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oats at 2s. 4d. His landlord gives him a receipt in full for £4, 10s.; how much does the landlord forego?

29. I spent of my money yesterday, and of the remainder to-day, thereby leaving half-a-guinea in hand; how much money had I at first, and what fraction of it is left?

30. I bought a watch and chain for 20 guineas; the watch cost me 3 guineas more than the chain. Find the price of each in £ s. d.

31. If the wages of 13 men for 7 days amount to £13, 75. old., how many men ought to work 4 weeks for £173, 8s.?

32. Multiply 15 shillings by 109; and divide £61, 4s 71d. by 26710.

33. Find the difference between 414 and 31, and multiply it by the quotient of÷23.

34. Divide 1 acres by 284, and find the value of the quotient at the rate of 7s. 6d. per pole.

35. In a map drawn on the scale of of that of nature, how many inches represent a mile?

36. A dollar weighs of an oz. Troy, and an English crown piece of a lb. Troy; express the weight of the former as the fraction of the latter.

37. If of a yard of silk cost 4s. 114d., what is the cost of of of 4 yards of it?

38. Divide 75. 1d. by 115, and subtract from the quotient of 7 half-crowns.


39. What fraction should be multiplied by 3 of 3 to produce 3, and what number should be divided by the same fraction to produce?

40. A farmer went to market with £23 in his pocket. He received for wheat sold £173, for poultry 183s., for eggs 3 s.; how much did he bring home?

41. A merchant owns of a ship worth £3000, and its cargo worth £27,000. He purchases another person's share, which is of of it; what part of it has he now, and what is its value?

42. A yard measure worn of an inch short is used to find

17. Find the simple interest and amount of £10,010, 1os. for 64 years, at 94 p. c. per ann.

18. Find the amount (capital and interest) on £1158, 175. 6d. for 1 year 115 days, at 2 per cent per annum; and on £3996, 155. for 4 years 225 days, at 2per cent. per annum, simple interest.

19. Find the simple interest on £800 for 4 years 16 weeks, at 4 P. C. per ann.

20. Find the simple interest on £236, 6s. 8d. for 2 years, at 3 per cent.

21. Find the amount of £2833, 6s. 8d. for 43 years, at 3 per cent.

22. Find the simple interest on £8001, ios. for 11 years, at 7} p. C. per ann.

23. Find the simple interest on £411, ros. for a quarter of a year, at 43 per cent per annum. (Fractions of a farthing may be neglected.)

24. Find the interest on £198, 6s. 8d. for 3 years, at 3) per cent. per annum.

25. Find the simple interest on £257, 6s. rod. for 33 years, at 5 per cent. per annum; and of £925, 16s. for 4+ years, at 3 per cent per annum.

26. If a boy 11 years old puts a guinea into a savings bank paying 2} per cent. per annum simple interest, what sum will he be able to take out when he is 14?

27. A sum of £350 is lodged in a bank; what will it amount to at the end of 6 years 10 months at 43 per cent. simple interest?

28. Find the simple interest and amount of £7506 for 7 years, at 4. p. c. per ann.

29. Find the simple interest on £,800 from 1st January 1872 to 21st May 1872, both inclusive, at 5 per cent. per annum.

30. What would be the interest on £150 from the roth of September till the 22d of November in the same year, at 41 per cent. per annum ?



57. Give the difference between of a guinea and 3 of a £; and between of a mile and of a furlong.

58. If 81 cwts. cost £1383, find the cost of 7 lbs.


59. What weight must be added to of of half a cwt. to make it up to of 3 quarters avoirdupois?

60. What is the value of 3 qrs. of oats, if 178 qrs. cost £338?


61. Find the difference of 181 of 191, and of of 34; and the sum of 2 and 5.

62. Express the sum and difference of Land of a crown as fractions of half-a-sovereign; and find how many times the second is contained in the first.

63. Multiply 2 fur. 8 pls. 2 ft. 1 in. by 275, and prove the product by division.

64. A bankrupt is able to pay only of of his debts. How much will be lost by each of two creditors, one of whom is owed £1190, and the other £3867, 103.?



65. Multiply together 2+3, 91-7, and --75. 66. A pound Troy of standard gold is coined into 46 sovereigns; what is the weight of a sovereign in grains?

