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Preferment. County. Diocese.

Patron. Myers, Charles John Flintham, V.

Notts York Trin. Coll. Camb. Preston, George.. ce

( D.&C. of Westmins. Christ Church, V.

:> Middlesex London and Governors of St. Er with St. Leonard, R.

(Barth. Hosp. alt. Roberts, R. L. Anwyl Llangwfan, R.

Denbigh Bangor Bishop of Bangor Raymond, S. .... Swindon, R.

Gloucest. Gloucest. Shelford, W. Heard Preston, R.

Suffolk Norwich Eminan. Coll. Camb. Shepherd, J....... Preb. in Coll. Church of Southwell

Abp. of York Watson, J. Temple. Westwratting, V. Camb. Ely D. & C. of Ely

CLERGYMEN DECEASED. October 26, at Fletton, near Peterborough, aged 36, the Rev. J. J. Lowe, Rector of that Parish, and formerly Fellow and Tutor of Brasennose College, Oxford.

Mr. Lowe possessed this sure mark of a true Christian, that although he was universally respected for his abilities and acquirements, yet he was always spoken of peculiarly as a good man; the talents which, under other circumstances, would have attracted the principal notice, being reduced in his character to their just estimation, by the uncommon excellence of his principles and practice. Those who knew him well as a young man, amid the temptations of a university life, can bear witness to the mingled love and respect which he excited by the singular amiableness and cheerfulness of his disposition and manners, united to the high and spotless purity of his life. In after years, though a long residence at the University is sometimes thought to be an unfavourable preparation for the duties of a country Clergyman, he so endeared himself to the inhabitants of his first parish, Southam, that when the state of his health obliged him to resign his Curacy, they presented him with a public testimony of their respect and affection. In a word, his whole life was so beautifully Christian, that although he was, year after year, gradually ripening in holiness, the eye of man could scarce notice any thing, even in his youthful character, which was inconsistent with the profession of the Gospel.

On Friday, the 27th of November, 1829, at Beeching Stoke, near Devizes, in his 79th year, universally respected and regretted, the Rev. Charles Mayo, B.C. L. upwards of fifty years Rector of that parish, and of Hewish, near Peusey, and formerly of Queen's College. He was presented to the latter Rectory by the trustees of the Duchess of Somerset's Institution for Widows, as their Chaplain, in 1775. Within the last few years, he rebuilt, at his own expense, the parsonage house at Hewish, and endowed two Exhibitions at Queen's College, vesting the presentation to them in the said trustees and their successors. He has given, by bis will, 1001. stock to the fund for the relief of the widows and orphans of the Clergy in the diocese of Salisbury, and a small annual sum to future Rectors of his late parishes, for the supply of books to the young, and for the occasional relief of the aged and infirm. His remains were attended to the silent grave on Thursday, the 3d of December, by his brother, his executors, two of his nearest relatives, by the Rev. Archdeacon Macdonald, and by all the Clergy in the immediate neighbourhood, with whom, as with their predecessors during this long period, he lived on terms of the greatest cordiality and friendship.-Mr. Mayo took his Degree of M. A. in 1774, and B.C.I.. in 1779. Name. Preferment.

County. Diocese. Patron. Baker, Slade .... Burcott, R.

Berks Salisbury Jeremy Baker, Esq. Birch, Walter....

S Stanton St. Barnard, V. Wilts Salisbury Earl of Pembroke

"" and Stanway, R. Essex London Magd. Coll. Oxf. Bullen A Colin S Great Baddow, V.

} Essex

SRev. A. C. Bullen ', A. Bom. & Woodham Mortimer, R.)

London A. Bullen, Esq. Burton, D. Conyers Broughton, R.

Lincoln Lincoln Richard Burton, Esq.

Wilts Salisbury Rev.I.W.W.Horlock and Winford, R.

Somerset B.& Wells Worcester Coll. Oxf. Preb, in Cath. Church of St. David's

Bp. of St. David's Jenkins, John .. and Preb. in Cath. Church of York

Abp. of York
Land Kerry, V.

Montgom.St. David's Bp. of St. David's Julian, Joseph .... Trimley, St. Martin, R. Suffolk Norwich Rev. J. Julian Beeching Stoke, R.

J. W. Heneage, Esq. Mayo, Charles .. 3 ..and Huish, R.

Vilts Salisbury 3 Trustees of Frox

field Almshouses

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Preferment. . County.' Diocese. Patron. Rumney, William.. Swindon, R.

Gloucest. Gloucest. Rev. W. Rumney Shackleford, R. D. . St. Sepulchre, v. Middlesex London St. John's Coll. Oxf.

( Preb. in Cath. Church of York Watkins, Henry..

and Preb. in Coll. Church of Southwell Abp. of York and Barulborough, v. W. York York Southwell Coll. Ch. (and Conisborough, V.

