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Augustine Convent, the heart; and the GREECE.-The interests of Greece Cathedral of St. Stephen, the bowels continue to engage the attention of of the deceased. The Archduchess, the Cabinets of the great Powers, and who was a Protestant, lately died, they are probably yet far from any esteemed and beloved by all her au- final arrangement. Several particulars gust relatives. The Emperor, whose have transpired of great importance, attachment to the Roman Pontiff none and calculated to give general satiscan doubt, issued the usual orders for faction. The territory of this new her interment. The priests of the two state is not to be limited to the Morea, last-mentioned places positively re but will extend so far beyond as to fused to receive their portions of the comprise most of the ancient Grecian corpse. The Capuchins of the former republics within its boundary. - Perdetermined not to bear the remains of haps Candia may form a part of it. a deceased Protestant to the vault. No particular form of government The imperative command of the Em- will be imposed on this people. The peror alone opened the way, and the powers interested in their welfare will beloved Archduchess, whose husband only suggest to the national Congress, had been the military saviour of his for their adoption or rejection, such country, was conveyed to her final measures as they may think advisable. resting-place by her own domestics. The same moderation will be preSome Protestant Clergymen, who had served in the nomination of their gained admittance to view the so future Chief. The frequent intercourse lemnity, were forcibly expelled by which has taken place between Prince these Capuchins from their holy pre- Leopold of Saxe Cobourg, and the cincts.

ministers of these powers, has revived EASTERN EUROPE.—The intercourse the idea that the former is to be the of the ministers of Russia and the Sovereign of Greece. Porte, is frequent, with every external AMERICA. - United States. — The demonstration of friendship, and a financial report presented to Congress, happy issue of their negotiations. The is of the most favourable description. government of the Czar is very active It states the last year's revenue to in raising the military establishment have been 30,574,666 dollars. The of his empire to its full quota, and expenditure, 26,164,595 dollars, leavteplenishing the arsenals. The Sultan ing a clear surplus revenue of nearly is equally indefatigable in recruiting. four millions and a half of dollars. his army, which he has already raised The sinking fund more than twelve to 100,000 infantry, and 30,000 ca- millions; and the whole of the public valry. These are disciplined upon the debts, forty-eight and a half millions European model, and he frequently of dollars, which that sinking fund inspects the drilling of them in person will entirely discharge in less than six The resources of his remaining do years. . . . . minions are applied to the improve BRAZILS. - The new Empress, ment of his military establishment, (daughter of the celebrated Eugene with all the authority of a despot, and Beauharnois, whose fidelity was so the energy which he so greatly pos- nobly proved, at a period when selfsesses. It marks the influence he has interest was evidently the ruling prinattained over his superstitious subjects, ciple) has arrived at Rio Janeiro; no less than it does his own taste, that and her inauguration as Empress of he has dared and effected the intro the Brazils, has been marked by the duction of the Italian opera into his institution of a new order of knightcapital.

hood that of the Rose.


NEW CHURCH. The first stone of a new Church, dedicated to St. Thomas, has been laid at Brampton Moor, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, intended as a Chapel of Ease to the parishes of Chesterfield and Brampton.


Baines, Edward........ Domestic Chapl. to the Earl of Buchan.
Black, Robert ........ Morning Preach. at the National Society's Chapel, Ely

Place, London,
Bleeck, William........ Chapl. to Froxfield Hospital, Wilts.
Cape, William ........ Head Mast. of Gram. School at Peterborough.

Edward .. Head Mast. of Hackney Church-of-England School.

Head Mast. of Gram. School at Aylesbury, Bucks. Stratton, George W..... Domestic Chapl. to the Right Hon. Harriet, Dowager

Countess of Massereene.

R. B.




County. Diocese. Patron. Barlow, John .... Little Bowden, R. Northam. Peterboro'Rev. J. Barlow Bennett, J. T..... Minor Can. in Cath. Ch. of St. Paul, London Dean & Chapter

m STrustees . of ProxBleeck, William .. Huish, R.

