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Annual Report of the Halifax Diocesan Committee. The Committee, during the past Rev. Mather Byles Desbrisay, who will year, has answered the demands which shortly establish a depository, and paroDistrict Committees and individuals chial lending library,for Dartmouth, and have made upon its depository, by va- the populous out-ports attached to that rious supplies of the sacred volume, important mission. The Committees and of other religious books. When at Lunenburgh and Liverpool, under the character of the books and tracts, the praiseworthy exertions of the Rev. recommended by the Society for Pro- Messrs. Cochran, Moody, Shreve, and moting Christian Knowledge, is taken Temme, are effecting much good; and into view, all must allow that a Com- our gratitude is due to č. W. H. mittee, which can detail above 11,000 Harris, and Samuel Fairbanks, Esqrs., copies of the Bible, and of other reli- their respective Secretaries, for the gious books, dispersed within the last warm interest which they continue to twelve months, may justly expect take in their success, and the satisfacknowledge to have been proportionably tory statements of their proceedings increased ;-it must be granted, that it which, from time to time, they forward prefers a reasonable claim to the hearty to our diocesan board. With the Comcooperation of all who would be hum- mittees at Bermuda, Sydney, C. B. bly instrumental to the turning of in Newfoundland, and Prince Edmany unto righteousness.

ward's Islands, we have had no corOur correspondence with the Parent respondence of late; but from the Society has been most satisfactory, and supplies which were forwarded to them our thanks are due to that venerable in the year before last, we doubt not board, for their having recently sup- but that they still possess plied the town of Halifax with a pa- and enjoy the satisfaction, of being exrochial lending library, of above 220 tensively useful. The reports which volumes, at their most reduced prices. have been published in St. John, New The sum of 701. currency has been Brunswick, and at Quebec, give the raised, independently of the funds of most encouraging statement of the this Committee, by the charitable sub- several district committees connected scriptions of the benevolent towards with those central institutions. In the this object; such a stock of useful case of the committees connected with works, as may, by God's blessing, be Quebec, this statement has been hapof permanent advantage to this town pily confirmed by the testimony of the and neighbourhood, has within the last amiable prelate presiding over that few weeks, been imported; a decent diocese, who has so lately honoured book-case has been erected for their us by a visit, and entitled himself to preservation, in the vestry-room at St., the best thanks of our committee, for Paul's; and the officiating clergy of the able and energetic manner in that church will henceforth be ready, which his Lordship recommended this immediately after the catechising, by institution, and its objects, from the which the divine service is concluded, pnlpit of St. Paul's. on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fri- Since the last report, forty-one days, to issue the works to such as may packages of bibles, books, and tracts, apply for them.

have been sent, several of them graOur District Committees have re- tuitously, from our stores. ceived one addition since the last re- Bibles of various sizes and prices, to port, through the active exertions of the the number of 236; Testaments to the


the means,

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number of 227; Prayer-books, 346 ; The progress during the past year other bound books, 973; half-bound of our Sunday schools, under the most books and tracts, 10,138 — in all, flourishing auspices, should not be un11,920 — amounting in cost to up- noticed. There are at present assemwards of 3501. have been issued. bled, each Sunday, an average of 100

This statement will be considered children of each sex. encouraging, as will, also, that which Whilst, then, we continue to dissewe are enabled to make of the improv- minate scriptural truth, and exhort ing state of the school, which is sup- men to live as becometh the Gospel of ported among us by the liberal grants Jesus Christ, no Christian can doubt of the Provincial Legislature, and the that we are acting in conformity with English Society for the Propagation the will of our Heavenly Master, and of the Gospel. The number of boys we may trust to the superintending in daily attendance, is 202; the num- providence of the Most High, for supber of girls, 87. Ten masters have port in all difficulties, and for a blessbeen trained at the school in the last

ing upon our feeble endeavours to twelve months, who, after having be- glorify his holy name. come qualified to diffuse - the benefits By order of the Committee, of the national system of education,

EDWARD Wix, M. A. have been settled in different stations.

Associate Secretary.


