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10. Express each of the silver coins now in use in England by a decimal of 2 d.

11 What decimal of £100 is the quotient of £61, 4s. 71d. by 267?


12. Reduce of a shilling to the decimal of a guinea.


13. What decimal of £2 is each of the gold, silver, and copper coins in circulation in England?

14 Reduce

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of 5 florins to the decimal of £1.

Reduction to the Decimal of (Weights and Measures).

1. Reduce 3 ac. 2 rds. 22 pls. to the decimal of 4 acres ; and of 4 ac. 3 rds. 16 pls.

2. What decimal is (a) 3 bush. 3 pks. of 1 qr.? (b) 19 qrs. 1 nl. of 11 yds.? (c) 59 yds. 1 ft. of 1 mile?

3. Reduce 9 of 11 pks. to the decimal of 33 qrs.; and


1 of a year to the decimal of a day.

4 Add together 55 of a cwt. and 3.125 qrs., and reduce this sum to the decimal of 10,000 tons.

5. What decimal of 1 lb. Troy is 64 grains?

6. Reduce 3 dwts. to the decimal and to the vulgar fraction of 2 lbs. Troy.

7. Express as the decimal of 1 lb. Troy each of the lower denominations of Troy weight.

8. What part of 10 ac. 2 rds. 37 pls. is 1 ac. 3 rds. 3712 pls.? Give answer in vulgar fraction, and in decimals to four places.

9. Reduce 2 wks. 61 dys. to the decimal of 4 dys. 3 hrs.

10. Reduce 3 fur. 10 pls. to the decimal of a mile; and 2 ft. 3 in. to the decimal of 3 yds. 2 ft.

11. Three Russian versts = 10,500 ft.; reduce a verst to the decimal of a mile.


21. If £187, 10s. pay for the education of 20 boys for 6 months, how long will £150 pay for 8 boys?

22. If 6 masons, each receiving 31s. 6d. a week (6 days), earn as much as 7 bricklayers in the same time, in how many days at this rate will the wages of 35 bricklayers amount to £141, 15s.?

23. If 12 be charged for conveying 21 tons 10 cwts. of iron for 63 miles, how far should 430 tons 5 cwts. be carried for £4?

24. 115 men undertake to make a road 2 miles long in 46 days, but when it is half done at that rate, 69 men go off to another job; how many days altogether were spent in making the road?

25. A 20 horse-power engine pumps 40 gallons of water from a pit 100 yards deep in 3 hours; what quantity of water would an engine of 35 horse-power pump from a depth of 235 feet in 141 days, working night and day?

26. If the carriage of 1 cwt. 3 qrs. 21 lbs. for 104 miles come to £1, 14s. 10d., what sum would be charged for conveying 2 tons for 23 miles?

27. I get 8 oz. of bread for 6d. when wheat is 15s. a bushel; what ought a bushel of wheat to cost when I get 12 oz. of bread for 4d.?

28. If 10 men or 15 boys can reap 20 acres of corn in 6 days, working 14 hours a day, how many boys must be employed to assist 3 men to reap 11 acres in 1 days of 8 hours a day?

29. If the carriage of 5 tons 5 cwt. 2 qrs. 1 lb. for 50 miles cost £27, 10s., what will be charged for conveying 254 cwt. 117 miles?

30. If 24 cakes can be made out of 3s. worth of oatmeal when its price is 18d. per peck, how many cakes can be made out of 10s. 31d. worth when oatmeal is at 13d. per peck?

days, in how many

31. If 7 men earn £9, 10s. 6d. in 10 days will 28 men earn £114, 6s. ?

32. If a family of 9 persons spend £120 in 8 months, how much will serve a family of 24 persons 16 months?

43. If "00234375 of a mile of footway cost 2! guineas to lay down, what would be the cost of laying down logo of a mile and a half?

44. Find the value of '176 of 1 fur. 36 pls. 2 yds. 5 in.; and of .22 of 3 qrs. 15 lbs.

45. What distance can one travel in the penny-a-mile train for a ticket costing 375 of a guinea ?

46. What is the price of 6'00 26 oz. of gold at £3, 175. 10}d. per oz. ?

47. A merchant commences business with the sum of £800; this increases at the rate of .25 every year : what will be the amount at the end of the fifth year?

48. What will be the length of the hem of a handkerchief, two of the sides of which measure 16'i8 inches, and the other two measure each 33.8 i inches?