Wilts Sarum field Hospital (Chanc. of the Diocese of Winchester

Bp. of Winchester Dealtry, W. D. D.

Sand Clapham, R. Surrey Winchest.BowyerAtkins, Esq. D.D. and Watton, R.

Herts Lincoln Samuel Smith, Esq. (to Preb. in Cath. Church of Winchester Bp. of Winchester De Brett, H. S... Broughton, R.

Lincoln Lincoln 3m

SMrs. De Brett, by

com her Trustee Edwards, James .. Newington, R.

Oxford Oxford `Abp. of Canterbury Farwell, William .. St. Martin, R.

Cornwall Exeter 3 & Earl of Darlington

SCountess of Sandwich Fisher, R. W. .... New Hulton, P.C. Westm. Chester V. of Kendall

no Brewood, V. Haden, A. Bunn3 bunn with Featherstone, C.

{ Stafford Lichfield Dean of Lichfield (Elme, V.

Camb. El Jackson, Jeremiah <with Emneth, V.

Norfolk's Ely R. of Elme (to Preb. in Coll. Church of Brecon

Bp. of St. David's James, Charles.... Evenload, R. , Worcester Worcester Mrs. A. James James, Josiah .... Eyton, C.

Hereford Hereford
James, Thomas ..

SLlandefally, V.
* with Crickadarn, C.

Brecon St.David'sG. P. Watkins
Jelf, Richard W... Can, of Christ Church, Oxford
Moore, J. C. .... Measham, P. C. Derby Lichfield W. Wollaston, Esq.
Moule, Horatio .. Box, V.

Wilts Sarum . (Wellesbourne, V. Faulet, boravor Paulet, Lord C... with Walton Deville, R. S"

Warwick WorcesterLord Chancellor Preb. in Cath. Church of Chichester

Bp. of Crichester Rose, Hugh Jamesto Bocking, Dean. Sand Horsham, v. Sussex Chichest.)


{ Canti Abp. of Canterb. Cand Hadleigh, R. Suffolks Can Templer, John.... West Ogwell, R. Devon Exeter P.J. Taylor, Esq. Trist, Samuel P. J. Veryan, v.

Cornwall Exeter D. & C. of Exeter Vaughan, W..... ŞAstley, C.

SP.C.of St. Mary,Salop to Pontesbury, 3d port. R.) walop Hereford W. E. Owen. Esa Walpole, Thomas Beechamwell, St.John, R.

- St. Mary,R.S *

Norfolk Norwich J. Motteux, Esq. Williams, John ..

ohn Llanfaes, C.
•• and Penmon, C.

Anglesea Bangor W. Bulkeley, Esq.

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CLERGYMEN DECEASED. On Monday, February 1, at the Vicarage House, St. Margaret's, in Leicester, after a very short illness, in the sixty-ninth year of his age, the Rev. Thomas Burnaby, A. M. Vicar of that parish, Rector of Misterton, one of the senior acting magistrates, and one of the oldest incumbents in the county, having been inducted into Misterton, in March, 1786. He was the eldest son of the Rev. Robert Burnaby, LL.B. who was Vicar of St. Margaret's, Rector of Wanlip, and Prebendary of Lincoln, by Katherine, only child of Thomas Jee, Esq. of Leicester. He was of Clare Hall, in the University of Cambridge, B. A. 1784, M. A. 1787; and was chosen a Dixie Fellow of Emmanuel College, in August, 1789. He married Lucy, fourth daughter of Richard Dyott, Esq. of Freeford, in the county of Stafford, by Katherine, only daughter of Thomas Herrick, Esq. second brother of the late William Herrick, Esq. of Bean Manor Park, and has left a disconsolate widow and ten children to lament their irreparable loss. In 1795, when the county was in a most disturbed state, an alarming riot broke out at Barrow-uponSoar, in this county; accompanying the Leicester troops of Yeomanry-Cavalry, the subject of this memorial, by his firmness as a magistrate, aided by the good conduct of the Yeomanry, was mainly instrumental in quelling the disturbance. For this service he publicly received the thanks of Government, through the Judges, at the following assizes. He was the fondest and best of husbands, the kindest and most affectionate of fathers, whose greatest happiness was in the bosom of his family. Those who knew him best, esteemed him most. Totally free from hypocrisy or guile, he endeavoured to do his duty to God and man. Could apparent health and strength have ensured continuance on earth, it might have been looked for in him ; but at the close of a day spent in the utmost cheerfulness and vigour, he was, in less than half an hour after lying down upon his pillow, summoned to resign his life into the hands of him who gave it. Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron. Freeman, J. Stuart. Chalfont, St. Peter's, V. Bucks Lincoln St. John's Coll. Oxf.

