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Church Scholarship Society, in account with J. M. Goodwin, Treasurer, DR.

To cash loaned sundry beneficiaries, from June 14, 1838, to June
12, 1839,

Feb. To cash paid J. B. Eldridge, for printing blanks,

3.00 June 12, To cash, balance on hand this day,

211.45 $1,264.45

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Per Contra,

CR, 1838. June, By balance, cash on hand,

$246.70 By cash, Trinity Church, Chatham,

20.00 Aug. 2, By cash, St. John's Church, Waterbury,

67.00 By cash, St. Peter's Church, Plymouth,

50.00 15, By cash, C. Butler, annual subscription,

2.00 Oct. 9, By cash, Female 'Beneficent Society,' si. Peier's Church, Plymouth,

50.00 Dec. By cash, a lady,

1.00 1839. Jan. 17, By cash, Rev. D. H. Short, refunded,

50.00 " 20, By cash, Christ Church, Middletown,

10.00 “ 24, By cash, Christ Church, Hartford,

227.55 Feb. By cash, St. John's Church, Waterbury,

116.00 April 12, By cash, Rev. L. H. Corson, refunded,

50.00 By cash, Sunday School, Christ Church, Middletown, 3.50 " 22, By cash, Miss Vashti Sherman, deceased, legacy, in pt. 140.00 By cash, Trinity Church, Fairfield,

10.00 May 1, By cash, St. John's Church, Bridgeport,

30.00 June 3, By cash, Miss Vashti Sherman, deceased, balance leg. acy,

65.00 By cash, Mrs. Amy Peck, paid, Rev. D. H. Short, 10.00 12, By cash, Trinity Church, Branford,

5.00 By cash, Church, Middlebury,

3.00 By cash, St. Luke's Church, Glastenbury,

9.51 By cash, Christ Church, Norwich,

20.00 By cash, St. James' Church, New London,

21.19 By cash, St. Paul's Church, Norwalk,

20.00 By cash, a lady of St. Paul's Church, Huntington, 25.00 By cash, Calvin Butler, annual subscription,

3.00 By cash, Trinity Church, Chatham,



$1264.45 By cash on hand,

$211.45 (Errors excepted.)

J. M. GOODWIN, Treasurer. Hartford, June 12, 1839.

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Balance on hand last year,
Received on loans, refunded,
Received from Parishes, societies, and individuals,



967.75 $1264.45

Paid to 13 beneficiaries,
Paid expenses,
Balance on hand,


3.00 211.45 $1,264.45






Article 1. The Protestant Episcopal Church in Connecticut, as a constituent part of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, accedes to, recognizes, and adopts the General Constitution of that Church, and acknowledges its authority accordingly.

ART. 2. There shall be a Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in this Diocese, on the second Tuesday of June, in each year, at such place as shall have been determined upon by the Bishop; and in case of vacancy in the Episcopate, by the Standing Committee.

Art. 3. Every Convention shall be opened with prayer, and the celebration of the Lord's Supper. And it shall be the duty of the Bishop, either to deliver a charge, or sermon, or to appoint one of his Clergy to preach at the opening of each Convention ;-and in case of a vacancy in the Episcopate, the Standing Committee shall appoint.

Art. 4. The Bishop shall preside in Convention; but in case of absence or of vacancy in the Episcopate, the Convention shall elect a President pro tem.

Art. 5. The Bishop shall have power to call a special Convention when he may judge it conducive to the good of the Church; or when applied to for that purpose by the Standing Committee, or five Presbyters. And in case of vacancy in the Episcopale, the Standing Committee shall have power to call a special Convention.

ART. 6. The Convention shall be composed of both Clergymen and Laymen. Every officiating minister of this Church, regularly appointed to the charge of a congregation, in union with this Convention; ministers employed as missionaries, under the appointment of the ecclesiastical authority; clerical instructors of youth in any seminary of learning in this State, constituted by civil or ecclesiastical authority; and ministers whose age and infirmities prévent from exercising the clerical functions; shall be members of this Convention. Each Parish in this State which shall have been received into union with the Convention, shall be entitled to a representation in Convention, by one delegate; and if it shall consist of more than fifty families, by two; to be chosen by the Parish. And if any Parish be composed of two or more congregations, having a corresponding number of Church edifices, such Parish shall be entitled to a representation from each of such congregations, as from so many distinct Parishes. But before any delegate shall take his seat, he shall produce a certificate of his appointment, signed by the Wardens, or Parish Clerk. And one third of the members of the Clerical Order, and twenty members of the Lay order, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business; but a smaller number may adjourn.