49. The true length of the year is 365*24224 days; if it be calculated at 3651 days, how soon will the error amount to one whole day?

50. Find the vulgar fraction equivalent to the sum of 14'4 and 1'44 divided by their difference.

51. What is a decimal? Find the decimais equal to each of the following :-*.*, 188, 125, Togg:

52. Find the value of 3'27 of 3 of 27 tons.

53. If one ounce avoirdupois cost £.03125, what will •03125 lbs. cost ?

54. Add together the value of five times '173 of three halfcrowns, 17:43 half-sovereigns, 1795 crowns, £19, and 7:45 shillings.

55. What is the quarter's rent of 13'916 acres of land, at £2.45 per acre per annum?

56. Subtract by decimals 14s. 10!d. from 175. 5 d. 57. Find the price of 14 cwt. 3 qrs. 14 lbs. at £:625 per cwt.

58. Add together and express as a decimal (3 of 4) and 1; and (H of 5) and

59. Find the value of .00375 lbs. Troy of sterling gold, at the rate of £3, 175. 10d. per oz.

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VULGAR FRACTIONS (Miscellaneous).

1. Add together 31, 71, 3, 5; divide their sum by of 41, and subtract the quotient from 20.

2. A gentleman gives 33s. to one boy, 4s. to a second, 3s. to a third, 5s. to a fourth; how much did he spend altogether, and how much did he give on an average to each boy?

3. A pile is driven through water into the ground below; } of it is buried in the soil, is under water, and 15 ft. above the surface of the water: what is the length of the pile?

4. If 9 yds. of velvet cost £33, what quantity may be bought for £20?

5. From of of 48 guineas take s. +1% of half-a-crown +100 of a guinea.


6. What fraction added to of 6 of will make 1?

7. A man possessing five-elevenths of an estate, sold onethird of his share, and divided the remainder among his ten children; what fraction of the whole estate did each child receive?

8. 2 cwt. cost £46}, what is the cost of 2§ lbs. ?

9. A boy, after spending of his money upon cakes, finds that of what he has left is 1s. 9d.; what had he at first? 10. If 1 acres of land cost £118, 135., what will 105 acres cost at the same rate?

11. Add 9-16ths of 1s. 6d. to 73-960ths of 10s., and subtract their sum from 2-15ths of 12s. 6d.

12. If 2 bushels can be got for 2+ of £1, what should be the cost of 793 bushels?



13. Simplify =×7)=3+21=2, and take the result 213-99 61+1 121+21'

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from I.

14. Find the cost of a dress which required 17 yards of

cloth at the rate of 413s. for of a yard, other materials 11s., and 23 s. for making.

15. What is the number to which, if we add of 67, the result will be equivalent to of 13?

16. A shopkeeper having of 58 lbs. of tea, sold qr., 17: cwt., I gr., cwt., qr., and of of 18 lbs. ; what quantity had he left?

17. Multiply 1 ton 3 cwt. 1 qr. 15 lbs. 10 oz. 6 drs. by 35 and 2, and add the two products together.

18. 4 yds. of cloth yd. wide cost £2, os. 6d.; how many yards yd. wide should be got for 3 guineas?

19. Take of a guinea from £6, and express their difference as the fraction of half-a-crown.


20. A person owning of an estate sold of of his 3/13/ share for £120; what would of of the estate sell for at the same rate?


21. If claret be of a guinea per doz., and marsala be 3 of of 10s. a bottle, what fraction of the price of a dozen of the former will be the price of a dozen of the latter?

22. What fraction of £10, together with 3 guineas, is equivalent to 5 guineas?

23. Subtract of from of, and multiply the result by of.

24. If 10 yds. of cloth which is 18 in. wide cost £4, 18s. 61d., what will 1234 yds. of yard wide cloth cost?

25. If of a ton is worth £4, 10s., what is the value of of a ton?

26. Express 4 bush. I pk. I gall. 2 qts. quarter; and the sum and difference of crown as fractions of a half-sovereign.

as the fraction of a

of £1 and of a

part of a day,

5 12

1 100,000

27. How many seconds are there in together with 100.000 part of 3 weeks 4 days?

28. A farmer has to pay yearly the price of 7 bushels of wheat at 45. 9d. per bushel, and 91 of malt at 5s. 3d., and 63 of

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