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PROPAGATING THE GOSPEL IN FOREIGN PARTS. Report of the Committee within the Deanery of Newcastle upon Tyne. The Report, which our limited appropriate sermon delivered by the space compels us to omit, is a neat Rev. C. J. Hoare, archdeacon of the abridgment of the Societies' Reports; diocese, who made a forcible and elosuch, we think, as was recommended quent appeal to public benevolence in by a correspondent some two years behalf of the institutions. ago to be published separately as a From the Report it appears that small tract.

the chief alteration in the domestic We are happy to observe that the proceedings of the Society, is the opensum of 731. 7s. has been collected for ing a depôt at Winchester, where the the two Societies in the past year, after poor may purchase books at reduced sermons at different churches in the prices, which formerly they could not neighbourhood, and that 1151. 4s. 6d. obtain but through the instrumentality have been remitted to the Parent of members. The amount transSocieties.

mitted to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, since the union

of the two deaneries, is upwards of WINCHESTER AND SOUTHAMPTON 2811. UNITED DEANERIES.—On Wednesday, The business of the meeting being April 15, a General Meeting of these concluded, a collection in aid of the Committees was held at Winchester, funds was made at the doors, which on which occasion a full service was amounted, with the sum collected at performed at the Cathedral, and an the cathedral, to 641. 4s.

THE LATE BISHOP OF EXETER. The following address to the Rev. their endeavours.—When first your Dr. Carey, on his leaving the diocese Lordship was called to the superinof Exeter, was unanimously agreed to tendence of the diocese of Exeter, it at a meeting, held at the Royal Hotel, was a subject of regret to many of the Rev. W. Oxnam in the chair; at the anxious friends of our established which meeting there were fifteen cler- church, that so little had been done gymen belonging to the immediate to engage the interest of the public in neighbourhood present, besides other behalf of the venerable Societies, respectable inhabitants :

which, both at home and in our fo

reign dependencies, support and proTo the Right Reverend Father in

mote a pure system of Christian docGod, William, by Divine Per

trine and Church communion. During mission, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.

the period that your Lordship has The Plymouth District Committee been our diocesan, we have not only, of the Societies for Promoting Chris- in this populous neighbourhood, been tian Knowledge, for the Propagation successful in advocating the cause of of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, and the Societies for Promoting Christian for Promoting the Building and en- Knowledge and for the Propagation larging Churches and Chapels, cannot of the Gospel, but the National Socontemplate your Lordship’s removal ciety, for the Education of the Poor from the see of Exeter without ac- in the principles of the Established knowledging in the strongest manner Church, and the more recent, but their sense of the kind and most highly important Incorporated Society efficient patronage with which your for Promoting the Enlargement and Lordship has encouraged and assisted Building of Churches and Chapels,

have, throughout this extensive diocese, received a new impulse, so that however we may lament occasional disappointment, we must rejoice that the diocese of Exeter has manifested a growing interest in the institutions of the Church; and has stood forward amongst the most zealous contributors to their welfare.-We beg to assure your Lordship, that you will carry with you, into that new sphere of dignity and usefulness in the Church of Christ, to which it has pleased Almighty God to call you, the sincere and affectionate respect, of those who have felt the influence, of your kindness, and have learned to admire the Christian candour, integrity, and zeal which have marked your superintendance of the see of Exeter, and of which the well-being of our societies will, we trust, continue

to manifest the fruits.- With our earnest prayers for your Lordship's welfare and happiness, we remain,

Your Lordship's most grateful and respectful servants,

ROBERT LAMPEN, Secretary to the Plymouth District

Committee of the Societies for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and for Building and Enlarging Churches and Chapels;

Samuel Rowe, Secretary and Treasurer of the Plymouth District Committee of the Society for the Propagation of the

Gospel in Foreign Parts; in the name, and at the unanimous desire of a very numerously attended meeting of the Select District Committees of the respective Societies, held at Plymouth, April 29th, 1830.