- Abp. of York


Residence or Appointment. Row, W..

.... Chaplain of the Shannon Frigate. Veel, P....................... Curate of Boxwell and Leighterton, Gloucester. Woodward, F. Blake .......... Clifton.



The Earl of Lincoln, eldest son of the

Duke of Newcastle, has been admitted Mr. Richard Payne has been admitted a

a Nobleman of Christ Church. Founder's-kin Fellow of New Coll.

Mr. James Roydon Hughes has been admitted actual Fell. of New Coll. Herman Merivale, B. A. has been ad

The nomination of the following permitted actual Fellow of Balliol Coll.

sons to enter upon the office of Select Charles Marriott, Commoner of Exeter

Preacher before the University, in Michael. Coll.; Stephen Charles Denison, Con

mas Term, 1830, has been unanimously moner of Balliol Coll.; and Edward Elder;

approved in Convocation : have been elected Scholars of Balliol Coll. Charles Marriott has been also elected The Rev. the Warden of New Coll. Exhibitioner on the foundation of Mrs. The Rev. the Provost of Oriel Coll. Headlam; and John Cook, Exhibitioner The Rev. Mr. Tyler, late Fell. of Oriel Coll. on the foundation of Mr. Harris, in the now Rector of St. Giles's-in-the-Fields. same College.

The Rev.Mr. Majendie, Fell. of Magd. Coll. Mr. James Edward Sewell has been ad- The Rev. Mr. Miller, late Fell. of Worc.Coll. mitted actual Fellow of New Coll.

The Rev. William Beach Thomas, M.A. has been elected Fellow of Pembroke Coll. on the Foundation of Sir John Philipps,

DEGREES CONFERRED. Bart. Mr. Francis Thomas has been elected Scholar on the same Foundation. The Degree of Doctor in Divinity, by

Mr. James Parker Deane, Fellow of St. Diploma, has been conferred upon the John's Coll., has been admitted to one Hon. and Right Rev. Richard Bagot, Lord of the twelve Law Fellowships in that Bishop of Oxford, formerly of Christ Church, Society.

and late Fellow of All Souls' Coll. The Rev. William Airey, M. A. has been elected Fellow of Queen's Coll.

BACHELOR AND DOCTOR IN PIVINITY, Mr. William Griffith, B. A. Mr. Thomas

By accumulation. Jones, and Mr. D. J. Lewis, Commoners, have been elected Scholars of Jesus Coll.

Rev. W. Y. Churchill Hunt,' Exeter Coll. The Rev. Joseph West, M. A. Chaplain of New Coll., has been unanimously elected,

DOCTOR IN CIVIL LAW. by the Heads and Bursars of Colleges, to one of the Chaplainships to the Radcliffe Rev. William Michael Lally, St. John's Infirmary, vacant by the resignation of Coll. Grand Comp. the Rev. Jaines Lupton.

William Morgan, Esq. Fell. of Magd. Coll.

BACHELOR IN DIVINITY, Rev. J. Norris, Fell. of Corp. Christi Coll.


By commutation. William Morgan, Esq. Fell. of Magd. Coll.

BACHELOR IN CIVIL LAW. Rev. T. F. A. P. Hodges, Fel). of New Coll.

MASTERS OF ARTS. Rev.Joseph Saville Roberts Evans, Queen's

Coll. Grand Comp. Henry Reynolds, Schol. of Jesus Coll. Rev. j. T.C. Fawcett, Student of Ch. Ch. Rev. James Mackell, Brasennose Coll. Cecil Wray, Brasennose Coll. Rev. George Ferris Whitborne Mortimer,

Michel Scholar of Queen's Coll. Jervis John Jervis, Queen's Coll. Rev. Chares Burlton, Fellow of New Coll. Thomas Coitle, Pembroke Coll. Rev. George R. Kensit, Pembroke Coll. Evan Owen Hughes, Jesus Coll. Rev. H. W. Gleed Armstrong, St. John's C. Samuel Richard Bosanquet, Ch. Ch. Rev. Thomas Scard, Magdalen Hall

Henry Rogers, Jesus Coll.
Robert Blagden Hall, Corpus Christi Coll,
Edward Phillott, Scholar of Pembroke Coll.
Herbert Johnson, Scholar of Wadham Coll.
F. Foyster Langston, St. John's Coll.
George Cuddington Bethune, Trinity Coll.
Edward Stewart, Oriel Coll.
Hugh Polson, Exeter Coll.
Edward Knight, Exeter Coll.
Charles Rodd, Exeter Coll.
Andrew Saunders, Exeter Coll.
Frederick Bulley, Demy of Magdalen Coll.
John Edward Exeter Spink, Wadham Coll.

