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60. Two watermen rowing with the tide, flowing at the rate of 24 miles an hour, got over 20 miles in 3-2 hours ; in what time could they do the distance against the same tide? Give answer in decimals of an hour.

61. Find the sum, difference, product, and quotient of '151904 and 0505.

62. Divide £31, 8s. among 6 men and 11 boys, giving a boy .525 of a man's share. What is the worth of a man's share and of a boy's share?

63. A field of 5 42857 i acres was purchased for £,406, 16s. ; how many acres should be sold at the same rate for £355, 198. ?

64. If '3 of an estate is worth £450, 155., what is the value of 48 of the estate ?

65. Find the value of £05625 and £.1927083.

66. A owns '569 of an estate, and B 6 of the remainder ; what is the value of B's share if the whole estate be worth £27,000 ?

67. Find the cost of -2625 of a mile at the rate of 9 d. per yard; and of 3.6 of 4 qrs. 4 bush. at 56s. 6!d. per quarter.

68. One pound of sugar being worth '03515625 of £1, 125., find the value of .15625 cwt.

69. Add together, and state the result, the sum, the difference, the product, and the two quotients of 04 and '005.

70. If 1 lbs. of sugar cost '03515625 of 56s., what is the value of 63125 cwt. ?

71. Find by decimals (to three places) how often £1, 195. 11d. is contained in £473, 18s. 6 d.

72. What decimal of a half-sovereign is each of the silver coins now in use in England ? Add those decimals together, and state (in decimals and in coins) how much their sum exceeds the half-sovereign.

73. Make out this bill :-9-14 lbs. of tea at 45. 2d. per lb. ; 8.6 lbs. of tea at 35. 3d. ; 13.03 lbs. of sugar at is. 3d. ; 87.006 Ibs, of tobacco at 6s. 3d. a lb. "1 Add together of a guinea, 3 of £4, ii of half-a-crown,

hilling, and express their sum as the decimal of 8s. 4d.

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75. A person owned of a coal mine, and sold of of his share for £5125-25; what was the value of the mine and of his share of it?

76. Find the difference between a dozen half-crowns reduced to the decimal of a score of half-crowns, and a score of halfcrowns reduced to the decimal of a dozen.

77. Express in decimals the average of 8:625, 20, 345, 12, o, , and 471

78. I am paid one guinea per working week of 6 days; express decimally the amount of my earnings in a leap year, beginning (1) with a Monday, (2) with a Sunday.

79. State and prove the rule for the reduction of circulating decimals to vulgar fractions. Give examples.

80. Find the difference between 'os and ; and between *18 and }; and between 8i and ; and add their differences te zether.

81. Add

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reduce the result to the decimal (5 places only) of half-a-
82. How many seconds are there in a century, if a solar

contains exactly 365*242218 solar days?

83. Divide £5775 into 86-625 shares, and find what fraction each share is of 9-3 guineas.

84. Find the sum-total of the following quantities, and the value of the whole at 7 of 6s. 8d. per pole, viz. 18 of ic of an acre +95 of 8 of a rood.

85. What is the cost of a dish of almonds and raisins, consisting of '375 lbs. almonds and .75 lbs. raisins, if the almonds be £-0416 and the raisins £'04583 per lb. ?

86. Find the value of 1 lb. avoirdupois of pure gold, if the value of 1 oz. Troy of sterling 'gold, -916 fine, is £3-89375.

87. If a man travels in the day .9746 of 15*274 miles at an expense of 73 of 7s. 6d., how far will he go in 365*242242 days, and at what cost? Give both answers to five places of decimals.

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97nd he sintie nierest in ái . :39. cor cars, it 5 indi

pro he timnie nterest in 50.00 4 ears, i s. (1. p. per ann.

% Find the amount of £325, :hs. 31. at ti per cent. simple inittput in 3 years.

10 Piring fra simple interest an £345, rós. for 73 days, at 7 byt home anna

11. Find the simple interest on £126, 153. for zoo days, at np. por ann,

1%. Finot the simple interest on £12,775 for 198 days, at 3} Pl, pipot ann.

18. What is the amount of £297, 155. 6d. for 12 weeks 4 rinys, suffiny sent.?

14. Find the interest on 4945, 1os. for 7 years, at 4 p. C.

19. Tin whint sun docs 3i'i per cent. on £12, os. 21d.

in What is the interest and amount of £802, 175. 6d. for 4

11 P ( pet ann.?

17. Find the simple interest and amount of £10,010, 105. for 64 years, at 94 p. c. per ann.

18. Find the amount (capital and interest) on £1158, 175. 6d. for 1 year 115 days, at 2 per cent per annum; and on £3996, 155. for 4 years 225 days, at 23 per cent. per annum, simple interest.

19. Find the simple interest on £8oo for 4 years 16 weeks, at 4 p. c. per ann.

20. Find the simple interest on £236, 6s. 8d. for 2 years, at 3 per cent.

21. Find the amount of £2833, 6s. 8d. for 43 years, at 3 per cent.

22. Find the simple interest on £8001, 1os. for 11 years, at 71 p. c per ann.

23. Find the simple interest on £411, 1os. for a quarter of a year, at 45 per cent per annum. (Fractions of a farthing may be neglected.)

24. Find the interest on £198, 6s. 8d. for 3 years, at 3 per cent. per annum.

25. Find the simple interest on £257, 6s. rod. for 3) years, at 5 per cent. per annum; and of £925, 16s. for 41 years, at 3 per cent. per annum.

26. If a boy ur years old puts a guinea into a savings bank paying 25 per cent per annum simple interest, what sum will he be able to take out when he is 14?

27. A sum of £350 is lodged in a bank; what will it amount to at the end of 6 years 10 months at 4£ per cent. simple interest ?

28. Find the simple interest and amount of £7506 for 7? Fears, at 41 p. c. per ann.

29. Find the simple interest on £800 from 1st January 1872 to 21st May 1872, both inclusive, at 5 per cent. per annum.

30. What would be the interest on £150 from the 10th of September till the 22d of November in the same year, at 47 per cent. per annum ?

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37. dhe se sterest in 32, s. finn May ic $150*15* 27. it. Je inn

38. X11.100a the na teret er umum. ind Set 16,79 min 33 preizi i . Or 3990 „ Tarif it is net 'art."

39 Find the simre nterest in 3 za ir months, at 31 3 DAT innum. ini terbuc: iam f 375 11 Une

40 Wrch nvestment til ny i he anger sum, and by how much, it the end it ; ears. 3 15 1825 ?er cent per annum, 37 4,2500 at aj per cent pe innum, juth at simple ntrast

41. I am entitiet tos of the interest on 2:50 from March 3*** ty 27, at 33 per cent. per annum. low much should I per piva?

12. A Tardesman starts with a capital of 42100. and puts by profit of 6 per cent yeary: what is die worth at the end of 7 year?

13. { 1,50 railway share pars 1 Fearly dividend of £6; what annual interest do I get on my money if I bought the share for 1.55?

M. 1.550, 103. was borrowed January 1, 1861. at the rate of 1,5 per cent per annum ; what sum repaid the debt on the

of xrober in the same year?

I borrowed £525 March 25th, paid £200 back June

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