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Octave of S. Augustine, d. SS. Marcellinus, Pe~

ter, if Erasmus, M. M.
S. Mary Magdalen de Pa%%is, V. sem.


6S. Norlert, B. & C. d.

8 S. William Archp. of York, d.
SS. Primus isf Felicianus, M. M.
S. Margaret Queen of Scots, sem.
S. Barnaby, Ap. D.

S. John of S. Facundus, C. d. SS. Basilides, &c
M. M.

S. Anthony of Padua, C. d.
S. B. C. & Dr. d.

SS. Vitus, Modestus, £s" Crescentia, M. M.

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S. Marcus & Marcellianus, M. M. 19|S. Juliana de Falconeriis V. d. SS. Gervase tS' Protase, M. M. S. Silverius, P. & M.

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July hath XXXI Days

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Octave of S. John Baptist, A.
Visitation of the B. V. Mary, D. SS. Processus,
&C. M. M.

Octave of SS. Peter & Paul, d.

Translation of S. Thomas of Canterbury, M. D.

S. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal, Widow, sem.

Seven Brethren, M. M. sem. SS. Rufina & Se

cunda, V. V. & M. M.
S. Pius, P. & M.

S. John Guallert, Ah. d. SS. Nabor (if Felix, M M.
S. Anacletus, P. & M.
S. Bonaventure, B. C. & Dr. d.
S. Swithin, Bp. of (Winchester, d.

l6jB. V. Mary of Mount Carmel, D.
S. Osmund, Bp. of Sarum, d.
S. Camillas, C. A. S. Symphorosa, and her 7

sons, M. M.
S. Vincenlius a Paulo, C. d.
S. Jerome Emilian, C. d. S. Margaret, V. & M.
S. Henry, Emp. C. sem. S. Praxcdes, V.
S. Mary Magdalen, A.

S. ApoUinaris, B. & M. d. S. Liborius, B. k C. S. Alexius, C. sem. Vigil, S. Christina, V. & M. S. James, Ap. D. 2 CI. S. Ann, Mother of the B. V. Mary, D. (S. Alexius, C. sem.) S. Pantaleon, M. 4 SS. Nazarius, Celsus, etc. M. M. sem. 29iS. Martha, V. sem. SS. Felix, etc, M. M. 30;SS. Aldon & Sennen, M. M. 31 IS. Ignatius, C. d.

August hath XXXI Days.

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1 S. Peter's Chains, D. Holy Machabees, M. M. 2S. Stephen, P. & M.

2 Finding of S. Stephen the first Martyr's Body, sem. 4,S, Dominick, C. d

sDrdication of our Lady ad Nives, D. 6|Transfiguration of our Lord, D. SS. Xyslus, ($c. I M.M.

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Septemrer hath XXX Days.

HISS. Protus and Hyacinthus, M. M. 12 On Sunday within the Octave, The Office of the H. Name of the B. V. Mary, D.


14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross, D.

15 Octave of the Nativity of B. V. Mary, d.

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SS. Cornelius and Cyprian, M. M. sem. The Stigmas of S. Francis, d. S. Joseph of Cupertinum, C. d. SS. Januarius, &C. M. M. d. SS. Eustachius, &c. M. M. d. Vigil. S. Matthew, Ap. & Evang. D. 2 CI. S. Thomas, of Villa Nova, B. C. sem. SS. Maurice, &C. M. M. S. Linus, P. & M. sem. S. Thecla, V. & M. 24The B. V. Mary de Mercede, D. 25

26 SS. Cyprian and Justina, M. M.
SS. Cosmos and Damian, M. M. sem.
S. IVenceslaus, M. sem.
Dedification of S. Michael, D. 2 CI. .
S. Jerom, Pr. C. & Dr. d.

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Octorer hath XXXI Days. On the First Sunday, is kept the Solemnity of the Rtearyl.S. Remigius, B. & C. sem.

2 Angels Guardians, d.

3 S. Thomas, Bp. of Hereford, d.
4(S. Francis, C. d.
5JSS. Placidus, &c. M. M.


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Vigil. Fast.

Novemrer hath XXX Days.
D Iiall Satnts, D. 1 CI. with an Octave.
E 2 All Souls.

F 3 S. Wine/ride, V. M. d.

G 4S. Charles, B. & C. d. S. Vitalis, M.

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