purdy. The Rev. Nathaniel S. Richardson, Minister of Christ Church, Watertown. The Rev. Rodney Rossiter, Rector of St. Peter's Church, Monroe. *The Rev. John H. Rouse, Rector of Christ Church, Bethany. *The Rev. Thomas G. Salter. * The Rev. Thomas S. Savage, Missionary to Africa. The Rev. Joseph Scott, Rector of St. James' Church, Derby. *The Rev. George C. Shepherd. The Rev. Henry B. Sherman, Minister of St. Paul's Church, Windham. The Rev. David H. Short, Rector of St. James' Church, Danbury, and St. Thomas' Chapel, Bethel. *The Rev. John D. Smith, Rector of Union Church, Humphreysville. *The Rev. Albert Spooner, residing at Norwich.

* The Rev. George A. Sterling, officiating in Christ Church, Middle Haddam.

The Rev. Servilius Stocking, Rector of St. John's Church, North Haven, and St. Andrew's Church, Northford.

The Rev. Samuel C. Stratton, Rector of Trinity Church, Newtown.
The Rev. Foster Thayer, Rector of St. Paul's Church, Huntington.
The Rev. Ambrose S. Todd, Rector of St. John's Church, Stamford.
*The Rev. Charles J. Todd, 'Rector of Christ Church, Reading.
The Rev. David

G. Tomlinson, Rector of Christ Church, Trumbull.
The Rev. Silas Totten, D.D., President of Washington College, Hartford.
*The Rev. Joseph D. Tyler,' Instrnctor in the Asylum for the Deaf and
Dumb, Hartford.

The Rev. Thomas H. Vail, Rector of St. John's Church, Essex,
The Rev. William Warland, Jr., Rector of Grace Church, Saybrook.
The Rev. Wm. Watson, Rector of St. Peter's Church, Plymouth.

*The Rev. Nathaniel S. Wheaton, D. D., Rector of Christ Church, New Orleans.

*The Rev. George S. White, Canterbury.
*The Rev. Milton Wilcox, Simsbury.
*The Rev. John Williams.
*The Rev. Edwin W. Wiltbank, Rector of Christ Church, Stratford.
The Rev. F. B. Woodward, Minister of St. Matthew's Church, Plymouth.
The Rev. John W. Woodward, Rector of Christ Church, Salem,

* The Rev. Benjamin M. Yarrington, Minister of Christ Church, Greenwich.

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Clergymen with this mark (*) prefixed to their names, were not present during the session of the Convention.

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Wm. Atwill,
James R. Bailey,
Shelden Davis,
Charles W. Everest,
George L. Foote,
Wm. G. French,

Paschal P. P. Kidder,
Isaac H. Tuttle,
Ephraim L. Perkins,
Charles Gillet,
John G. Hull,
Charles Prindle,

Wm. G. Morgan,
Henry Townsend,
Martin Moody,
Thomas C. Pitkin,
Daniel Shepherd,
John Riggs.

The following Parishes paid their assessment for 1839, as required by Canon II.: St. Paul's Church, Norwalk, $6.00 St. James' Church and St. ThoChrist Church, Norwich, 6.75

mas' Chapel, Danbury, $3.75 St. Luke's Church, Glastenbury, 4.50 St. James' Church, Westville, 1.00 Christ Church, Watertown,


St. Andrew's Church, Meriden, 3.75 Grace Church, Hamden, 3.75 Christ Church, Hartford, 9.00 Trinity Parish, New Haven, 16.50 Christ Church, Westport,

4.50 Christ Church, Trumbull,

2.80 St. Paul's Church, Huntington, 2.50 Trinity Parish, Fairfield, 4.50 St. John's Church, N. Guilford, 0.75 St. Peter's Church, Plymouth, 4.50 Union Church, N. Killingworth, 0.25 St. Paul's Church, Woodbury, 2.81 Christ Church, Guilford,

3.75 St. John's Church, Essex,

3.00 St. Paul's Church, Windham, 3.00 St. Matthew's Church, Wilton, 3.00 Christ Church, Bethany,

3.371 St. John's Church, Stamford,

4.50 All Saints' Church, Wolcott, 1.87 St. Mark's Church, N. Canaan, 3.00 St. Andrew's Church, N.Preston, 1.871 St. Peter's Church, Monroe, 2.43 Trinity Church, Branford, 1.95 Christ Church, Middletown, 7.50 St. Michael's Church, Litchfield, 3.75 Trinity Church, Newtown, 4.871 St. Stephen's Church, Ridgefield, 3.75 St. Michael's Church, Nauga St. Peter's Church, Hebron, 1.873 tuck,