Domestic. — The king's illness, which had certainly at one period arisen to an alarming height, has considerably abated towards the end of the month; and it may now be hoped that his Majesty will be speedily restored to convalescence, the unfavourable symptoms having somewhat disappeared, and his disease having assumed a mitigated aspect. Means have been adopted by Parliament to release his Majesty from the arduous duty of fixing his sign manual to public documents.

The bill for emancipating the Jews has been thrown out by a majority of sixty-three, not so large a one as the country might wish; but it is thrown out. The constitution is in a manner tacitly declared to be a Christian constitution; for the assertion would doubtless indeed be styled illiberal and bigoted, which should intimate that Popery is an anti-Christian sys-, tem, and its believers idolaters; and that declaration alone is a great point to have gained in the present day.

The other business that has passed through Parliament during the past month has chiefly related to private affairs. The operations of Mexico were brought before the House, but not enlarged upon, all parties agreeing to deprecate any idle interference in the concerns of other nations.

The whole of the spring season has been very favourable to the farmer. The impulse which vegetation received from the mild temperature of March, was prevented from bringing it too forward, by the prevalence of cold north-easterly winds during April, which suited the wheats upon the light lands, so that they present a very healthy and promising appearance. The drying. effects of these winds upon the strong lands was beginning to be severely felt, when the seasonable occurrence of several warm showery days restored the verdure on these soils, and though the nights have been sometimes cold during the month of May, yet the wheats have continued to thrive abundantly. The spring-corn and the grasses have been equally benefited, and have rarely given a more early promise of abundant crops than at the present moment. The country markets have been well supplied, and the deinand has been sufficiently encouraging to the husbandman. We regret to be obliged to state that the home trade in printed goods and silks has been severely injured by the unfortunate illness of our beloved Monarch. The apprehension of a public mourning for several weeks put an entire stop to the consumption of these and some other manufactures. The loss to Manchester alone is computed at one million sterling; what must the amount be when other places are included!

FRANCE.—The expedition to Algiers has failed from Toulon, under the command of General Bourmont, who, as minister of war, holds a responsible situation in the Cabinet. The permanent strength of the ministry must depend very much on the success of this expedition. The Chamber of

Deputies has been dissolved, and the new elections will no doubt be materially influenced by the tidings which may arrive from Algiers. Should General Bourmont prove victorious, as it is most probable he will, the popularity with which a successful war would invest the Cabinet will prove too powerful for the liberal party to contend with. The character of the French nation is too vain, too strongly imbued with the love of show for them not to delight in that semblance of glory which military success, however useless in its end, affords; besides, they are desirous of colonies, and think Barbary would be the very place for one, as it would give them the command of the southern shores of the Mediterranean. For the same reasons, should General Bourmont fail in his enterprise, it will make the Cabinet totter to its foundation. The event is therefore watched by all parties with more than common anxiety.

GREECE.—Prince Leopold has resigned the sovereignty.



Drake, George James Asheton .... Domestic Chapl. to the Right Hon. the Baroness

De la Zouche. Duningham, John, M. A. ........ Second Mast. of Hackney Ch. of England School. Goldney, J. K. .......

Chapl. to His Majesty's Ship Blonde. Kennedy, Benjamin Hall ........ Assistant Mast. of Harrow School. Nisbett, James Meade.... Domestic Chapl. to the Right Hon. Lord Dunally. Powell, Walter P. ...

Mast. of Grammar School at Bampton, Oxford. Warter, John Wood ............. Chapl. to His Majesty's Embassy at Copenhagen.


County. Diocese. . Patron.
Ashworth, .... Farnworth, C.

Lancaster Chester Vicar of Dean Bryans, F. T. ..., Farndon, P. C.

Chester Chester Earl Grosvenor Charlesworth, B... Darfield, v.

W. York York Trinity Coll. Camb. Crewe, Henry Robert Bredsall, R.

Derby Lichfield Sir G. Crewe, Bart. Debary, Peter .... Orwell, R.

Camb. Ely Trinity Coll. Camb. Drake, C. D. M. .. Dalham, R.

Suffolk Norwich Gen.Sird.Affleck,Bt. Durnford, Richard.. Goodworth Clatford, V. Hants Winchest. W. Iremonger, Esq. Eddy, John...... 3 with Bemerton, V.

