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1. Write in figures the following numbers :-Ninety million seventy thousand and twenty-eight; ten million nine thousand seven hundred and fifty.

2 Express in figures:-Four hundred and seventy-three million twenty-five thousand and fourteen.

3. Express in figures:-Ten million sixty thousand seven hundred and one.

Ten million ten thousand and

4 Express in figures: twenty-eight.

5. Express in figures:-Fifty-two million forty-three thousand and sixteen.

6. Write in figures the following numbers:-Eighty-seven millions three thousand and twenty; twenty-four millions seven hundred and nine.

7. Express in words, 20,507,001.

8. Express in words, 10,018,180.


1. Find the sum of 78, 824704, 65065050, 9034, 9290000, 706888, 10673009, and 7777.


1. Multiply 829,741 by 59.
2. Multiply 463,098 by 7,380.

3. Multiply 2,356,225 by 41,535

4. Multiply two million seven hundred and seventy-eight thousand five hundred and eighty-eight by nine thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven.

5. Multiply four million one hundred and sixty-eight thousand nine hundred and fifty-two by four thousand five hundred and sixty-eight.


1. Divide 1,406,373 by 108.

2. Divide 56,854,327 by 7,323.

3. Divide two hundred and seventy-three millions four hundred and ten thousand two hundred and eighty by three hundred and twelve.

4. Divide seven hundred and thirty-two thousand five hundred and six by one hundred and fifty-three.


1. What number added to eight hundred and seventy-five thousand five hundred and eighty-nine will amount to twenty million eighty-three thousand six hundred and seventy?

2. What sum added to 53,804 will make a million?

3. In 27 bales of cloth, each containing 15 pieces, and each piece 15 yards, how many yards?

4. Multiply the number five hundred and seventy-six by itself, and subtract the result from a million.

5. What number must four hundred and sixteen be multiplied by to produce one hundred and fifty-four millions nine hundred and seventy-nine thousands five hundred and fifty-two?

6. There is a number the product of which when multiplied by 12 is ten million ninety-eight thousand three hundred; find the number.

7. If a person were to count 80 sovereigns per minute, and continue counting 12 hours each day, how many days would he be occupied in counting a million?

9. If 4 silver salt-cellars, each weighing 3 oz., are worth £3, 19s. 6d., what is their value per ounce?

10. If 19,000 cubic feet of gas cost £5, is. 4d., what is that per 1000 cubic feet?


RULES (Money).

1. A merchant bought tea for £259, 198. 3d., sugar for £192, os. gd., coffee for £207, 11s. 6d. ; what must he sell the whole for to gain of what he paid for them?

2. A ship foundered at sea, having on board specie to the amount of half a million of pounds sterling; of this was saved a chest containing 13,000 sovereigns, one holding 10,000 crowns, and one to the value of £25,000 : how much money was lost?

3. Add together £175, 175. 6d., five hundred guineas, eighty-seven half-crowns, and 1143 fourpenny pieces.

4. An estate is bought for £68,423; the cost per acre is £32, 55. 6d : find the number of acres.

5. A piano, table, and carpet cost £63, 55. 6d. ; the piano and table cost £54, 145. 9d., and the table and carpet cost £26, os. 4d : find the cost of each.

6. How much is there left out of £150 after paying for 29 sofas at £3, 175. gd. each?

7. A tax, levied at the rate of £3, 175. 5d. per house, produces £917, 7s. 9d. ; how many houses are subject to the tax?

8. Divide £550, 3s. 1}d. among four men, six women, and eight children, giving to each man double of a woman, and to each woman triple of a child.

a 9. If 8 packages of cloth, each consisting of 4 parcels, each parcel of 10 pieces, and each piece of 26 yards, cost £6656, what is the price per yard?

10. How much tea at 5s. 4d. a Ib. must be given for 192 lbs. at 35. 4d. a Ib. ?

19. If each of 114 persons receives £1, 18s. 6d., what is received by them all?

20. If I spend £2, 75. 1§d. in a day, how much is that in a year of 365 days?

21. Required the price of 279 cwt. at £3, 7s. 10 d. per cwt. 22. Find the cost of 120 ounces of silver at 5s. an ounce.

23. Seventy-five labourers mend a road at 18s. 6d. a week each; how much will be required to pay them one week's wages?

24. What sum will purchase an estate of 2120 acres, when the price of each acre is £32, 5s. 6d. ?

25. Required the cost of travelling from one place to another, the distance being 211 miles, at 23d. per mile.

26. Find the value of 213 tons at £4, 18s. 11d. per ton.

27. Find the total value of 99 articles costing £2, 11s. each; 97 costing £1, 16s. 9d. each; 99 costing 17s. 11d. each.

28. If the 'ducat' be worth 4s. 2 d., how much in English money did Shylock refuse when he said: 'If every ducat in six thousand ducats were in six parts, and every part a ducat, I would not draw them '?


1. Divide £379, 125. 24d. by 365.
2. Divide £90,823, 13s. 41d. by 289.

3. Divide £73,582, 14s. 74d. by 2905.

4. Divide £3,636,504, 10s. 1d. by 1803.

5. Divide five millions and thirteen pounds (money) by eight.

6. Divide thirteen millions one hundred and six thousand pounds by nine.

7. Divide fourteen million pounds three shillings by eight.

8. The cost of 45 dozen pairs of gloves is £53 8s. 9d.; find the cost of a single pair.

6. The number of letters paying penny postage in 4 weeks was one million nine hundred and seven thousand three hundred and fourteen ; what was the sum paid by them ?

7. How many halfpence in £135, 198. 4}d.?

8. Reduce 760 half-crowns to guineas; and 670 half-guineas to half-crowns.

9. Reduce 18,756 fourpenny pieces to crowns; and 3,700 half-crowns to fourpenny pieces.

(6) Weights and Measures. 1. Reduce 5 tons 16 cwt. 13 lbs. to ounces.

2. Reduce one million eighty-one thousand and eighty inches to miles.

3. Reduce 3 tons 21 lbs. 12 drams to drams.

4. Reduce three millions three hundred and nineteen thousand cubic inches to cubic yards.

5. The chain for measuring land is 66 ft. long, and divided into woo links; what is the length of a wall which measures 61,400 links?

6. There are 201,600 stitches in a pair of stockings; how many hours will it take a girl to knit them, if she can do 160 stitches in 69 seconds ?

7. A year being equal to 365 days 6 hrs., find the number of years, etc., in 295,402,374 seconds.

8. Divide 5 yrs. 186 days by 17 hrs. 3 min.

9. How long will an 18 gall. cask of beer last if 4) pints be used daily?

10. Divide 3 tons 2 cwts. I qr. 21 lbs. by 2 qrs. 7 lbs.

11. How often will a wheel 16 feet round revolve in going a mile?

12. How many times is two pecks one gallon of corn contained in fifteen quarters of corn?

13. Light travels 192,000 miles a second; in what time does a ray of light come from the sun to the earth, a distance of ninety-five millions of miles ?

14. How many shirts may be made out of 243 yards of cotton, each requiring 3 yards i qr. 2 nls.?

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