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oats at 2s. 4d. His landlord gives him a receipt in full for £4, 10s.; how much does the landlord forego?

29. I spent of my money yesterday, and of the remainder to-day, thereby leaving half-a-guinea in hand; how much money had I at first, and what fraction of it is left?

30. I bought a watch and chain for 20 guineas; the watch cost me 3 guineas more than the chain. Find the price of each in £ s. d.

31. If the wages of 13 men for 7 days amount to £13, 75. old., how many men ought to work 4 weeks for £173, 8s.?

32. Multiply 15 shillings by 109; and divide £61, 4s, 71d. by 26710.

33. Find the difference between 419 and 31, and multiply it by the quotient of +23.

34. Divide 1 acres by 28, and find the value of the quotient at the rate of 7s. 6d. per pole.


35. In a map drawn on the scale of of that of nature, how many inches represent a mile?

36. A dollar weighs of an oz. Troy, and an English crown piece of a lb. Troy; express the weight of the former as the fraction of the latter.

37. If of a yard of silk cost 4s. 114d., what is the cost of 3 of of 4 yards of it?

38. Divide 75. 1d. by 11, and subtract from the quotient of 7 half-crowns.


39. What fraction should be multiplied by 3 of 3 to produce 3, and what number should be divided by the same fraction to produce?

40. A farmer went to market with 23 in his pocket. He received for wheat sold £173, for poultry 183s., for eggs 3 s.; how much did he bring home?

41. A merchant owns of a ship worth £3000, and its cargo worth £27,000. He purchases another person's share, which is of of it; what part of it has he now, and what is its value?

42. A yard measure worn of an inch short is used to find

the length of a ropewalk, and gives it as 175 yards; what is the real length of the ropewalk?

43. If of of a ship and her cargo is worth £7800, what loss will be experienced by the owner of share of the ship and cargo if she goes to the bottom?

44. A bricklayer has just built 1 of a wall in 4 days of 11 hours; how much longer will he take to finish it?

45. Find the value of 4 of 4s. 8d. +3 of £2, 6s. + 1⁄2 of a guinea-of £51.

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213-93} 121 +21

47. A man and a boy working together for 9 hours a day can do a job in 11 days; the man by himself would be 17 days about it: how long would it take the boy alone to do it?

48. If 210 oz. of tea cost 1s., what part of a pound of tea may be had for 2s.?

49. If of a yard of silk cost 415., how much of it should there be in a gown which, with 233s. for making, costs £10, 195. 2 d. ?

50. Find the value of (9+76+131) £, divided by 24.

51. If, after selling of an estate, I sell of of the remainder for of of £200, what is the value of the estate?

52. A clock, 4 min. 8 sec. too fast at 9.30 A.M. on Tuesday, loses 2 min. 45 sec. daily; what time will it show at a quarter past 5 P.M. on the following Friday?

53. If the value of much should I get for estate, after disposing of

of an estate be £541, 13s. 9d., how of of what was left of the whole of it to another purchaser ?

54. If I earn £7, os. 1d. per week, and put by of my gains, in how many weeks shall I have saved £5, 16s. 91d.?

55. Find the price of 1108 tons of sugar, at the rate of 7d. for 1 lb. 8 oz.

56. What must be added to 1417 to make up 33%, and what must be subtracted from 2881995 to reduce it to 132101?



57. Give the difference between of a guinea and 3 of a £; and between of a mile and of a furlong.


58. If 81 cwts. cost £1383, find the cost of 7 lbs.

59. What weight must be added to of of half a cwt. to make it up to of 3 quarters avoirdupois?


60. What is the value of 3 qrs. of oats, if 173 qrs. cost £338?



61. Find the difference of 18 of 19, and of of 31; and the sum of 2 and 5.


62. Express the sum and difference of £ and of a crown as fractions of half-a-sovereign; and find how many times the second is contained in the first.

63. Multiply 2 fur. 8 pls. 2 ft. 1 in. by 27%, and prove the product by division.

64. A bankrupt is able to pay only of of his debts. How much will be lost by each of two creditors, one of whom is owed £1190, and the other £3867, 103.?