SFugglestone, St. Peter, R.} Wilts Sarum Earl of Pembroke Frowd, Edward .... Upper Clatford, R. Hants Winchest.

of of

Name : Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron. Harbur, William .. Ipswich, St. Mary Key, C. Suffolk Norwich The Parisbioners Hay, Edward...... Broughton, V.

W. York York Christ Church, Oxf. SHunston, P.C. Heigham, Henry .. Sitio


SJ. Heigham, Esq. to Bradfield Combust, R. S

Norwich iznam, Henry

Rev. H. Hasted Helps, William, jun. "Ratcliffe-on-Soar, V. Notts York Earl Howe Howorth, Thomas .. Idle, C.

W. York York Vicar of Calverley Kay, William...... Kirkdale, P.C. N. York York University of Oxf.

SCaterham, C.
Legrew, James
Legrew, James ..
" to Chaldon, R.

Surrey Winch.

Rev. T. Welton Maddock, B. ...... Tadcaster, V.

W. York York Earl of Egremont Money, E. ........ Preb. in Cath. Church of Hereford

Bp. of Hereford (Brinsop, V.

Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford Morgan, Henry C. Zand Wynston, R. Gloster Gloster Sir E. B. Sandys, Bt. (to Goodrich, V.

Hereford Hereford Bp. of Hereford Can. Res. in Cath. Church of Hereford Bp. of Hereford ( and Fownhope, V. . ? orof (D.&C.of Hereford

and Moccas, R. : Morgan, Hugh H. 8

> Heref.

SirG.Cornewall, Bt. and Wolhope, V.

of D. & C. of Hereford

3 Heref. ( to Chanc. of Cath. Church of Hereford Bp. of Hereford Nelson, John ..... Little Dunham

Norfolk Norwich J. Goldson, Esq. Oakes, Charles .. SKemberton, R.

v & Salop Lichfield Mrs. Sarah Oakes ?with Sutton Maddock, V.S walop Lichni SLiversedge, C.

W. York York Rev. H. Roberson Roberson, H. .... 30 Ito Preb. in Cath Church of York

Abp. of York Scholefield, R. B. .. Ganton, V.

E. York York Sir T. Legard, Bt. Smith, William H... Hinderwell, R.

N. York York Thomas Smith, Esq. Statham, Richard J.. Tarporley, R.

Chester Chester Stonehouse, N. .... Eaton Bishop, R.

to Hereford 5p. of

Bp. of Hereford Strangways, E. ..

5 Meibury Osmond, R. Dorset Bristol Earl of Ilchester

"I and --- Sampford, R. Stubbs, P. ........ Well, V.

N. York Chester C. Chaplin, Esq. SAshburnham, V. Warneford, E. ....

? Sussex Chichest. D. & C. of Cant. •"*" with Penhurst, R.

Stanton-by-Bridge, R. Derhys Lichfield Sir G. Crewe. Bart. Whitaker, T. W... and Swarkston, R. S Wilson, Daniel .... Over Worton, R. Oxford Oxford T. Cartwright, Esq.

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Digby, Noel ...... Brixton, R.

I. of Wht. Winchest. Bp. of Winchester Fuggleston, St. Peter, R. Iw Lady, Charies . with Bemerton, V.

{Wilts Salisbury Earl of Pembroke

I (Carlton Miniot, P.C. 3

Abp. of York
Holmes, Jonathan .<

and Kildale, R.
and Thirsk, P. C.

R. B. Livesay, Esq.

N. York York (with Sand-hutton, P. C.

Abp. of York Howorth, Thomas .. Idle, C.

W. York York Vicar of Calverley Hunt, W.Y.C... Bickley, V.


and Tamerton Foliot, V. De

S Sir M.M. Lopes, Bt.
Devon Exeter

xeter Lord Chancellor Robinson, William.. High Toynton, c. Lincoln Lincoln Vicar of Horncastle Tanner, William ..

:11: S Priest Vic. of Cath. Church of Exeter

Y and Meshaw, R. Devon Exeter G.H.Wollaston, Esq. Arlington, v. )

S Preb. of Woodhorne,

l in Cath. Ch.of Chich. Trivett, William .. and Ashburnham, V. Sussex Chich. | with Penhurst, R.