. (Canon of Christ Church Oxford av TDD and Belton, R.

Suffolk )

Bishop of Norwich and North Repps, R. Norfolk

Norwich S Chanc. of Duchy of

Lancaster Preb. in Cath. Church of Winchester Bp. of Winchester Iremonger, L. .. 38. Goodworth Clatford, v.luan (and Wherwell, Preb. sin. S

: {Hants. Winchest. J. Iremonger, Esq. Kemble, Nash .... Little Parndon, R. "Essex London W. Smith, Esq. (Preb. in Cath. Church of St. David's

Bp. of St. David's Morgan, William

Sand Lampeter, R. Cardig. ). Bp. of St. David's w am 38 Llandwy Welfrey, V. Ramn

• Pemb.


St.David's > Lord Chancellor
(with Crinow, C.
(Almeley, V.

Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford
Owen, William ..
Sand Ryme, R.

Doreet SP. of D.) The King, as Prince

ofSarum of Wales Archdeacon of Oxford

Bishop of Oxford Sand Canon in Cath. Church of Oxford Pett,Phineas, D.D. and Preb. in Cath. Church of Sarum

Bishop of Sarum , and Chilbolton, R. Hants Winchest. Bp. of Winchester

"and Newington, R. Oxford Canterb. Abp. of Canterbury Reynolds, T. .... Little Bowden, R. Northam. Peterboro'Mr. & Mrs. Brockett Tanner, Thomas .. Colchester, Holy Trin. R. Essex London Balliol Coll. Oxford (Norwich, St. Simon,


L a

Valpy, E. J. W..] and St. Jude, R. S

Norwich Bishop of Norwich 28 Stangford Dingley, R. Berks Sarum Rev. E.Valpy, D.D. Williams, David..

: S Wigmore, V.
u.with Leinthal Starks. c. Hereford Hereford Bishop of Hereford


Residence or Appointment.
Glover, Bright .......... Jersey.
Mildmay, Charles St. John . Boulogne.
Prince, Thomas, D.D. .... Alt. Morning Preacher at Oxford Chapel, London, and

Fell, of Wadham Coll. Oxford.
Scott, Allriet ............ Leiston, Suffolk.
Wingfield, Edward John .. Student of Christ Church, Oxford.



Rev. H. Spencer Markham, Christ Church. James Adey Ogle, M.D. F.R.S. of Rev. Philip Henry Nind, Christ Church. Trinity Coll. has been unanimously elected, Rev. Thomas Dawson Hudson, Exeter Coll. in Convocation, to the Clinical Professor- Rev. Robert Isham, Brasennose Coll. ship, on the Foundation of the late Lord Rev. Charles Wools, Pembroke Coll. Litchfield, vacant by the death of Dr. Lawrence Eberall Judge, New Coll. Bourne.

Rev. John Atkins, Worcester Coll. Rev. George Morris, M. A. Scholar of Rev. John Poulett M'Ghie, Queen's Coll. Corpus Christi, has been nominated a Mas

E. Dawson Legh, Balliol Coll. Grand Comp. ter of the Schools in the room of the Rev. Robert Evans, Fell. of Jesus Coll. Robert Eden.

