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16. Selling cheese at £3, 135. 6d. per cwt., I made a profit of 22} p. c.; what did the cheese cost me per quarter?

17. If i cwt. of an article cost £7, at what price per lb. must it be sold in order to gain 10 per cent. on the outlay?

18. Selling apples at 3 for a penny, I gain 5 p. c. ; what do I gain or lose p. c. by selling them at £i per 1000 ?

19. If I gained 10 p. c. by selling tea at 25. 6d. a lb., what did I lose p. c. when I had to sell it at 2s. 3d. per lb. ?

20. If a woman's profits are '3125 of her whole receipts, what was the cost price of a lot of eggs for which she receives

145. ?

21. For how much must an article be sold, which cost £12, 10s., in order to gain 15 p. C.

c? 22. If I sell for £25, 45. articles which cost me 15 guineas, what do I gain p. c.?

23. A woman buys 2 pair of ducks for 78. 6d., and sells them for gs. 9}d. ; what does she gain p. c. ?

24. If marbles can be procured wholesale at 5 for a halfpenny, and sold at a farthing each, what is the gain p. c. ?

25. How must nutmegs, which cost 18s. 9d. per lb., be sold in order to gain 16 p. c. ?

26. A. B. sells a pig to a neighbour for 195. 3d., gaining thereby 12 p. c. on what he gave for it; how much did he give?

27. If coal is purchased at the pit's mouth for ios. a ton, and its carriage costs 5s., at what price should it be sold to realize a profit of 25 p. c.?

28. If 5) p. c. be gained by selling butter at £5, 5s. 6d. per cwt., what will be the gain p. c. by selling it at is. 3d. per lb. ?

29. A man bought 2 tons 3 cwt 3 qrs. of sugar for £120, and paid £2, ios. for expenses; what must he sell it at per cwt. to clear 50 p. c. ?

30. A contractor purchased 5 tons of meat at £3 a cwt., and sold it so as to gain 28} p. c. ; what was the selling price

per lb. ?

31. By selling an article for £1'125 I gain 12} p. c. ; what would have been my gain or loss p. c. if I had sold it for £:95?

32. I lost 184 p. c. on the sale of a horse for which I had given £118, 155.; what did I get for him?

33. How many lbs. of tea at 2s. id. a Ib. must be mixed with 42 lbs. at is. 8d. a lb., so that the mixture may be worth IS. rod. a lb.?

34. A tradesman with a capital of £1620 gains £180 in 10 months ; what capital would he have wanted to gain £800 a year, if his rate of profit has been doubled ?

35. A tradesman buying goods by means of false scales defrauds 15 p. C., and 15 p. c. again in selling; find his whole gain per cent.

36. If tea be bought at the rate of £24, 1os. for a box containing 1} cwt., and be sold at 35. 7d. per lb., what is the gain per cent. ?

37. What was the cost of printing 500 copies of a book which sold for 5s. a copy, if the expense of sale was 34 P. C., and the author's profit £37, 155. on the whole?

38. If 8 p. c. be gained by selling 218 yards of cloth for £92, 135., at what price per yard must it be sold to gain 17

P. c. ?

39. I exchange cwt. of sugar at 4d. a lb. for 7 lbs. of tea at 3s. 6d. a lb. ; what is my gain or loss p. c.?

40. If a decimal coinage were adopted, and a 'mil'coined equal in value to the roooth part of £1, what would a tollkeeper lose or gain p. c. who took 4 mils instead of id. for his toll?

41. A contractor bought 342 Exmoor ponies for £4482, 10S.; what average price did they sell for if the contractor gained 14 p. c. on their sale ?

42. A wholesale dealer sells to a retailer at 10 p. c. profit, and the retailer to the consumer at 50 p. c. profit, what proportion of the price paid by the consumer is profit?

43. How much money and how much p. c. is lost by selling at 41d. a lb., 12 cwt. 3 qrs. 16 lbs. of sugar bought at £2, 4s. 4d. per cwt.

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44. How many copies of an engraving must a picture dealer sell, at £1, 113. 6d. per copy, so as to realize 51} p. c. on an outlay of £250?

45. I bought goods for £53, and sold them for £75, giving one year's credit (interest at 5 p. c.); what did I gain per cent. ?

46. If I buy 2048 yds. of linen at 38. 2}d. per yard, and sell the whole for £359, 6s. 8d., required the whole gain and the gain p. c.

47. What sum was lost by selling for £182, 8s., 288 yds. of cloth, bought 6 months ago at 12s. 6d. per yard? Interest calculated at 5 p. c. per ann.

48. By selling apples at 3 a penny I gain 5 p. C. ; what do I gain or lose p. c. by selling them 25 for 6d. ?

49. If I lose 14 p. c. by selling 340 yrs. of wheat at £2, 1os. 2d. per qr., at what price per qr. should it be sold to gain 16 per cent. ?

50. A bookseller bought two copies of a valuable work at the same price, and sold one for £25, with a profit of 911 p. c.; how much p. c. did he gain by selling the other for £27, Ios. ?