2.81 St. John's Church, Waterbury, 5.621 Trinity Church, Brooklyn, 1.87 Christ Church, Reading, 1838-9, 4.98 St. Maithew's Church, Plymouth, 3.25 St. John's Church, Bridgeport, 7.50 St. James' Church, N. London, 5.62 Union Church, Humphreysville, 2.00 St. Andrew's Church, Northford, 1.50 St. Paul's Church, Brookfield, 3.75 St. James' Church, Derby, 1838-9, 6.25 Received from Wm. H. Scovill, St. John's Church, North Haven, 1.00 Esq., being a balance in the Trinity Church, Bristol, 1.871 hands of the late Sec’ry, the Christ Church, Middle Haddam, 2.00 Rev. A.C. Morgan, deceased, 2.68 St. John's Church, Washington, 0.94 Trinity Church, Chatham, 4.50

Total, $193.75

The following Parishes did not pay into the Convention Fund, for the cur. rent year: Bethlem,


Preston, (Poque- Salem, Bradleyville, Milford,

tonnuck,) Saybrook, Bridgewater, New Britain, Quakers' Farms, Sharon, East Windsor, Middlebury, Roxbury,

Wallingford, East Haven, Northfield, Simsbury, West Haven, Granby,

New Milford, Southington, Woodbridge, Hitchcocksville, Oxford,


Weston. Kent,








Art. 1. This Society shall be called " THE CONNECTICUT PROT-

Art. 2. The Bishop of the Diocese shall be, ex officio, President of the Society; and the Bishop and the Standing Committee shall constitute the Board of Directors. The Secretary of the Standing Committee shall be the Secretary and Treasurer of the Society.

Art. 3. The Board shall meet as often as the interests of the Society may require;

and may take such measures as they may think expedient, to obtain funds. They shall employ Missionaries within the Diocese; and

may cause to be procured and distributed or sold, Bibles, Prayer ooks, and Religious Tracts, in such manner as they may think proper.

Art. 4. The Secretary shall keep a register of the names of the members and donors, with the amount of their contributions; and a record of the collections made in congregations, or by Auxiliary Societies.

Art. 5. All moneys received for the benefit of the Society, shall be subject to the order of the Board, and shall be by them appropriated w the purposes specified in Article 3.

Art. 6. Persons contributing one dollar annually shall be members of the Society; those who contribute five dollars at one time shall be members for life, and those who contribute twenty dollars, shall be patrons.

Art. 7. There shall be divine service, and a sermon, or addresses, delivered at every annual session of the Convention, and a collection made for the benefit of the Society.'

ART. 8. The Board shall make an annual report of their proceedings to the Convention; and the Treasurer shall also make a report of the state of the funds; which reports, or so much of them as the Convention may direct, shall be entered on the Journals.

Art. 9. No alteration shall be made in this Constitution, without having been proposed to the Convention, at least one day before it is acted upon ; and the Convention alone shall have power to make alterations.



Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge, in account with Samuel Farmur Jarvis, Treasurer.

DR. ,1838. June 13, To cash paid on the appropriations made August 3, 1837,

and due at Easter, as follows:
To the Rev. Levi H. Corson, for missionary services, at

To the Rev. David Ogden, New Canaan,

25.00 To the Rev. Thomas Clark, Huntington,

25.00 To the Rev. E. E. Beardsley, Cheshire,

To Mr. Uriel Spencer, Warden, for missionary aid,

To the Rev. Jos. H. Nichols, for missionary services
at Greenwich,

To the Rev. E. J. Darken, balance due at Easter, for

missionary services in Weston, as per Journal of
1838, p. 41, note,

To the Rev. 'Oliver Hopson, for missionary services
at Middlebury,

To the Rev. Alpheus Geer, Hebron,

To the Rev. Calvin Wolcott, for performing divine

service in St. James' Church, Poquetonnuck, for two
quarters and one sixth, at the rate of $150 per an-
See Journal of 1838, p. 41, note,

To the Rev. J. M. Tappan, for missionary services

in Essexborough, as per appropriation of June 12th,


$385.92 " 21, To cash paid Rev. Hilliard Bryant, for missionary services

in Bradleyville, as per appropriation of June 12, 1838, 50.00 July 22, To cash paid Rev. Silas Blaisdale, for missionary services

due last Easter, by appropriation of August 3, 1837, 50.00 To cash paid widow of the Rev. S. Beach, for missionary

services at East Haddam, according to resolution passed
July 6, 1838, through the Bishop,