Rev. Charles Williams, Fell. of Jesus Coll. William Rosser Williams, Esq. M. A. Rev. Isaac Smith Litchfield, Trinity Coll. and Michel Fellow of Queen's Coll. has

BACHELORS OF ARTS. been unanimously elected, in Convocation,

John T. Ord, Exeter Coll. Grand Comp. to the Vinerian Fellowship, vacant by the marriage of the Hon. Philip Henry Abbott.

Charles R. Carter Petley, St. John's Coll. · Messrs. George Cox and Thomas Broad

Henry E. Knatchbull, Schol. of Wadham. ley Fooks, Scholars of New Coll. have

Robert Morris, Christ Ch. Grand Comp. been admitted Fellows of that Society; and

William Cooper, Lincoln Coll. Mr. Robert Jackson has been admitted

Christopher Richardson, Exeter Coll. Scholar of the same.

Thomas F. H. Bridge, Christ Church.

Charles P. Eden, Oriel Coll. At a Convocation, holden for the pur

Daniel Vawdrey, Brasennose Coll. pose of electing a Scholar on Mr. Viner's Foundation, in the room of Mr. Williams,

Thomas Need, University Coll. lately elected a Fellow on the same Foun

George Neale Barrow, University Coll. dation, the numbers at the close were

Sidney Godolphin Osborne, Brasenn. Coll.

James Arthur Dunnage, Brasennose Coll. For Mr. Giles, Scholar of Corpus....

G. Robertson Edwards, Brasennose Coll. For Mr. Whatley, Michel Exhibitioner

Thomas Freeman, Brasennose Coll. of Queen's .................. 76

Henry Sims, Exhibitioner of Pembroke Coll. For Mr. Ormerod, Hulme's Exhibi

Edmund May, Worcester Coll. tioner of Brasennose............ 36

William John Phillpotts, Oriel Coll. Messrs. George Clark and Henry Barry

Edward Parker, Oriel Coll. Domville, Commoners of University Coll. Edward Ashe, Balliol Coll. have been admitted Scholars on Sir Simon John Smith, Queen's Coll. Bennet's Foundation in that Society. George Philips, Queen's Coll.

Edward Hussey, Christ Ch. Grand Comp. DEGREES CONFERRED.

Salusbury Humpbreys, Brasennose Coll.

Arthur George Palk, Christ Church.

Horatio Samuel Fletcher, Queen's Coll. (By commutation.)

John Bugden, Trinity Coll. Charles Barker, Trinity Coll.

John Reed Munn, Worcester Coll. MASTERS OF ARTS. Rev. H. W. Maddock, Fell. of Brasen. Coll. Thomas Paddon, Esq., sometime Fell. Rev. George Landon, Worcester Coll. of Caius. Coll. Camb. has been admitted, Rev. Thomas L. Wheeler, Schol. of Worc. ad eundem, of this University. . .


Houses of Parliament, against the followThe following Graces have passed the ing clause in an Act of the session of ParSenate :

liament, of the seventh and eighth of his To affix the university seal to a letter present Majesty, entitled, “ An Act to of thanks to the Hon. East India Com. amend the Acts for building and promoting pany, for a valuable collection of dried the building of additional Churches in plants, presented by them to the Botanical populous parishes:"Museum.

* And be it further enacted, that when To appoint Professor Henslow Pro

any person or persons shall, to the satisProctor, in the 10om of Mr. Dawes, who faction of the said Commissioners, endow has resigned from ill health.

any Chapel built, or hereafter to be built, To affix the seal to petitions to both by such person or persons, with some per

Esq. B. A. Fell. of St. John's Coll. for his
Essay on the following subject. -" The
Doctrine of Types, and its Influence on the
interpretation of the New Testament."

manent provision in land or monies in the funds exclusively, or in addition to the pew-rents or other profits arising from the said Chapel, such endowment to be settled and assured as the said Commissioners shall authorise and direct, it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners to declare that the right of nominating a Minister to the said Chapel, shall for ever thereafter be in the person or persons building and endowing the said Chapel, his, her, or their heirs and assigns, or in such person or persons as he, she, or they shall appoint, and not. withstanding no compensation or endowment may be made to or for the benefit of the. Minister of the Church of the parish within which such Chapel may be built.”