65. Multiply together 23+3, 9-74, and 3-18-75.


66. A pound Troy of standard gold is coined into 462% sovereigns; what is the weight of a sovereign in grains?

67. What is the quotient of the sum divided by the difference of 20 and?

68. Define a simple, compound, and complex fraction; give an example of each; and find what fraction bears the same proportion to 1 as bears to

121 1023

69. Find the sum and difference of of £5, and of 5 guineas.

70. In a boy's copy-book there are 16 pages, and 12 lines in a page. What fraction of the book has he written, (a) half through the second page; (b) within 4 lines of the last page but one?

71. One-fourth of an estate belongs to A, of it to B, and the remainder to C, which is worth £2500 more than A's share; what is the value of the whole?

72. (a) If A be 2 of B, and B be 1 of C, and D be 73 of C. what fraction is A of D?

10. Express each of the silver coins now in use in England by a decimal of 2 d.

11. What decimal of £100 is the quotient of £61, 45. 716d. by 26718?

12. Reduce of a shilling to the decimal of a guinea.

13. What decimal of £2 is each of the gold, silver, and copper coins in circulation in England ?

3x4 of 6 14. Reduce

of 5 forins to the decimal of £r. 1- }


Reduction to the Decimal of (Weights and Measures).


1. Reduce 3 ac. 2 rds. 22 pls. to the decimal of 4 acres ; and of 4 ac. 3 rds. 16 pls.

2. What decimal is (a) 3 bush. 3 pks. of 1 qr.? (6) 19 qrs. i nl. of 11 yds. ? (c) 59 yds. 1 ft. of 1 mile?

3. Reduce 911 of 1 pks. to the decimal of 3 qrs.; and ity of a year to the decimal of a day.

4. Add together 5.5 of a cwt. and 3•125 qrs., and reduce this sum to the decimal of 10,000 tons.

5. What decimal of 1 lb. Troy is 64 grains ?

6. Reduce 3} dwts. to the decimal and to the vulgar fraction of 2} lbs. Troy.

7. Express as the decimal of 1 lb. Troy each of the lower denominations of Troy weight.

8. What part of 10 ac. 2 rds. 3718 pls. is i ac. 3 rds. 371': pls. ?

Give answer in vulgar fraction, and in decimals to four places.

9. Reduce 2 wks. 6 dys. to the decimal of 4 dys. 3 hrs.

10. Reduce 3 fur. 10 pls. to the decimal of a mile; and 2 ft. 3 in. to the decimal of 3 yds. 2 ft.

11. Three Russian versts = 10,500 ft. ; reduce a verst to the decimal of a mile.

8. Reduce the following to vulgar fractions :307, 1283, 01236.

And the following to decimals:

39 191 16
29, 480' 81.

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to a decimal.

9. Reduce

10. Find the vulgar fraction equal to the sum of 483 and 2756, less by 0094.

11. Express as decimals, 171, 311; and as vulgar fractions, 14715, 9'36, 10956, 7.285714.

Reduction to the Decimal of (Money).

1. (a) Reduce five-sevenths of 175. 31d. to the decimal of £2, 6s. 3d.

(b) Express £3, 175. 10d., the value of 1 oz. of sterling gold, as the decimal of £5.

2. What decimal of £1, 17s. 6d. is of 3s. 9d., and what decimal of half-a-guinea is of 4s. 8d.?

3. Add together, and reduce to the decimal of £1, 16.73125 of 2s. 6d. and 3·785025 of 4d.

4. (a) Reduce of a crown, of half-a-crown, and 1 of 3s. 4d., each to the decimal of £i.

(b) Reduce £6, 12s. 6d. to the decimal of one and a half guineas.

5. Reduce the sum of £125, £26, £3625, and £83, to the decimal of £6.35.

6. Reduce of 10s. + of 5s. 3d. +15 of half-a-crown to the decimal of £1, 5s. 9d.

7. What decimal of a £5 note is 3 of 7s. 6d. +625 of 105. -545 of 9s. 2d. ?

8. Reduce

to the decimal of a guinea.



9. Express the sum total of 428571 of £15, 1 of of of £1, 12s., and of 3d., as the decimal of £10.

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