Peterborough Diocesan and District Committee. At a Quarterly Meeting, held at the the disbursements for the year, ending Deanery, on Tuesday, the 5th of with the 1st of January, 1830, includ= January, 1830, the very Rev. the ing the sum of 251. remitted to the Dean of Peterborough in the chair : Parent Society, as a donation, amount

The Treasurer's and Secretary's ac- ed to 1241. 4s., leaving a balance of counts were laid before the Commit- 681. 5s.6d, in the hands of the Treatee, from which it appeared, that the receipts for the year, ending with the From the Secretary's report it ap1st of January, 1830, amounted to peared, that during the year ending 971. 7s. 1d., which, with the balance of with the 1st of January, 1830, 148 95l. 28. 5d., in the Treasurer's hands, Bibles, 146 Testaments, 377 Prayeron the 1st of January, 1829, make a books, and 1822 books and tracts on sum total of 1921. 98. 6d.

the Society's list, were distributed by It further appeared from the Trea- the Committee. surer's and Secretary's accounts, that

J. JAMES, Secretary.



Domestic.—The reports concerning the King's health, during the last month, have been very alarming. Sir H. Halford has been in attendance on his Majesty, who has lived in great seclusion; we earnestly hope from motives of caution, rather than necessity.

Parliament stands prorogued to the 4th of February, when it is expected to meet for the despatch of business.

The following is a statement of the Revenue, both for the last year, and the last quarter of that year, compared with the corresponding periods of the preceding year :

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Hence there is a defalcation in the tion of the government during the years annual revenue of the empire, dur- of peace succeeding the American war, ing the last year, of more than with those commencing with the ter1,165,000l.; and in that of the quar- mination of the last war, we have a ter ending the 5th of January, 1830, practical proof of the excellency of compared with that of the corre- those principles which had been alsponding quarter of the preceding ready established by the experience of year, of more than 332,0001. The preceding centuries, and which that East-India Company, who are anxious great man exercised and applied, to for the favour of government, and raise his country from the humiliated trembling for the renewal of their Char- and distressed state in which he found ter, have paid up about half-a-million it, to the highest pitch of prosperity ; of duties before they were due; and but from which, by pursuing the unthe Stamp Office have required Attor- tried theories of the economists, his neys to renew their licences before the puny successors have thrown her into expiration of the last year, carrying


present adversity and distress. the amount of these to the winter, in- The comparison will teach us many of stead of the spring quarter's revenue. the causes of her present misery, and But for these extraordinary measures, convince every unprejudiced person the deficiency on the annual income of that the country can only be saved and the country would have been two mil- recovered, by a recurrence to those lions.

principles which result from expeIf we compare the effects of Mr.

rience, and which have been abanPitt's wise and energetic administra- doned for specious hypotheses.


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FRANCE. -The new administration but, in spite of these, the Corsairs con continues to gain strength, nor does tinue to go in and out of that port, and there appear to be any solid foundation make depredations on the French comfor the reports, that another change

A large reinforcement is preof ministers may be expected.

paring in the harbour of Toulon, to PENINSULA. - The only occurrence

render the blockade more effectual. worthy of notice is, the arrival of the The investiture of the place by land is new Queen of Spain in Madrid, and confidently spoken of, and that a large the cordial welcome she received from proportion of African troops will be her new subjects. Queens succeed employed, and the Pacha of Egypt will each other so rapidly in that capital, be subsidized for the purpose. that the arrival of a new one could


- The President of the scarcely be expected to excite much United States, in a very masterly attention.

speech, has opened the Meeting of the RUSSIA.--The health of the Em- Congress. He announces the mutual peror is perfectly restored. He has harmony and confidence which subagain appeared in public, when his sists between his government and that presence was greeted with the warmest of Great Britain, and his full expecapplause.

tation of the final settlement of those Greece.—The arrangement of the claims, which were left for discussion affairs of this new state occupy the at- and reference, by the fifth article of the tention of the great cabinets of Europe. Treaty of Ghent. He speaks with less It has been repeatedly and boldly as

confidence of the amicable arrangeserted, that Prince Leopold of Saxe ment of the demands of the States on Cobourg_ is to be their future sove- France and Portugal, in compensation reign. That such an event would be for the injuries done to their commerce of the greatest benefit to Greece, we by these powers ;-applauds the unafully believe; but we think it would be nimity with which all parties united full of injury to the comforts of his in Mexico, to repel the late invasion Royal Highness, and to the interests of of that distracted country ;-expresses Great Britain, whose future sovereign a willingness to revise the customs will probably be so nearly related to him, duties, and alter such as may not inand from whose moderation, wisdom, fringe on the principles so long and sucand example, she may learn so much. cessfully' acted upon by the government

Asia-We are happy to announce of Great Britain ;-shews the happy that the Governor-General, Lord Wil- state of the public finances, and the liam Bentinck, has suppressed, by rapid approach of the period when the proclamation, the horrid practice of public debt will be completely extinburning Hindoo widows on the funeral guished ;-recommends a new modipiles of their husbands; and that the fication of the marine, and an unceasing Bramins, in Benares, the “Holy City" attention to economy in every departof the Hindoos, have declared their ap- ment of the State. probation of the measure.