Grand Comp.
Antony Francis Butler St. Leger, Brasen-

nose Coll. Grand Comp. Joseph Theophilus Toye, Queen's Coll. Thomas Richards, Queen's Coll. John Peter Simonet, St. Edmund Hall George Thompson, Magdalen Hall William North, Jesus Coll. William Williams, Jesus Coll. Edward Davies, Jesus Coll. William Dyer, Jesus Coll. Charles Croft, Scholar of University Coll, George Glinn Ponsonby, University Coll. John Christopher Pack, Christ Church John Young, Corpus Christi Coll. C. F. Bryan Wood, Schol. of Pemb. Coll. N. Constantine Strickland, Lincoln Coll. William Drake, Lincoln Coll. H. Hollingworth Pearson, Lincoln Coll. John J. Vaughan, Merton Coll. E.T.B. Twisleton, Schol. of Trinity Coll. Benjamin Banning, Trinity Coll. John Francis Stuart, Trinity Coll.

John Netherton Edwards, Worcester Coll

Grand Comp.
Thomas Furnivall, Queen's Coll.
William Dod, Magdalen Hall
William Duke, Magdalen Hall
William Gould, Balliol Coll.
G. Dunbar Haughton, Worcester Coll.
George Eaton, Brasennose Coll.

Townshend Brooke, Brasennose Coll.
George Clayton, Christ Church

John William Chambers, St. John's Coll. George Cæsar Hawkins, Oriel Coll. Robert Hennell Flower, Trinity Coll. John Francis Richard Hill, Trinity Coll. Richard Foster, Exeter Coll. Nathaniel Bond, Oriel Coll. Grand Comp. R. R. James M.Pherson, Queen's Coll. John Daniel Lloyd, Queen's Coll. William Manbey, Queen's Coll. James Hussey, Balliol Coll. Henry Blisset, Balliol Coll. William Hunt, Wadham Coll. Albert Mangles, Postmaster of Merton Coll. Henry Hughes, Trinity Coll. Henry Deane, Exeter Coll. J. P. Pearce, Queen's Coll. Grand Comp. John Meynell, Brasennose Coll. Gr. Comp. Oliver Ormerod, Brasennose Coll. Temple Hillyard, Brasennose Coll. Brisco Owen, Scholar of Jesus Coll.

The names of those candidates, who, at the close of the Public Examinations in Michaelmas Term, were admitted by the Public Examiners into the three Classes of Literæ Humaniores and Disciplina Mathematicæ et Physicæ respectively, according to the alphabetical arrangement in each class prescribed by the statute, stand as follows:

In the First Class of Literæ Humaniores. Bazeley, Thomas Tyssen, Queen's Coll. Eden, Charles Page, Oriel Coll. Johnson, Herbert, Wadham Coll. Ormerod, T. Johnson, Brasennose Coll. Price, Bonamy, Worcester Coll. Twisleton, E. T. Boyd, Trinity Coll.

In the Second Class of Literæ Humaniores.
Biscoe, Frederick, Christ Church
Bridge, Thomas Finch Hobday, Ch. Ch.

Hughes, Henry, Trinity Coll.
Humphreys, Salusbury, Brasennose Coll.
Mangles, Albert, Merton Coll.
St. Leger, A, F. Butler, Brasennose Coll.
Whatley, Thomas Denman, Queen's Coll.
Young, John, Corpus Christi Coll.

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In the Third Class of Literæ Humaniores. Ashe, Edward, Balliol Coll. Briscoe, Richard, Jesus Coll. Bulley, Frederick, Magdalen Coll. Chambers, John, St. John's Coll. Digweed, John James, Pembroke Coll.. Drake, William, Lincoln Coll. Drake, John Rudman, Christ Church Dunnage, J. Arthur, Brasennose Coll. Farquhar, Walter M. Christ Church Freeman, Thomas, Brasennose Coll. Gould, William, Balliol Coll. Hillyard, Temple, Brasennose Coll. Hunt, William, Wadham Coll. Karslake, William, Oriel Coll. Langston, F. Poyster, St. John's Coll. Lysons, Samuel, Exeter Coll. North, William, Jesus Coll. Owen, Briscoe, Jesus Cull. Parker, Edward, Oriel Coll. Phillott, Edward, Pembroke Coll. Stevens, James, St. John's Coll. Stewart, Edward, Oriel Coll. Toye, Joseph Theophilus, Queen's Coll.

In the Second Class of Discip. Mathematicæ

et Physicæ. Biscoe, Frederick, Christ Church. Bridge, Thos. Finch Hobday, Christ Ch. Karslake, William, Oriel Coll. WILLIAM KAY, AUGUSTUS PAGE SAUNDERS, Examiners. GEORGE RIGGS,

The number of the Fourth Class, namely, of those who were deemed worthy of their degree, but not deserving of any honourable distinction, was ninety-five.



The Rev. John Haymes. B. A. of Clare Hall, has been elected Fellow of that Society.