51. I sold a quantity of hay for £50, losing 33} p. c.; for what should I have sold it to receive 3 times as much as it cost me?

52. If the price of goods be 29 florins 7 cents 5 mils per cwt., and they are retailed at 8.1d. a lb., what is the gain p. c., stated in decimals of £1?

53. If a tradesman by selling an article at 8s. 3d. loses 17} P. C., what should he have sold it for to gain 40 p. c. ?

54. If a corn dealer, by selling 52 quarters of oats for £69}, lost 10 p. C., what ought to have been the price per bushel in order to have gained 8 p. c. ?

55. What is the prime cost of a yard of cloth, if selling it at 7 p. c. advance brings 5s. more than selling it at 17 p. c. loss ?

56. By selling an article for 2 guineas I gain 40 p. c. ; how much p. c. should I have lost by selling it for £1.2375?

57. I bought 18 cwt. 3 qrs. 24 lbs. of saltpetre at £1, 6s. iod. per cwt., and sold a half of it at 3d. a lb. and the other half of it at £1, 39. 4d. per cwt. ; how much p. c. did I gain or lose, and how much money altogether?

58. I bought 100 yards for gs. 2d., and sold the lot so as to gain f of the selling price. Find the selling price, and my gain per cent.

59. 336 yards are bought at 7s. 10d. a yard, and of this quantity 1 is sold at ios. 3d. a yard, f at 8s. 6d., and the rest at 7s. ; state decimally the percentage of profit or loss.

60. I bought i cwt. of hams for £2, 12s. 6d., and sold it at 7d. a lb.; also i cwt. of soap for £2, 6s. 8d., and sold it at 6 d. per lb. Compare the profit per cwt. of the two transactions, and state the percentage of gain in each case.

61. I sold a book to a friend at 17 p. c. below cost price. If I had taken his offer of an additional 5s. for it, I should have made a gain of 7 p. c. on my outlay. What did the book cost me, and what did I get for it?

62. A grocer buys sugar at 7d. and at rod. per lb., and mixes them in the proportion of 3:5; what will he gain or lose p. c. if he sells the mixture at gd. a lb. ?

63. If A's rate of profit is of B's, and for every guinea that B gains C gains a sovereign; compare the profits of A and C.

64. 3. p. c. would have been lost by selling steel pens at 35.

6d. per gross, but the actual result of their sale was a gain of p. c. ; at what rate were the pens sold


thousand ? 65. I gained 4 per cent by selling an article for £}; how much per cent. should I have gained by selling it for ki?

66. Suppose that a reduction of 15 per cent in a man's wages causes him to lose eighteenpence weekly, what were his weekly wages before the reduction?

67. If i} cwt. of tea is sold at a profit of 20 per cent. for £37, 16s., what was its cost price per lb. ?

68. I gained 33 per cent. by selling lace at 135. 6d. a yard; what was gained per cent. in selling it at 12s. a yard ?

69. A woman bought eggs at 9 for 6d., and sold them at

19d. a score. Her profits came to 25. rod. How many eggs did she sell, and what did she gain per cent. ?

70. A butcher contracts to supply a regiment with 100 cwt. of beef at 5!d. a lb. ; what will be his gain per cent. if he can procure the meat for £2 a cwt. ?

71. By selling an article for 198. I lose 5 per cent. ; what price should it have fetched to clear 12} per cent. ?

72. In a shipwreck goods were damaged to the extent of 4375 per cent. Find the number of ozs. whose value was lost in every lb.

73. A commission agent is to have 15 per cent on the profits of selling an estate which cost £90,906, 135. 4d. ; what sum must it be sold for in order that the agent may gain £7552

74 By selling cheese at £3, 135. 6d. per cwt. a grocer made a profit of 221 per cent. ; what did the cheese cost him per Ib. in the first instance ?

75. A grocer buys 106 lbs. of tea at 35. 4d. per

Ib. ;

55. 2d.

75 lbs. 94 lbs.

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55. 5d. At what rate per lb. must he sell the mixture of these teas in order to gain 10 p. c.?

76. If teas at 5s. 6d., 6s. 5d., and 45. 9d. a lb. be mixed in equal quantities, and the mixture sold at £32, 18s. per cwt., what will be the gain or loss per cent. ?

77. A merchant buys some tea at 2s. 3d. per lb., and some at 3s. 6d. ; in what proportion must he mix them so that by selling the mixture at 45. a Ib. he may realize 20 per cent. ?

78. If 100 lbs. of tea be bought at 45. 4d. a lb. and sold at 55., and 100 lbs. of sugar be bought at 6d. a lb. and sold at 7d. a lb., how much short of 18 per cent. will be the profit realized on the whole transaction ?

79. A merchant invested £3480 in his business. The first year he lost 5 per cent. ; next year he gained 4 per cent. ; and the third year he gained 1'5 per cent. What was the amount of his capital at the end of the third year?

80. A tea dealer buys a damaged cargo for £530, and after spending 7 per cent on the cost price in preparing it for the

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