Brazil.—The new Empress, and the AFRICA.—Algiers continues to be Queen of Portugal, have safely arrived blockaded by two French ships of war;

at Rio de Janeiro.



NEW CHURCH. St. Paul's Church, in the Parish of Blackburn, Lancashire, has been consecrated by the Bishop of the Diocese.


Child, Vicesimus Knox . Domestic Chapl. to the Earl of Buchan.
Courtenay, Francis

Reader of the Rolls.
Hutchinson, James.

Head Mast. of King Edward the Sixth's Free Grams,

School in Chelmsford. Irvine, Andrew

Chapl. to the Tower. Jukes, G. M.

British Resident Chapl. at Havre. Miliken, Richard

· Domestic Chapl. to the Earl of Errol. Murray, Thomas Boyles Secretary to the City of London National Schools. Sumner, Charles Vernon Holme. Chapl. in Ordinary to the King. Williams, Erasmus H. G. Domestic Chapl. to the Right Hon. the Dowager

Lady Cawdor.

} Essex

London Esgrs. & Miss Hunt


, Henry.... {Wirbridge, vi


County. Diocese.

Latton, V.
Barton, H. Jonas

Wilts Sarum Earl of St. Germans
with Eisey, V.
Bonnor, G. .... Cheltenham New Chapel Gloster Gloster
Boydell, Thomas .. Minor Can. in Cath. Ch. of Chester.
Bramston, John Great Baddow, V. Essex London
Clarkson, Townley. Beyton, R.

Suffolk Norwich Lord Chancellor Steeple, V.

,, Custance, F. ... with Stangate, V. to Ripponden, C.

W. York York Vicar of Halifax Fisher, Charles.... Oulton, R.

Suffolk Norwich Rev. G. Anguish

Northum. Durham D. & C. of Carlisle with , C. Hicks, William.... Sturmer, R.

Essex London Duke of Rutland Minor Can. in Cath. Ch. of Canterbury

and Eynesford, V. Kent Canterb. R. of Eynesford Marriott, G. Parry

and Hazeleigh, R. Essex London Mrs. Irwin
to Preb, in Cath. Ch. of York

Abp. of York
Murray, Charles .. Ashe, R.

Hants. Winchest. W. Bramston, Esq. Can, in Cath. Ch. of Bangor

Bp. of Bangor and Llanfwrog, R. Newcome, Richard and Llanrydd, C. and Ruthin Ward,

Denbigh Bangor D.&C.of Westminst. to Clocaenog, R.

Bp. of Bangor
Poore, R. ...
Fifield, R.

Hants. Winchest.Lord Chancellor Rashleigh, G. C. .. Andover, V,

Hants. Winchest. Winchester Coll. Russell, Rt. Hon.

Eastmanstead Cheyneys, R. Bucks Lincoln Duke of Bedford
Lord Wriothesley.
Spurgeon, John Twyford, R.

Norfolk Norwich Mrs. R. Savory
Southpool, R..

T. H. Hayes, Esq. and West Ogwell, R.

P.J. Taylor, Esq. Taylor, Henry to Stokenham, V. Devon Exeter with Sherford, C.

The King and Chivelston, C. Theed, Edward R. Fletton, R.

Hunts Lincoln Earl of Fitzwilliam

| Chaplu in Ordinary to His Majesty


Todd, Henry J... and Settrington, R. E. York York

Earl of Bridgewater to Preb. in Cath. Ch. of York

Abp. of York
Tompson, M. Carrier Woodstone, R.

Hunts Lincoln Mrs. Tompson
Devon Exeter Hon. P.C.Wyndham
Somerset B & Wells Earl of Egremont

Tripp, Charles : { bo's. Bradon, sin. R.

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