Francis Minoch Randall, Esq. B. A. of St. Peter's College, has been elected a Ti avelling Bachelor, on the foundation of the late Mr. Worts.

gives notice that the subject for the present year is Byzantium.

N. B. These exercises are to be sent in to the Vice-Chancellor on or before March 31, 1830; and are not to exceed 200 lines in length.

II. The Representatives in Parliament for this University being pleased to give annually

(1) Two prizes of fifteen guineas each, for the encouragement of Latin Prose composition, to be open to all Bachelors of Arts, without distinction of years, who are not of sufficient standing to take the degree of Master of Arts: and

(2) Two other prizes of fifteen guineas each, to be open to all Undergraduates, who shall have resided not less than seven terms, at the time when the exercises are to be sent in; the subjects for the present year are

(1) For the Bachelors,
Quantum momenti, ad studium rei

Theologicæ promovendum, habeat
literarum humaniorum cultus ?

PRIZE SUBJECTS. The Vice-Chancellor has issued the following notice:

Sidney Lodge, Dec. 15, 1829. 1. His Royal Highness the Chancellor being pleased to give annually a third gold medal for the encouragement of English Poetry, to such resident Undergraduate as shall compose the best Ode, or the best Poem in heroic verse; the Vice-Chancellor

A Grace to the following effect has passed the Senate:

To appoint the Vice-Chancellor and the other Trustees of the Botanic Garden, Professor Henslow, Mr. Peacock, of Trinity College, Mr. Hildyard of Trinity Hall, and Mr. Garnons of Sidney College, a Syndicate to consider of the best means of removing the Botanic Garden; and to report to the Senate before the Division of the next Term.

(2) For the Undergraduates, . Que sit forma Iloitelas ad Græ

ciæ renascentis statum optimè ac

commodata? N. B.—These exercises are to be sent in on or before April 30, 1830.

III. Sir William Browne having bequeathed three gold medals, value five guineas each, to such resident undergraduates as shall compose

(1) The best Greek Ode in imitation of Sappho;

(2) The best Latin Ode in imitation of Horace;

(3) The best Greek Epigram after the model of the Anthologia, and

(4) The best Latin Epigram after the model of Martial;

The subjects for the present year are:-
(1) For the Greek Ode, Ilyssi Laus.
(2) For the Latin Ode, Cuma.
(3) For the Greek Epigranı, Ægrescit

(4) For the Latin Epigram, Spatiis in.

clusus iniquis. · N.B.—These exercises are to be sent in on or before April 30, 1830. The Greek Ode is not to exceed twenty five, and the Latin Ode thirty stanzas.

IV. The Porson Prize is the interest of 4001. Stock, to be annually employed in the purchase of one or more Greek books, to be given to such resident undergraduate as shall make the best translation of a proposed passage in Shakspeare, Ben Jonson, Massinger, or Beaumont and Fletcher, into Greek verse.

The subject for the present year is

Romeo and JULIET. Act II. Sc. 2. Begiôning ..He jests at scars," foc. And ending..I'll no longer be a Capulet."

N. B.-The metre to be Tragicum Iambicum Trimetrum Acatalecticum. These exercises are to be accentuated and accompanied by a literal Latin prose version, and are to be sent in on or before April 30, 1830.

N. B.-All the above exercises are to be sentin to the Vice-Chancellor privately: each is to have some motto prefixed; and to be accompanied by a paper sealed up, with the same motto on the outside; which paper is to enclose another, folded up, having the Candidate's name and College written within.—The papers containing the names of those Candidates who may not succeed, will be destroyed unopened.-Any Candidate is at liberty to send in his exercise printed or lithographed.--No prize will be given to any Candidate who has not, at the time for sending in the exercises, resided one term at the least.

The following communication has been made to the Members of the Senate :

Sidney Lodge, Nov. 25. “ The Vice-Chancellor begs to inform the Members of the Senate, that he has directed all the designs, plans, and estimates, which he has received, for the New Library and other public Buildings, to be placed in the Public Library for general inspection."

The Syndicate appointed to consider of the arrangements concerning the “ Old Court lately purchased of King's College,” have reported to the Senate :

“ That they unanimously agree to recommend Mr. Cockerell's Design (No. 1.) for the New Library and other Public Buildings, as being, in their opinion, upon the whole, best adapted to answer the purposes which the University have in contemplation."



The following is a statement of the resident Members of the University, at the division of the last Term :College.

In Commons. In Lodgings. Trinity ......

435 206
St. John's .... 313 .. 185
Queen's ......

.. 103
Corpus Christi ..
St. Peter's ....
Caius ......
Emmanuel ....
Catharine Hall.
Jesus ........
Magdalene ....
Pembroke ....
Clare Hall ....
Sidney ......
Trinity Hall is
King's .....
Downing ....

1771 .... 673

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