D. & C. of Cant. (and Willingdon, V.

• D. & C. of Chich, VOL. XII. NO, VI.

8 E


Residence or Appointment.
Batten, Samuel Ellis .... Assistant Mast. of Harrow School.
Lowther, C. B. Ponsonby. Devizes, Wilts.
Tindall, W. .......... Head Mast, of Grammar School at Wolverhampton.




BACHELORS IN DIVINITY. At a meeting of the Heads of Colleges, Rev. Charles Carr Clerke, Student of Christ the Rev. Thomas William Lancaster, M.A.

Church, and Archdeacon of Oxford. late Michel Fellow of Queen's College, has Rev. John Anthony Cramer, late Student been appointed to preach the Bampton of Chr. Ch. Public Orator of the UniverLecture in the year 1831.

Mr. William Henry Walter Bigg Wither has been admitted actual Fellow of New


Rev. John Hall Parlby, University Coll. Richard Mitchell, Esq. M. A. of Wadham College, has been elected a Fellow of Lin

E. Hughes Chamberlain, University Coll. coln College.

Rev. T. Hutchings, Chapl. of Christ Ch. Mr. Edward J. Wilcocks, Commoner of

Charles Saxton, Christ Church. Exeter College, and Mr. Arthur Bedford

John R. F. Billingsley, Lincoln Coll. Orlebar, Commoner of St. John's College,

Rev. R. Hawkins, Schol. of Pembroke Coll. have been elected Scholars of Lincoln Col

Rev. J. D. Orlando Crosse, Exeter Coll. lege; and Mr. David Thomas Knight, of

T. Tunnard, St. Mary Hall, Grand Comp. Lincoln College, Mr. Robert Spofforth, of

Rev. Edward Dudley, Worcester Coll. Pembroke College, and Mr. Daniel Butler,

James Cox, Christ Church. Lord Crewe's Exhibitioners in that Society.

Rev. J. Medley, Wadham Coll. Gr. Comp. Mr. George Day, Mr. William Cother,

Rev. John Hoole, Wadham Coll. and Mr. George Barnes, have been elected

Rev. E.S. C. Browne Cave, Brasenn. Coll. Westminster Students of Christ Church.

Rev. Henry Trimmer, Exeter Coll.

Rev. John Byron, Exeter Coll.
In a Convocation, a new statute, “ De
Examinandis Graduum Candidatis," was

BACHELORS OF ARTS, submitted to the Members of Convocation.

Charles Deedes, Merton Coll. In order to afford an opportunity of ascer

Allan Johnson, Merton Coll. taining the sentiments of the University on

Sir Walter F. Farquhar, Bart. Christ Ch. every point connected with the proposed

Hon. Charles John Murray, Christ Church. alterations, the whole was divided into

Thomas Blackburne, Brasennose Coll. fourteen sections, and the several sections

H. C. Nowell, Exhibitioner of Corpus Coll. were proposed one by one, with an under

Viscount Villiers, Christ Church. standing that the first was not to be sub

Hon. H. F. F. A. Barrington, Christ Ch. mitted to the House, unless all the others

Thomas J. Ormerod, Brasennose Coll. had been previously agreed to. Of the remaining thirteen, five were adopted with :

James Bliss, Oriel Coll..

Christopher Benson, Queen's Coll. out any division, two were carried in the

George Thomas Comyns, Wadham Coll. affirmative, and six were negatived; so

William John Blew, Wadham Coll. that, for the present, the old statute, as

John Fox, Worcester Coll. amended in the years 1825 and 1826, re

Thomas Staniforth, Christ Church. mains in force.

Richard Entwisle, Brasennose Coll.

Arthur F. Daubeny, Brasennose Coll.

Alfred Cox, Scholar of Lincoln Coll.

William Davy, Exeter Coll.

Alfred Daniel, Exeter Co!l.
Rey. Samuel Curlewis Lord, Wadham Coll. James Allan Harrison, St. Mary Hall.
Grand Comp.

William Watts, Schol. of University Coll.

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