Art. 7. The Clergy and Laity in the Convention shall deliberate in one body; and on every question, a majority of votes of those present shall decide: bui if upon any question it be required by five members, the two orders shall

vote thereon separately, and a concurrence of a majority of each order shall be necessary to give validity to any measure.

Art. 8. Á Secretary shall be chosen by ballot, immediately upon the opening of the Annual Convention, from the Clerical members thereof. It shall be his duty to take minutes of their proceedings, to preserve their journals and records, to aitest the public acts of the body, and faithfully deliver into the hands of his successor, all books and proceedings relative to the concerns of the Church, which may be in his possession. And it also shall be his duty to notify, through the channel of such public prints as may be designated by the ecclesiastical authority, the time and place appointed for the meeting of the succeeding, or special Convention.

Art. 9. The Standing Committee shall be elected at the Annual Convention; and shall be composed of five Clerical members, who shall be Rectors of Parishes, or instructors in some seminary instituted by the ecclesiastical or civil authority of this State. At their first meeting, which shall always be on the day of their election, they shall appoint from their own body a President and a Secretary, who shall keep a journal of the proceedings, subject to the inspection of the Convention. Any three of the Committee, (the whole having been summoned by the President,) shall be a quorum, except for such purposes, as agreeably to their own rules, or the Canons of the General Convention, may require a larger number.

Art. 10. The Secretary and Standing Committee of this Convention shall continue in office until their successors shall have been appointed.

Art. 11. A Treasurer shall be appointed by the Convention, to continue in office during their pleasure; and it shall be his duty to receive and manage all funds which may at any time belong to the Convention; and to lay before the Convention an annual statement of all such funds.

Art. 12. When the Episcopate of this Diocese shall become vacant by death or otherwise, the Standing Committee shall call a special Convention, within three months from the time when such vacancy shall happen, at Hartford or New Haven. And the time and place shall be notified in three or more respectable newspapers in this State, at least four weeks previons to said meeting; when the Convention may proceed to an election, or adjourn to such time and place as may be deemed expedient.

Art. 13. The election of a Bishop of this Diocese shall be in the following manner:-The two orders shall separate, and the order of the Clergy shall choose by ballot, some fit and qualified Presbyter for that office; and thereupon such choice shall be communicated to the order of Lay Delegates; and if, on ballot, the person so chosen is approved by the Lay order, he shall be declared to be duly elected. In the above mentioned election, a majority of each order shall determine a choice ; provided, that two thirds of all the clergy entitled to vote be present; otherwise, two thirds of the votes of each order present shall be necessary to determine a choice.

Art. 14. Each order in Convention shall appoint delegates to the General Convention by ballot; and the delegates thus appointed, and confirmed by the concurrent vote of both orders in Convention, shall continue in office three years, or the time that may intervene between the stated meetings of the General Convention. And in case any delegate so appointed shall decline such appointment, it shall be his duty to inform the Bishop, or in case of vacancy in the Episcopate, the President of the Standing Committee, at least two months before the meeting of the General Convention; and the Bishop, or the Standing Committee, if the Episcopate be vacant, may appoint a substitute for any delegate so declining.

Art. 15. No Clergyman shall be suspended, or receive any public censure from the Bishop or Standing Committee of this Diocese, without having been adjudged thereto, in the way to be provided for by Canon.

Art. 16. This Constitution shall not be subject to alteration in any article except at an annual meeting of the Convention, by a vote of two thirds of the members present; nor unless such alteration shall have been proposed and approved at the annual meeting previous to its adoption, and published at large in the journals of the Convention.

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Canon l.-Concerning Parochial Registers and Reports. (Per und

ed 1830 and 1434)
In order to give effect to the 40th Canon of the General Cerra ? Ile
hereby required, that every Minister of this Church »bai krep a peus ; 2.5
the Baptisms, Marriages, and Funerals, swemnized by L. per is not
names of the parties married, the names of the persista tulee
persons baried, and the time when each rile was pelle
keep a register of the names of the persons cenárie.. s ro --
and of the fainilies belonging to his Parish, which dirime -
ited with the Clerk, in case of his remoral from the Parudi A3
the duty of every Minister to report to the Annual Conseri'rt al.
said registers, together with a writen account of the same.Pa
And at every visitation, the Minister of the Parid, ep the Wow
Parish be vacant, shall submit to the Bishop, for his ineqer de S, PA