The Marquis of Douro, Trinity Coll.
Hon. Gerard Wellesley, Trinity Coll.
John Thomas Wharton, Trinity Coll.

William Joseph Bayne, Trinity Coll.

Rev. E. Swanton Bunting, Fell. of Clare H.

Rev. Samuel T. Townsend, Trinity Coll.
Henniker Peregrine Roberts, Magd. Coll.
Rev. W. Tremenheere, Pembroke Coll.

Rev. Harry A. Small, Downing Coll.
Rev. John Buck, Queen's Coll.

Inigo William Jones, Trinity Coll.
Edmund Carrington, St. John's Coll.
Frederic Charles Crick, St. John's Coll.
John Medows Rodwell, Caius Coll.
Robert Jackson, Emmanuel Coll.'

PRIZES. The late Dr. Smith's annual Prizes, of 251. each, to the two best proficients in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy among the Commencing Bachelors of Arts, have been adjudged to Mr. Steventon, of Corpus Christi Coll., and Mr. Heaviside, of Sidney Coll., the third and second Wranglers.

The Norrisian Prize for the year 1829, has been adjudged to William Selwyn,


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BACHELORS' COMMENCEMENT PAPER.-January 23, 1830. Those gentlemen whose names are preceded by an asterisk have one or more terms to keep previons to being admitted to their degrees, although they passed their examination in the following order of arrangement.

- WRANGLERS. Whitley, Joh. | Kuhff, Cath. | Raimbach, Sid. | Baily, Clare Heaviside, Sid. Robins, Magd. Buston, Emm. Barton, Joh. Steventon, C.C. Molyneux, Clare


Banks, Joh. Pritchard, Joh. Walsh, C.C. Chapman, C.C. Dunnington, Joh. Rangeley, Qu. Whall, Emm. Mann, Trin. Hebert, Trin. Pullen,

Urquhart, Magd. Jackson, Cai. Gibson, 2 Trin. Herbert,

Joh. Ponsonby, Trin. í Heath, Trin. Powell, S. Chr. Walker, 'Trin.


Joh. Maynard, Cai. Foster, TP. H. Birkbeck, Trin. Pearson,

Trin. Tayler, Trin.


Cai. Dalton, | Steel, Trin.

Pet. / Yardley, Magd.

Myers, Trin. Cook, Trin. Dalton, Pemb. Wilkinson, Trin.

Chr. *Sanders, Trin. Mosley, Trin. Merivale, Joh.

Hobson, Joh. Hoare, Trin. U. Smith, Trin. Dowell, Pet. England, Pemb. Parrington, Chr.


Trin. Jadis, C.C. Wordsworth, Trin. Clarke, Joh.

Cath. Fletcher, Pet. Jay, Cai. J. Smith, Trin. Todd, Trin. Hodgkinson, Joh. Lawes, Joh. Edkins, Trin. Cosway, Qu. Bird,

Joh. Simpson, Cath. | Wood, Trin. Humfrey, Down Desborough, Em. ' Fawcett, Pet. | Watkins, Emm.

JUNIOR OPTIMES. Frere, Trin. 1 *Dolling, Trin. | Armytage, Joh. | Coates, Jes. Joh. Ingram,

Jes. Foster, Magd. Carter, Qu. Burcham, Trin. Roberts, Trin. Sunderland, Cai. } Prior,

Qu. Thomas, Joh. Drake, Clare Marsh, Joh. Dwyer, Cory,

Pet. Pickering, Trin. | Hore, Qu. | Reade, Joh. Hill, Clare | *King, Cath. 1 *Rodwell, Cai.







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1 * Jackson, Emm. | Travis,


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