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8 & 7.
CILORY, honour, praise and power
U To the Lamb be ever paid:
Let new blessings every hour
Rest on his adored head.

5 & 6.
PY angels in heaven
D Of every degree,
And saints upon earth;

All praise be address'd
To God in Three Persons,

One God ever bless'd;
As it has been, now is,

And always shall be.




Alas! what hourly
All hail the power
Although the vine
Am I a Soldier
And is the Gospel
And let this feeble
And will the great
Angels, roll the rock
Arni of the Lord,
As birds their infant
Attend, my soul,
A wake, and sing
Awake, my soul,
Awake, ye saints,

59 Encompass'd with
26 Eternal God, enthron'd 219
95 Eternal Source

90 Eternal Wisdom,.
• 14 Exert thy pow'r,
141 Faith, 'tis a precious

24 Father, how wide 29 181 Father of all, we bow 133 178 Father of men, thy care 198

5 Father of mercies, 145 103 Father of mercies, send 190 199 Fierce passions

73 215 From whence these 18

Bestow, dear Lord,
Blessed are the sons
Blest be the tie
Blow ye the trumpet
By whom was David

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165 Glorious things of thee 177 100 Glory to God on high 30 195 Glory to thee, my God, 201 132 God moves in a

68 75 Glorious Lord, Grateful notes

104 35 Great God, now

162 39 Great God, the nations 181 107 Great God, we sing 213 197 Great Lord of angels, 143

80 Guide me, 0 thou 154

23 Hail, everlasting Spring, 175 112 Hail, mighty Jesus, 115

Hail, the day that saw 22 235 Hail, thou once

39 57 Hark, hear the sound, 118 42 Hark, the glat sound, 13 55 Hark the herald angels 3 72 Hark, the herald angels 21 129 Hark! the voice of love 173

Come, Holy Spirit, Come, hunible sinner, Come, thou Almighty Come, condescending Come, thou Fount Come, thou long Come tune, ye saints, Come, ye weary souls, Day of Judgment, Dear Jesus, when, Dear Lord, and shall Descend Holy Spirit, Didst thou, dear Jesus, Dis miss us with thy

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H. Heal us, Emmanuel, 76 Look down, O Lord, 114 Hear what God the Lord 179 Look up, my soul, 187 Hear what the Lord, 159 Lo! on a narrow neck 217 Heav'n has confirm'd 221 Lord of all worlds,

185 He dies, the Friend 20 Lord of life,

193 He lives, the great 31 Lord, send thy word, 183 Here at thy table, Lord, 169 Lord, we come before 126 He who on earth as man 150 Lord, what our ears 160 His master taken from 148 Love Divine, all love 12%. Honour and happiness 105 House of our God, 214 Manna to Israel llow are thy servants 94 Many woes had Christ 17 How blest is our Friend 230 Mighty God, How helpless guilty S4 My gracious Redeemer 101 How oft, alas,

37 My song shall bless 88 How shall I iny How rich thy bounty, 146 Now begin the heavenly 33 How soft the words 164 Now for a hymn

152 llow sweetly along 207 Now let our drooping 149

Now may fervent 166 I ask'd the Lord

56 Now may the God 131 I know that my

86 Now may the Lord 209 Indulgent Sovereign 180 Now the shades

200 In sin by blinded

41 . Inspirer and bearer 202 O charity, thou

191 In sweet exalted strains 142 O'er mountain tops 186 In themselves as weak 135 0, for a closer walk In this world of sin 218 O God, we praise thee, 236 Israel, in ancient days 7 ( God, whose

47 It is the Lord,

71 0 happy day, that fix'd 151 I was a grov'ling

610 how I love thy

O Lord, my best Jesus, and shall it ever be 50 O Lord, our languid 125 Jesus, at thy command 85 O my soul what means 60 Jesus, full of all

113 One there is, above all Jesus, I know, has died 62 Ou man in his own Jesus, lover of my soul 84 On thee each morning, 205 Jesus, my Lord, 192 Ou wings of faith Jesus, thy blood

890 righteous


138 Jesus, whose blood 77 O sight of anguish! Joy is a fruit

66 O that my load of sin 36

O thou, before whose 147 Keep silence,

O time, how few thy 216 Kindred in Christ, 194 Our Saviour alone 102

0 Zion, afficted with 153 Let me dwell on

174 Let us awake our joys 27 Perpetual Source 51 Lift up your heads 11 Praise to the Lord 144 Listen, ye hills, Lo! he comes,

234 Raise, thoughtless 108

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Rejoice, the Lord is King 28 Thy life I read,
Religion is the chief 205 'Tis a point I long
Kemark, my soul, 212 'Tis finish’d-So
Rise, my soul,
98 To praise the ever

Rise, O my soul,

Unveil thy bosom,. .

Safely throngh another 121 Vain man, thy fond 220
See Gabriel swift
See, gracious Lord, 136 Woary of struggling 38
See how browo autumn 210 Welcome, delightful 122
Sce Israel's gentle 161 What jarring nature

Shepherds rejoice, 10 What scenes of horrour 298
Sin enslav'd me
40 What various


Since Jesas freely 196 What venerable sight
Sing ye redeemed 176 When Abraham full
Sinner, art thou still 109 When all thy mercies,

Sinners, the voice 110 When any turn
Sinners, will you scorn 111 When at this distance,
Son of God, thy blessing 87 When blooming youth 227
Stern winter throws
211 When I view my


Sweet was the time

5% When on the cross
When, streaming

Take comfort,

228 When the last trumpet's 232
The billows swell, 83 When verdure clothes 206
The deluge, at th'

63 When wild confusion
The Lord my pastire 92 When I to grief
The Lord of Sabbath 123 While on the verge

The Lord on mortal 117 While shepherds
The message first

156 Whilst thee I seek,
The moment a sinner 43 With my substance
The new-born child 46 With rey'rend awe, 119
The peace which God 130 World adieu,

There is a God

1 Write to Sardis,
The saints should never 74
The Saviour! what a 172 Ye golden lamps

The Spirit breathes 120 Ye hearts, with

This is the feast 170 Ye humble souls,
Thou dear Redeemer, 96 Ye mourning saints,
Thou only Sovereign 82 Ye servants of God 106
Through all changing 79 Ye sons of earth,

Thus saith the Holy One 158
Thus saith the Lord 155 Zeal is that pare
Thị bounties, gracious




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