25.00 Oct. 16, To cash paid Emmanuel Russell, Treasurer of St. Mark's

Church, New Britain, advanced by him to the Rev. Thos.
J. Davis, for missionary services in that Parish, due last

75.00 23, To cash' paid Rev. Henry Fitch, due at Michaelmas, for missionary services at Hamden,

37.50 Nov. 5, To cash paid Rev.Joseph H. Nichols, $25; Rev. J. M. Tap

pan, $25; Rev. Wm. G. Heyer, $25; being the Mich-
aelmas payment for missionary services in Greenwich,
Essexborough, and East Haddam,

75.00 7, To cash paid Rev. E. E. Beardsley, fór missionary services in Cheshire,

25.00 9, To cash paid Rev. David H. Short, for missionary services in Danbury,

25.00 To cash paid' Rev. A. B. Chapin, for missionary services in Westville,

50.00 28, To cash paid Rev. David Ogden, $25 ; Rev. Oliver Hopson,

$25; Rev. Servilius Stocking, $25 ; Rev. Z. H. Mans-
field, $25; being the Michaelmas payment for missionary
Pervices in New Canaan, Middlebury, West Haven, and
Warehouse Point,

100.00 Dec. 17, To cash paid Rev. Šilas Blaisdale, for missionary services in Salem,

50.00 Amount carried over, $948.42

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DR. Jan. 1, To amount of cash paid, brought forward,

April 12, To cash paid Rev. Silas Blaisdale, being the Easter pay-
ment for missionary services in Salem,

15, To cash paid Rev. Ďavid Ogden, for missionary services
in New Canaan,

To cash paid the 4th instant, by E. Lacy, Cashier, the Bish-

op's order in favour of Rev. Joseph H. Nichols, for mis-
sionary services in Greenwich,

“ 18, To cash paid Rev. E. E. Beardsley, for missionary services
at Cheshire,

25.00 " 29, To cash paid Samuel Ingham, Esq., being the Easter allow

ance voted to the Rev. James M. Tappan, for missionary
services in Essexborough,

May 11, To cash paid Rev. Z. H. Mansfield, for missionary services
at Warehouse Point,

25.00 " 20, To cash paid Rev. Henry Fitch, due at Easter, for missionary services at Hamden,

37.50 June 8, To cash paid sundry postages,

0.66 To balance to be carried to new account,


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June 11, By balance from last account, as per Journal of 1838, p. 39, $121.08
13, By cash, being the amount received at the Annual Conven-

tion, from forty-two Parishes, and a collection in Christ
Church, Hartford, at the Annual Sermon, as per Jour-
nal of 1838, p. 42,

By cash from Rev. Calvin Wolcott, as follows: from the
Ladies' Sewing Circle, $25; and monthly collection at Po-
quetonnuck, $12; collected from friends of the Church
in Norwich and New London, $10.50,

47.50 July 6, By cash from Mr. John Bishop, through the Rev. Dr. Cros

well, being a contribution to the Society from the Parish
of East Haven,

7, By cash from the 'Rev. Allen C. Morgan, Treasurer of the

Convention, refunding the loan made August 3, 1837, ac

cording to the resolution on p. 11th of Journal of 1838, 115.00 17, By cash from St. John's Church, Bridgeport, by Charles Foote, Cashier,

20.00 Oct. 19, By cash received from St. Mark's Church, New Canaan, 5.00

“ 23, By cash from the offerings of Trinity Church, New Haven, 37.50 Nov. 7, By cash from New Haven County Clerical Association, by Rev. L. B. Hull,

5.18 1839. Jan. 1, By cash, Christmas offerings from Christ Church, Middletown, 20.00 Feb. 15, By cash, amount of collections from Easter to Christmas, 1838, in Christ Church, Salem, by Rev. Silas Blaisdale,

6.00 " 28, By cash from Trinity Church, Newtown, by Rev. S. C. Stratton, 6.00 Mar. 30, By cash from Union Church, Hitchcocksville, Christmas offering, by Uriel Spencer,

April 10, By cash, amount of Easter offerings in Christ Church, Sa-
lem, by the Rev. Silas Blaisdale,

By cash, Easter offerings from Christ Church, Middletown, 12.00
20, By cash, "offerings of the Church,” from St. James' Church,
Danbury, through the Rev. D. H. Short,


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