Canon 11.—Providing for the Convention Fund (1)
The several Parishes in this Diocese shall annuaily par o be respong
Fund, at the rate of seventy-five cents on every one budrite sa as body
their respective Clergymen, as their annual saiary.
Canon III.- Declaring the Offenses for which a Clergymau salas de broed uit te

trial. (1825.)
Disorderly and immoral conduct

, vicious or unseemly director art A duity, disregard of the Constitution and Canons of the Gereja members vention, a deviation from the Rnbrics, and disseminating of Con FEW :* opinions which are contrary to the doctrines of the Protestati kuna mail: in the United States, are offenses for which a Clergyman ay be too much and

Parish in 1, for the uch other stry shall statute.

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this Conxcuse for

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in case of

the meetne Clergy

to the exretary, bet according


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CANON IV.-Of the Manner in which a Clergyman shall be bronz u te imes.

In order to bring a Clergyman to trial before an ecclesiasticae Ar 11.
shall be made in the first place to the Standing Cunmiter, in ******
the proper signature of at least two persons

, one of whom shall be a promotions
of this Diocese. And if the Standing Committee shall deemaileder.
ed, as coming within the offenses enumerated in the Calvos of the Dr reke of
Connecticut, or of the General Convention, lley shail piesebi 'de sarees de
Bishop, in the following form:
To A. B., Bishop of the Diocese of Connecticut :

The Standing Committee of this Diocese respectfully represent, the CD
has been accused, under the band of E. F. and G. Il.

, of (beie test in






Article 1. The Academy established at Cheshire by the Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church, shall be known by the name of the Episcopal Academy of Connecticut.

Art. 2. The Government of the Academy shall be vested in twenty-one Trustees, of which number shall be the Bishop of Connecticut, and the Principal of the Academy, ex officio. The other Trustees shall be chosen by the Convention, seven of whom shall be Presbyters of the Church, and the remainder Laymen, residing in the State of Connecticut.

Art. 3. Whenever a Trustee shall remove out of the State, he shall cease to be a member of the Board; and the seat of any Trustee may be declared vacant by the Convention, on his absenting himself from three successive meetings, or for any other cause satisfactory to the Convention.

Art. 4. Five of the Trustees shall form a Board, who shall meet annually at the Academy. The President, or Vice-President, may call a meeting of the Trustees, at any other time when they shall deem it necessary, or when a majority of the Trustees shall require it; public notice thereof being given in one or more newspapers in this state, at least two weeks previous to said meeting, by an advertisement signed by the Bishop, who shall be President, or by the Principal of the Academy, who shall be Vice-President of the Board.

Art.5. Every vacancy among the Trustees shall be filled by the Convention.

Art. 6. The Principal of the Academy, who shall be a communicant in the Protestant Episcopal Church, shall be elected by the Board of Trustees, a majority of the Trustees for the time being concurring, and shall continue in office during their pleasure. But in all cases where a dissolution of the connection is contemplated, three months' notice of such design shall be given by the party desiring it.

ART. 7. The branches taught in the Academy, shall be the Classics and the higher branches of English education, and the Academy shall be designed exclusively for boys.

Art. 8. The Government of the Academy, and the appointment of Assistants, shall be solely in the hands of the Principal; provided no Assistant shall be continued in office after the expression of a request on the part of the Trustees for his removal,

Art. 9. No By-law of the Academy shall compel the Students to attend public worship, but at such place or places as their respective parents or guardians shall direct.

Art. 10. Whenever the foregoing articles shall be adopted by a vote of the Convention, they shall become the Constitution of the Episcopal Academy of Connecticut, and be subject to no revision or alteration but by a vote of the Convention.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES FOR 1839.-Rt. Rev. T. C. Brownell, D. D., President, ex officio-Rev. E. E. Beardsley, Principal and Vice President, ex officioRev. Harry Croswell, D.D., Rev. Frederick Holcomb, D. D., Rev. Š. Farmar Jarvis, D. D., Rev. Stephen Jewett, Rev. Lemuel B. Hull, Rev. Silas Totten, D. D., Rev. Wm. Watson-Burrage Beach, Holbrook Curtiss, Richard Adams, Wm. W. Boardman, Ebenezer Jackson, Jr., Wm. M'Crackan, Wm. R. Hitchcock, Wm. H. Scovill, John B. Robertson, Wm. Law, Esqrs.--Asa J. Driggs, M. D., Secretary.-John Beach, Esq., Treasurer.

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