67. What is the quotient of the sum divided by the difference of and?


68. Define a simple, compound, and complex fraction; give an example of each; and find what fraction bears the same proportion to 1 as bears to

121 1023

69. Find the sum and difference of of £5, and of 5 guineas.

70. In a boy's copy-book there are 16 pages, and 12 lines in a page. What fraction of the book has he written, (a) half through the second page; (b) within 4 lines of the last page but one?

71. One-fourth of an estate belongs to A, of it to B, and the remainder to C, which is worth £2500 more than A's share; what is the value of the whole?

72. (a) If A be 2 of B, and B be 1 of C, and D be 73 of C, what fraction is A of D?

24th, and £150 September 29th. Find amount of interest due from me December 25th, all in the same year, at 2 per cent. per annum. (Consider time in days in each instance.)

46. Compare the interest on £750, from March 3 to July 27, at 51 per cent. per annum, with the value of three tio shares in a concern depreciated 455 per cent.

47. Find the average rate of simple interest in the following investments :

(a) £560 producing in 2+ years £56, 14.

© £243, 1os. producing in 2 years 5 months £27, 195, o d. (c) £10, 105. producing in 117 days 25. 41327d.

48. A man increased his capital annually part, and at the end of 4 years one year's interest thereon at 4 per cent. amounted to £135; what capital did he start with?

49. What sum will amount to £387, 75. 7d. in 3 years, at 4 per cent. per annum, simple interest?

50. Compare the interest on £705, 8s. 4d., lent from March 10 to May 22, at 5 per cent. per annum, with that of £640 for 6 months, at 3 per cent. per annum.

51. Lent £90 for 80 days, £30 for 92 days, £120 for 105 days; in what time would the aggregate of those sums of money produce the same interest?

52. If I invest £723, 16s. 3 d. for 3 years 11 months, receiving £92, 25. 82437d. interest for it; and invest £320 for 1 year, receiving £9, 12s. interest for it; and invest £750 for 7 years, receiving £262, ios. for interest for it: what is my average rate of interest p. c. per ann. ?

53. Find and add together the interest of £446, 1os. for 3 years 3 months, at 5 per cent ; and the amount of 40 guineas, írom March 16, 1850, to January 23, 1851, at 3% per cent. per annum, simple interest.

54. I invest of os of my fortune at 5 per cent. per annum, from March 10 till May 22, and then draw out an amount of £712, 95. 5d. (capital and interest); what is the amount of my fortune?

55. A man buys 50 shares in a concern at the rate of £20, jos. per share, and 100 more at £7, 155. per share. The halfyearly dividend on the whole is 35. 4d. per share; what interest per cent. per annum does he realize ?

56. What is the rate per cent. of interest if £1009 produces £147-56625 in 4 years 6 months ?

57. I invested £730 on 25th March, and on the 29th September following it amounted to £777 ; what was the rate of interest per annum ?

58. In what time will any sum of money treble itself at 2} per cent., and at 121 per cent. per annum, simple interest ?

59. What is the rate of interest per cent. per annum, if £1950 amounts to £2905, ios. in 21 years at simple interest?

60. In what time will the interest on £325 at 31 p. c.per ann. amount to a sum sufficient to discharge a debt of £67, 125.

61. What was the rate of simple interest per cent. per annum, if £730 laid out on the 25th of March amounted to £753, 1os. on the 29th of September?

62. At what rate p. c. will £440 amount to £449, 125. 6d. in 7 months at simple interest?

63. What sum of money will amount to £307, 16s. in 3 years, at 43 p. c. per annum, simple interest?

64. If the interest on £540, 1os. for one year be 27s. 6d., what principal will yield the same sum in 21 years ?

65. 45 years ago, £2785, 16s. 8d. was lent at simple interest, and it now amounts to £3538, os. 2d. ; what was the rate of interest?

66. What is the capital which, put out at 31 p. c. simple interest for 5 years 4 months, will amount to £9973, 6s. 8d.?

67. At what rate per cent. per annum, simple interest, will £776, 155. amount to £978, 14. 1 d. in 61 years ?

68. In what time will £229, 10s. amount to £258, 3s. 9d., at 5 per cent. per annum, simple interest ?

69. What capital would be required in order to gain £12, is. 0 d. in 2 years 5 months, at 3) per cent. ?

70. What sum of money will amount to £256, ios. in 4 years, at 3) p. c. per annum, simple interest?

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